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Maximizing Member Engagement

Everyone thinks associations are in the membership business. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are in the business of putting their purpose and mission into action items in such an exciting and effective way, everyone in their industry would want to be a member. This presentation will share with you the 6-keys to maximizing your value proposition, how to motivate your board to change, the metrics they need to look at to facilitate change and how to tap into the new generation.

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Maximizing Member Engagement

  1. 1. Maximizing Member Engagement Tom Morrison Tony Karrer Presenter Host We will be starting soon. In the meantime, please chat:Where are you located right now? What’s the weather there? You can hit *0 if you have issues and need an operator. Proudly Sponsored By:
  2. 2. Maximizing Member Engagement What to Expect Today• Its All About You• 6-Keys to Member Engagement• Recap and Conclusion
  3. 3. Maximizing Member Engagement How to Get Your Members to Scream Your NAME and Beg for MORE!
  4. 4. Maximizing Member Engagement Who is Tom Morrison?• CEO - Chief Energy Officer• 17 Years Association Management• 3rd Non-Profit – 2nd Trade Association• Love 80’s Music and to Dance• Played Drums Since I Was 5• Wife DeAnna and 3-Grown Children• Best Known For Pulling Out Beer Pong Game and Instantly Becoming the Coolest CEO in History
  5. 5. Maximizing Member Engagement Poll Time!Now that the election is over, how doyou feel about the future of yourindustry/association?• Great• Not Sure• Worried
  6. 6. Maximizing Member Engagement Its All About You Who Is the Electric Outlet Of Your Association?
  7. 7. Maximizing Member Engagement Leader or ManagerManagers are focused Leaders create shared focusedManagers take credit Leaders take responsibilityManagers seek to be heros Leaders make heros of others on the teamManagers exercise power Leaders develop power withinover people over people
  8. 8. Maximizing Member Engagement Leader or ManagerManagers direct groups Leaders create teamsManagers communicate Leaders persuadeManagers have good ideas Leaders implement ideasManagers react to change Leaders create changeManagers have employees Leaders win followers
  9. 9. Maximizing Member EngagementThe Power of Associations
  10. 10. Maximizing Member Engagement Myths About the Association Business Model1. The association model is broken2. Membership doesn’t work3. Young people are not joiners4. Free dues is the future5. People don’t see associations as relevant6. Virtual meetings will do away with live meetings7. Social media will make associations irrelevant
  11. 11. Maximizing Member Engagement Association 101 Aka… Why People Join Associations1. Organize themselves2. Coordinate their efforts (cause)3. Leverage the costs over many people4. Build trust for partnerships/business opportunities5. Do things for themselves they could not do individually more effectively
  12. 12. Maximizing Member Engagement Association 101 Emotions WHY People Join an Association1. People WANT to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves2. People WANT to be a part of something EXCITING3. People WANT to believe in an organization that can EMPOWER them to make it happen
  13. 13. Maximizing Member EngagementWhat Problems Do Your Members Have Right Now and In the FUTURE? You Should NEVER Take Action Just Because Everyone is DOING IT!
  14. 14. Maximizing Member Engagement INNOVATION!!!! WHAT IS IT???
  15. 15. Maximizing Member Engagement What is InnovationInnovation is when you have the rightprograms and services that continuallymatch up with the biggest on-goingchallenges and opportunities that faceyour members. The KEY in “On-going”
  16. 16. Maximizing Member Engagement The Big Problem With Innovation?Disconnect Between Board, Staff and CEOon What You Should Do With Innovation. Why? Fear and Change
  17. 17. Maximizing Member Engagement Member Value
  18. 18. Maximizing Member Engagement Member Value
  19. 19. Maximizing Member Engagement Any Questions So Far?
  20. 20. Maximizing Member Engagement Key #1Understand Your Threats to:• Your Industry• Your Members• Your AssociationAre The Threats Controllable or Uncontrollable?
  21. 21. Maximizing Member Engagement Which Ones are Controllable and Which Ones are Uncontrollable?1. Build contingency plans for the uncontrollable ones2. Focus your programs and services on the ones you can control
  22. 22. Maximizing Member Engagement Sample Challenges for Any Association• How do we give the smallest member in the most remote location a voice to participate• How to we connect our members, volunteers and staff in a cost effective way to minimize administrative cost and leverage our time• How do we connect with the next generation of members• How do we help our members expand there marketplace
  23. 23. Maximizing Member Engagement Sample Challenges for Any Association• How do we engage the members who do not attend live meetings• How do we connect the non-attending member with resources and networking as if they were attending meetings• How do we give our members a competitive advantage in the labor marketplace
  24. 24. Maximizing Member Engagement The Keys to a Great Value PropositionSpecifically defining what the challenges andopportunities in your industry are.Identifying things you can for your membersthey cannot do themselves effectively in time,effort or financial resources. This is where INNOVATION kicks in
  25. 25. Maximizing Member Engagement Defining Your Potential Member’s Challenges or Opportunities 3 Keys to Developing Your Value Proposition1. Identify Your Member’s Biggest Pains2. Give Them the Right Medication3. Set Dues Appropriately
  26. 26. Maximizing Member Engagement So What Do YOU Need MOST? Key #2 An EffectiveCommunication Strategy
  27. 27. Maximizing Member Engagement
  28. 28. Maximizing Member Engagement
  29. 29. Maximizing Member Engagement
  30. 30. Maximizing Member Engagement
  31. 31. Maximizing Member Engagement The Question is??? What Business Are You In?
  32. 32. Maximizing Member Engagement What Business Are You In?Associations are in the business of performingthe mission and purpose as defined in theirgoverning documents and/or strategic plan withabsolute excellence.By performing your purpose combined with aneffective value proposition, your industryshould have a desire to be members.
  33. 33. Maximizing Member Engagement The Association ChallengesMembership is a Balancing Act:1. Recruiting New Members2. Serving Current Members to Maximize Revenue Which Side Holds More Weight?
  34. 34. Maximizing Member Engagement The Association ChallengesManaging a variety of different demographicgroups who all have varying expectations andgive/receive messaging in dramatically differentways.Continuing and fast paced technology shift inhow we communicate and do business witheach demographic group.
  35. 35. Maximizing Member Engagement Membership = Pay DuesMovement = Believers/Revolution
  36. 36. Maximizing Member Engagement Key #3Doing Things For Your Members What They Can’t Do For Themselves More Effectively?
  37. 37. Maximizing Member EngagementThree Type of Association Programs / Services1. Ones you can get for FREE anywhere2. Ones you are going to do whether I’m a member or not3. Ones you can do for members more effectively in time, effort and financial resources
  38. 38. Maximizing Member Engagement Your Members Will Tell You What They Want• Survey your members periodically to get their input and buy in• Get members involved in an innovation creative team to help drive your value proposition• Don’t think you know more than your members
  39. 39. Maximizing Member Engagement Any Questions So Far?
  40. 40. Maximizing Member Engagement Key #4 Show Your Board the RIGHT Metrics to Engage Change
  41. 41. Maximizing Member Engagement 5 Key Metrics to GraphTotal Membership by Quarter - Shows health in membership
  42. 42. Maximizing Member Engagement 5 Key Metrics to GraphPer Member Revenue - Shows health of member engagementin all revenue producing programs. Include dues and meetingsin your revenues.
  43. 43. Maximizing Member Engagement 5 Key Metrics to GraphRolling 12 Month Average of Annual Revenues and Expenses -Shows revenue related to expenses to identify quickly wheneither is heading the wrong direction.
  44. 44. Maximizing Member Engagement 5 Key Metrics to GraphTotal Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth – Shows overallhealth of association.
  45. 45. Maximizing Member Engagement 5 Key Metrics to GraphReturn on Management – Measures for every dollarassociation is investing in management, how many dollars dothey have in net assets at any given time. Want to measurethis annually.
  46. 46. Maximizing Member Engagement Key Metrics Are Critical• Shows the overall health of the association• Help staff to see where change needs to happen• Motivates the Board to make change
  47. 47. Maximizing Member Engagement Question??Are You Maximizing Your Revenue Per Member?
  48. 48. Maximizing Member Engagement Three Bodies of Knowledge in Recruitment1. Things Your Members Know They Know2. Things Your Members Know They Don’t Know3. Things Your Members Don’t Know They Don’t Know
  49. 49. Maximizing Member Engagement
  50. 50. Maximizing Member Engagement The Keys• Recruitment is all about Value, Expectations & Marketing• Engagement is all about the right Programs/Services, Communications and Outreach• Retention is all about doing #1 & #2 effectively • If you have a retention problem, you have an even bigger problem with #1 & #2
  51. 51. Maximizing Member Engagement Association Challenges Two Fast Paced and Dynamic Shifts• Fastest Shift in Technology in Our History• Largest Swing in Demographic Groups
  52. 52. Maximizing Member EngagementChallenge: Different Demographic Groups
  53. 53. Maximizing Member Engagement Keys to Engaging Younger Members In Your Association•See the world in ways never thought possible•Experience an amazing journey where they arebetter off at the end•Fighting for an incredible cause Does Your Association Offer These?
  54. 54. Maximizing Member Engagement Key #5 Narrow Your FOCUS
  55. 55. Maximizing Member Engagement Key #6 3 Questions to Consistently Ask in Membership• What are we doing that we should be doing differently?• What are we NOT doing that we should be doing?• What are we doing that we should STOP because it’s completed or irrelevant to the membership?
  56. 56. Maximizing Member Engagement RECAP: 6 Keys to Maximizing Member Engagement1. Understand Your Threats to Industry, Members and Association2. Have an Effective Communication Strategy – Do it All in Print, Electronic, Video and Social3. Do Things Your Members Can’t Do Themselves Effectively4. Show the Right Metrics to Motivate Board and Staff to Change5. Narrow Your Focus
  57. 57. Maximizing Member Engagement RECAP: 6 Keys to Maximizing Member Engagement6. Ask the Three Important Questions Every Year:• What are we doing that we could be doing differently?• What are we NOT doing we should be doing?• What are we doing that we can stop due to its done or irrelevant?
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