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Discover Leadership Styles

  1. Discover Leadership Styles Allison Johnson Kentucky Regional Officer
  2. Skills and Best Practices: Tips for Improving Leader Effectiveness Behavior Recommended Behaviors Listen Intensely listen to what others have to say. Determine the true cause of performance problems. Examine Think through problems from all perspectives. Do not play favorites and find solutions that benefit everyone involved. Assist Help others to learn from mistakes and errors. Develop Explain the rationale for decisions and implement fair policies and procedures. Encourage Provide employees with the resources needed to do a job. Gently push people to advance into more demanding roles. Recognize Praise people for their good work. Focus on the positive whenever possible.

Notas do Editor

  1. Fiedler believes that leadership success requires the right style–situation match. He classifies leadership styles as either task-motivated or relationship motivated, and views them as strongly rooted in our individual personalities. He describes situations according to the leader’s position power, quality of leader–member relations, and amount of task structure. In situations that are most favorable and unfavorable for leaders, his research shows the task-motivated style as a best fit. In more intermediate situations, the relationship-motivated style provides the best fit.
  2. Transactional leaders are generally good at short term crisis or stable situations. Transformational leaders tend to build long term effective organizations.
  3. Emotional intelligence is thought by some to be more important IQ.
  4. Peter Drucker – One of the most influential management consultants of the 20 th century.