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  1. Creating Smart Social Recruiting Strategies Talent, Social, Mobile & Recruiting Summit THEVALUE OF BUILDING AN EMPLOYER BRANDTO ATTRACT AND RETAINTALENT Alan Whitford 5 November 2013
  2. Why Me? Over 25 years experience in recruitment and in the start-up and expansion of high technology businesses in Europe Provide strategic and practical insights to the automation and web- enablement of Human Resource and Recruitment Process activities throughout Europe Clients include Times 500 companies and software and services vendors in the Human Resources and e-commerce arenas Founder of RCEURO, web portal for the European recruitment industry Published in a number of on-line and off-line media covering technical and strategic issues around HR, technology, social media and business Lead training programmes on the use of social media and networking tools Founding board member of HR-XML Consortium European Chapter Chair of the highly successful Social Recruitment Conference series Operations Director of the Direct Employers Association Europe
  3. The Importance ofTalent 80% of executives surveyed globally believed that "the ability to attract and retain the best people" will be the Primary Force influencing business strategy Source: Deloitte - 2001
  4. The Candidate and Employer Scene
  5. Candidate Perception of a Talent Pool
  6. Marketplace and Societal Challenges The War For Talent is now 16 years old The Candidate won 15.9 years ago Everybody knows Not enough skilled workers Too many unskilled workers They are all in the wrong place 5+ Generations in the Workplace Our brand is what ‘they’ say about us Double Dip Recession (or “economic correction”)
  7. What Are The Challenges? 1. Your ability to attract and retain quality workers 2. Diverse cultures 3. Speed of change – technology quicker than people 4. Managing this change 5. Technology to support the change 6. Vision, talent planning and creativity (skill gaps) 7. HR & Recruitment Executives with necessary skills
  8. The Global Recruiting Landscape at a GlanceThe Global Recruiting Landscape at a Glance 1 5 most important trends shaping the future of recruiting 2 3 4 5 Social professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire Employer branding is both a competitive threat and a competitive advantage Data is used to make better hiring and branding decisions Companies are investing in hiring internally to stop top talent from walking out the door Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain LinkedIn 3rd Annual Global Recruiting Trends survey in 19 countries. We surveyed over 3,300 talent acquisition leaders to capture their thoughts on what keeps them up at night, hiring and budget trends, and key sources for high-quality hires. We distilled all this and more into 5 key trends you need to know as a Strategic Talent Leader, to be on the cutting edge and be effective to candidates, your team, and your company. To access global and other country-specific reports and infographics, visit:
  9. 1. Recruiting/sourcing highly-skilled talent 44% Germany 2. Improving quality of hire 30% India 3. Employer brand 25% Nordics 4. Pipeline talent 25% SE Asia 5. Improving sourcing techniques 18% Australia What is at the top of your peers’ list for 2013? Talent Leaders Are Most Focused On Improving The Basics – How ToTalent Leaders Are Most Focused On Improving The Basics – How To Source, Pipeline, And Hire The Best TalentSource, Pipeline, And Hire The Best Talent “Think about your talent acquisition organization's top priorities for 2013. Which of the following choices would you consider to be the most important and least important areas of interest for your organization?” 2013 Top 5 Priorities Priority is #1
  10. Talent Leaders Around The Globe Think Social Professional NetworksTalent Leaders Around The Globe Think Social Professional Networks Will Shape Recruiting In The Long TermWill Shape Recruiting In The Long Term “What do you consider to be the three most essential and long-lasting trends in recruiting for professional roles?” Pay attention, these trends are here to stay Ensure you are investing adequately in social and professional networks for the long run 2013 Utilizing social and professional networks 39% Upgrading employer branding 33% Finding better ways to source passive candidates 27% Being a strategic talent advisor to the business 22% Boosting referral programs 21% Training recruiters and hiring managers on 'how to hire A-level talent' 16% Optimizing your career site 15% Recruiting globally 14% Reducing spend on staffing firms 12% Increasing focus on internal hiring/transfers 12% Top 10 long-lasting trends
  11. The Employer Branding War Is In Full SwingThe Employer Branding War Is In Full Swing Competitive Threat Competitive Advantage Believe employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent 83% Top 3 Threats 1. Invest in their employer brand 2. Improve employee retention 3. Learn to use social networking and social media more effectively “What are the things that your competitors have done or may plan on doing that would make you most nervous?” Understand your employer brand and how it can set you apart from the competition. Take the opportunity to engage not only candidates, but employees as well.
  12. ©RCEURO.COM LLP What Is Employment Brand?What Is Employment Brand? What do you think?
  13. ©RCEURO.COM LLP What is Employment Brand? How an organisation markets what it has to offer to potential and existing employees A set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform best in its culture A strong employer brand should connect an organisation’s values, people strategy and HR policies and link to the company brand Source: CIPD Guide on Employer Branding
  14. ©RCEURO.COM LLP End To End Employment Branding Employment brand is defined by the candidate and employee experience Research to develop a true employment value proposition Deliver the complete brand experience Attraction Selection Onboarding Career Progression Leaving Returning
  15. ©RCEURO.COM LLP Who Is In Control OfYour Brand? Edwin’s Lament = Bad Employer Brand I’ve got a simple idea Why doesn’t the recruiter (agency) just inform the candidate when a prospective employer rejects their application? I’d like to hear from recruiters when my application is rejected - so I know which job prospects are still active - and which are dead I could learn - to be more successful going forward What went wrong? How do I improve? Maybe I finished 12th in a field of 10 - but there is another round coming in the future? What did the Employer really think of me? What do I really think about the employer?
  16. ©RCEURO.COM LLP AssessingYour Employment Brand Research internal and external focus groups Identify company values, employer attributes, company brand recognition, customer impressions, individual interests Define key themes from the audience Balancers, Progressives, Believers, Essentials Seekers, Friends, Inclusivity
  17. The Most Successful Employers Use Data To Measure Their TalentThe Most Successful Employers Use Data To Measure Their Talent BrandsBrands Qualitatively And QuantitativelyQualitatively And Quantitatively Believe organization utilizes data well to make hiring decisions Regularly survey new hires to understand brand position Regularly measure employer brand in a quantifiable way 27% 44% 53% 23% 34% 33% Survey new hires regularly to get a qualitative review of your talent brand. Use numerical metrics to measure your brand quantitatively over time and against competitors. Brazil and India are leading the pack in using data for employer brand 52% 55% 48%
  18. Why Does This Matter To The Business?
  19. Customer Retention Customer Retention Customer Impression Customer Impression Offering Quality Offering Quality Offering ‘Match’ Offering ‘Match’ Brand Image / Reputation Brand Image / Reputation Value for Money Value for Money Employees’ Behaviour Employees’ Behaviour Attitudes to Work Attitudes to Work Attitudes to Company Attitudes to Company Mangers’ knowledge and behaviour Mangers’ knowledge and behaviour Work structure, Teamwork, Training Work structure, Teamwork, Training Job content, Ethical context, Promotion, Pay, etc. Job content, Ethical context, Promotion, Pay, etc. Revenue Growth Profit Contribution Revenue Growth Profit Contribution Investor Proposition Customer Proposition Employee Proposition You work with this ... But what’s the effect of this?... and this.
  20. A negative jobseeker experience impacts an individual’s customer behaviour Message for the CEO/CFOMessage for the CEO/CFO
  21. Bad recruitment experiencesBad recruitment experiences 59.4% have had a negative experience
  22. Types of bad recruitment experience Bad Experience %age Attended Interview, never heard back 52% Misleading Job Description 42% Interviewer was late 32% Irrelevant questions – not related to job role 30% Personal questions – marital status, children, family plans 26% Interviewer was rude 25% Personal question about Health 13% Personal questions about disabilities 7%
  23. How does a negative jobseeker experience impact an individual’s customer behaviour?
  24. Impact Of A Bad Recruitment ExperienceImpact Of A Bad Recruitment Experience As a result of the bad experience, %As a result of the bad experience, % less likelyless likely to:to: Accept a Job at that Company 76% Recommend the Company to a friend 82% Purchase that Company’s products/services 64%
  25. National Impact Of A Bad ExperienceNational Impact Of A Bad Experience 59.7% 68.0% 61.5% 64.1% 64.1% 70.0% 72.0%72.0% 66.0% 65.4% 65.3% 69.7% 68.4% 68.9% 58.4%58.4% 71.8% 63.0% %% less likelyless likely to buy that company’s products / services:to buy that company’s products / services:
  26. What DoesYour Employer Brand Look Like?What DoesYour Employer Brand Look Like?
  27. Contact Me At Any Time Contact Information: Tel: +44 (0)7971 864620 Twitter: @alanwhitford @rceuro @DEAEurope Sites: