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Collaborate group v2

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Collaborate group v2

  1. 1.   Business  Foundations  of  IT     v712   1  of  4     Business  Foundations  of  IT     Group  Presentations  with  Collaborate     An  essential  part  of  this  course  is  working  within  a  team  of  three  to  produce  two  case  presentations.    You   will  receive  your  group  and  case  assignments  at  the  beginning  of  the  course.    The  presentations  should  be   no  longer  than  15  minutes;  they  should  also  be  recorded  and  posted  so  all  students  can  view  them.    This   document  will  instruct  you  on  using  Collaborate,  a  tool  within  your  course,  to  accomplish  this  objective.     Because  this  is  an  online  course,  you  may  want  to  schedule  group  web  conferences  to  discuss  your  case   and  organize  your  presentation.    You  can  use  Collaborate  for  planning  purposes  or  any  of  the  solutions   listed  below,  especially  if  you  are  more  familiar  with  them:   • Google  Hangouts:  http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/   • Skype:    http://www.skype.com/   • Join.me:    http://www.joinme.com     Create  a  Blackboard  Collaborate  Session   1. Click  the  Tools  Area  from  the  left  hand  Navigation  bar.   2. Click  Blackboard  Collaborate.    The  Bb  Collaborate  List  Page  appears.   3. In  the  Bb  Collaborate  List  Page,  click  Create  Session.    The  Create  Session  window  appears  with  four   different  sections.  Please  pay  close  attention  to  the  instructions  below  as  they  contain  vital   information  for  setting  up  your  session  appropriately.         4. Please  click  the  Information  tab  and  fill  out  the  following  sections:   a. Give  the  session  a  unique  title.       b. Click  Course  to  make  the  session  available  to  anyone  in  your  course.        
  2. 2.   Business  Foundations  of  IT   v712     Page  2  of  4       c. Fill  out  the  schedule  information  for  the  session.    The  time  zone  defaults  to  Arizona  time.    It   is  advisable  that  you  allow  at  least  15  minutes  for  early  session  entry  to  allow  your   teammates  time  to  get  into  the  tool.       d. Complete  the  Session  Attributes  section.  It  is  advisable  to  set  the  Recording  Mode  to   Manual.    This  allows  you  to  start  the  session  only  when  you  are  ready  to  get  into  the   substance  of  the  presentation.       After  you  complete  the  Information  tab,  do  not  click  Submit.    Rather,  please  click  the  Participation  tab  to   continue  setting  up  the  session.      In  order  to  generate  and  share  the  link  for  your  Blackboard  Collaborate   session,  options  can  be  accessed  under  the  Participation  link  in  either  Create  or  Edit  session  modes.       5.          Click  Participation  to  create  the  link  that  you  will  eventually  share  with  your  teammates.         Please  scroll  down  to  2  Guest  Invitees  and  click  Allow  Unregistered  Guests.    This  will  cause   Blackboard  Collaborate  to  generate  a  link  that  you  can  then  send  to  your  fellow  teammates.    It  is   important  that  only  one  student  creates  the  session  for  the  Group  Presentation.    You  should   determine  which  one  of  your  teammates  should  accomplish  this  task.         6. When  you  are  finished  with  the  Information  and  Participation  tabs,  please  click  Submit.    The  Bb   Collaborate  List  Page  appears.    You  will  find  your  new  session  entered  under  Sessions.    At  the   appropriate  time,  you  can  click  to  enter  your  session.   Optional:    It  is  recommended  (but  not  required)  that  you  preload  the  PowerPoint  presentation  that  you   made  for  the  case.    You  can  preload  this  presentation  by  clicking  the  Sharing  tab  and  uploading  the   presentation  in  the  Preloads  (optional)  section.  
  3. 3.   Business  Foundations  of  IT   v712     Page  3  of  4     Edit  Your  Blackboard  Collaborate  Session   At  any  point  before  the  session  is  run,  you  can  edit  your  created  Collaborate  session.    In  order  to  do  so,   please  navigate  to  the  Bb  Collaborate  List  Page.    Hover  the  mouse  next  to  your  session  title  to  reveal  the   down  arrow.    Click  the  arrow  and  then  select  Edit  to  change  any  of  the  options  for  your  session:       Run  Your  Blackboard  Collaborate  Session   When  the  scheduled  time  for  your  Blackboard  Collaborate  session  has  arrived,  enter  the  Bb  Collaborate   List  page  through  Course  Tools  on  the  left-­‐hand  Navigation  bar.    Locate  your  session  in  the  list  and  click   the  purple  button  near  the  name.    The  session  opens.     For  additional  information  on  moderating  a  session,  please  see  the  other  documents  in  this  folder   including  Blackboard  Collaborate  Moderator  Quick  Reference  Guide  and  Building  Block  for  Blackboard   Collaborate  Web  Conferencing  User  Guide.  Chapter  Three  of  the  later  document  provides  you  with   essential  information  for  linking  to  sessions  and  to  recordings.   Make  Your  Recording  Available   An  essential  aspect  of  this  assignment  is  making  your  recording  available  for  viewing  by  other  learners.     You  may  have  to  wait  a  few  minutes  before  the  recording  is  available  after  you  conclude  your  session.     After  you  have  done  so,  please  click  Recordings  from  the  Bb  Collaborate  List  Page.    The  list  of  recorded   sessions  appears:  
  4. 4.   Business  Foundations  of  IT   v712     Page  4  of  4     If  you  have  to  search  for  your  session,  please  remember  that  your  end  date  may  need  to  be  adjusted.     After  you  do  so,  please  click  Go.    When  the  URL  appears,  please  copy  and  paste  it  into  the  Discussion   Forum  dedicated  to  your  Case  Study.    A  list  of  these  forums  can  be  found  under  Discussions  in  the  left   hand  navigation  bar.