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The Digital Department

  1. Your Digital Marketing Partner
  2. What is The Digital Department? • TDD is your outsourced digital marketing department. • We provide small and medium size business with top level digital marketing expertise allowing them to compete with better resourced competitors. • We offer a cost effective solution instead of employing expensive in-house resources.
  3. Who can benefit from TDD? • We deal with small, medium, and large companies and brands so size doesn’t matter to us. work to your needs and budgets. • Are you under utilising the opportunities in digital marketing? • Does your digital marketing feel like it lacks direction or organisation? • Is digital marketing not contributing to building your business like it could? • While you realise you have to engage with digital you are unsure how to commit your resources. • Do you have a marketing team and feel high level expertise in the area could benefit the team? • Are you looking for real results but a cost effective solution? We
  4. What makes TDD different? • While Digital expertise is at our core we are not an agency that just knows about digital tools. • TDD has experience in working for large global brands in strategy and marketing implementation. • We have experience in building brands from the ground up and understand the business challenges. • From this perspective we understand our clients needs and ensure that all digital plans are suitable for the company’s strategy and stage of business.
  5. Client Vision • To make our clients leaders in digital marketing performance and ahead of their competitors.
  6. What TDD does? • • • • • • • Develop digital marketing strategy to best suits each client. Build digital infrastructure that provides a platform for great performance. Train clients into a digital marketing culture that works. Set creative platforms & execute creative ideas . Implement digital strategy across all platforms. Digitalise current marketing to increase leverage and impact. Measure & optimise performance to achieve the best results.
  7. Our Approach We put Digital at the center of all marketing achieving greater impact, coverage, and measurability.
  8. Digital Strategy The Strategy comes first facilitated by technology We use digital to help formulate and execute strategy.
  9. How we work • Ongoing Partnership as digital is not a campaign project. • Understand your objectives and customers. • Engage with your full marketing plans. • Digitalize & enhance your marketing plans. • Evolve clients into better marketers.
  10. Our Process Objectives Strategy Tactics Advertising PR/Blog Website SEO Social Media Mobile KPI’s Analytics Optimisation Email
  11. Improvement by Optimisation • Overall Performance through KPI analysis like reach, engagement etc. • Performance by activity and platform. • What worked and what didn’t. • Evolve into a better marketing company. Marketing Reach by Channel 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Email
  12. Why Go Digital? • • • • • • • Audience: where your target market is. Reach: Leverage your activity to greater numbers Impact: Greater impact through better engagement Measurement: know how your activity is performing Optimize: Employ best marketing tactics based on results Cost Effective: Good digital strategy can save money. The Future: Make the digital connections for future marketing.
  13. Targeting Tactics • Best Platforms – website, social media, mobile, email, app etc • Target by location, demographics, interests, behaviours, or even your competitors customers. • Establish a Framework for you to engage with your customers on an ongoing basis. • Guidance on Best Content to engage with. • Integrate with Off line activity.
  14. Key Digital Platforms • Marketing Strategy & Plan: ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ Antoine De Saint Exupery’. • Website Design: Structure and content will determine performance. • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Key ranking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. • Mobile Marketing: Text, App, location targeting. • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter are incredibly powerful tools if used well. • Email Marketing: Marketing Database Management. • Internet Advertising: Display, Google Adwords and other PPC. • Analytics: Website, Social Media, Conversion Tracking. • Online PR and Blogging: A wonderful way of engaging target consumers.
  15. Connections for the Future • Build the connections that allow you to market cost effectively now & in the future. • • • • • Social media connections Blog fans Database App fans Mobile
  16. The Digital Process • Define Business Objectives & Digital Goals– increase sales, lead generation, Increase Customer retention, Reduce Cost of Acquisition etc • Define your audience & where they reside digitally – behaviours, interests, demographics, socialgraphics, vocabulary, media preferences, channel preferences. • • • • Identify the core channels to target your personas (audience) on. Develop a Content Strategy Create Activation & Conversion Points within your digital assets. Measure and Optimise on ongoing basis.
  17. The Consumer is Changing
  18. Content Strategy is key • Consumers time is being spent online looking for information and entertainment. You need to be part of that. • Reach is dependent on Impact. • Content must be in-house and part of the culture. • Assign roles of creating content. • Target your content to key consumers. • Target your content to key influencers. • TDD drives the creativity and organisation needed to make digital happen for you.
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