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Customer centricity

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The core element for any effective business organization.

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Customer centricity

  1. 1. Customer Centricity By Akash Amal
  2. 2. With out business Cannot succeed
  3. 3. The term customer centric has become synonymous worldwide with proactive business strategy
  4. 4. Customer centricity fits three ways into an organization As part of a knowledge management system (understanding the customer), As part of the development of strategic competence as a learning organization (building a customer-centric culture) And as a foundation for corporate strategy development and execution (serving the customer)
  5. 5. Understanding customers people don’t want to buy quarter inch drill, the want a quarter inch hole!
  6. 6. Customer Perceived Value Value= benefits – cost (B-C)a > (B-C)b Value a > value b
  7. 7. Assessing customer needs and values • Creating demand landscape • Touch points
  8. 8. Touch points • Products, services, brands & interests in time and space with customers occasions to live, play and work as defined as matrix of goals, activities and priorities that constitute the leading features of land scape • Eg :- At car rental company
  9. 9. Process of collection & using detailed information abut individuals at all touch points
  10. 10. Building customer centric culture Market is not something which you do the customers, Rather how customers influence your organization
  11. 11. Incident at The TAJ Mumbai. • Incident of 2008, gained most customer value, with the life-death service of Taj employees • As many as 11 Taj employees, a third of the hotel’s casualties laid down their lives while helping between 1,200 and 1,500 guests escape • Created extreme customer centric culture. • 18 months training program (6 months more then general training programs)
  12. 12. • Survey • Trained pilots out of the box • Extra training with better efficiency and staffing • 2012, ranked 3rd in customer satisfaction. Singapore Airlines
  13. 13. 4 sets of active customer centric culture 1. Coordination 2. Cooperation 3. Capability 4. Connection
  14. 14. Hewlett Packard • 1999, failed to meet the financial targets, • Co. introduced new C.E.O • 2002, merged with compac • 2004, key components of transition a) putting customer first b) voice of customer (web based data) • March 2013, recognized for its customer value, sharing top postion with apple.
  15. 15. Serving the customers Developing a customer centric strategy a) Make brand decisions subservient to decisions about customer relationship. b) Build brands around customer segments, not the other way around. c) Make brands as narrow as possible. d)Plan brand extension based on customer needs, not on component similarities. e)Take heroic measures.
  16. 16. Conclusion • Thoughtful gathered market information can lead organization to take concrete action against customer centricity Retro marketing : opposite of customer centric marketing