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Creating Secure Workplace for Women

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As a part of the development of the HR Community, we regularly organize seminars / workshops / panel discussions with latest updates in the respective fields. One such panel discussion is happening tomorrow @ The Residency on “Creating Secure Work places for Women” between 3pm to 6pm. The panel discussion will focus on the latest amendments, changes, action plan to be followed w.r.t the Vishaka guidelines, later known as The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013.

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Creating Secure Workplace for Women

  2. 2. WELCOME We appreciate your time & efforts to be here. TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  3. 3. KEY TAKE-AWAYS • Why we need secure work-places & how to ensure them • Other updates w.r.t compliance we should follow TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  4. 4. Let’s start with a Preamble TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  7. 7. Jayalalithaa Assets Case Verdict* TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  8. 8. Vishaka Vs The State of Rajasthan TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  11. 11. What about other stuff that matters too ? Stuff like Emergency Contact Numbers First Aid Kit is here Caution Being Responsible to other co-workers TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  12. 12. Challenge # 1 Attitude Bias TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  13. 13. Challenge # 2 Ignorance TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  14. 14. Challenge # 3 Rules are meant to be broken TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  15. 15. Challenge # 4 Priority TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  16. 16. It is our Collective Responsibility to Create a Secure Workplace TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  17. 17. # Safe # Equal Opportunities # Protects Fundamental Rights TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  18. 18. Who is Vishaka ? TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW Who is Vishaka ?
  19. 19. Workplace > Safe > Equal > Protects Fundamental Rights The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  20. 20. Does Sexual Harassment means Sex / Rape ? TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  21. 21. Sexual Harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior: • Physical contact or advances • A demand or request for sexual favours • Making sexually coloured remarks • Showing pornography • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  22. 22. Including the following : • Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in employment • Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in employment • Implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status • Interferes with work or creates an intimidating/hostile/offensive work environment • Humiliating treatment likely to affect her health and safety TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  23. 23. Women ? Includes employed, contractor’s staffs, customers, volunteers – anyone visiting the premises. TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  24. 24. Workplace ? Workplace includes while “travelling on behalf of employer” “Transportation provided by employer” “outstation visits”, etc. TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  25. 25. Refer Youtube Video Link on http://blog.relativity.co.in/panel-discussion-on-creating-secure- workplaces-for-women TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  26. 26. Case Analysis & Discussion TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  27. 27. Refer Youtube Video Link on http://blog.relativity.co.in/panel-discussion-on-creating-secure- workplaces-for-women TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  28. 28. Case Analysis & Discussion TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  29. 29. Refer Youtube Video Link on http://blog.relativity.co.in/panel-discussion-on-creating-secure- workplaces-for-women TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  30. 30. Case Analysis & Discussion TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  31. 31. Going about a Secure Workplace for Women (including compliance with SHW) TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  32. 32. Prevention # Management Buy-In # Formulate Policy & Guidelines # Create Awareness # Affirmative Discussions TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  33. 33. Prohibition # Better Managerial Attitudes # Display ICC Information # Sensitize Employees TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  34. 34. Redressal # Confidentiality Assurance – In letter & Spirit # Form Internal Complaints Committee # Provide Assistance # Not being judgmental TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  35. 35. Actions, depending on the seriousness • A written apology from the Respondent • A letter of warning may be placed in the personal file of the Respondent • Reprimand or censure • Immediate transfer or suspension without pay • Termination from service • Withholding of pay rise or increments • Undergoing a counseling session • Carrying out community service • Register an FIR against the Respondent in case the act alleged, prima facie constitutes an offense under the Indian Penal Code • Deduction from the salary or wages of the Respondent such sum as it may consider appropriate to be paid to the Aggrieved Individual or to his/ her legal heirs TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  36. 36. Employer’s Obligation # 1 Create an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in all offices / branches of the organization TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  37. 37. Employer’s Obligation # 2 Make changes to the employment contracts to make the employees legally bound for the acts of sexual harassment in the workplace TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  38. 38. Employer’s Obligation # 3 Undertake Extensive awareness via workshops, seminars, posters, videos, etc. TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  39. 39. Employer’s Obligation # 4 Display prominently at the workplace, the penal consequences of indulging in acts that may constitute sexual harassment and the details of ICC TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  40. 40. Failures to implement these can lead to a Fine of Rs.50,000 or even cancellation of business permits itself. TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  41. 41. Checklist Refer Checklist PDF on http://blog.relativity.co.in/panel-discussion-on- creating-secure-workplaces-for-women TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW
  43. 43. Thank you for being a lovely audience AkashMahagaonkarV avm@relativity.co.in in.linkedin.com/in/akashmahagaonkar TOGETHERTOWARDSTOMORROW