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360 Camera

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camera 360 was Omnidirectional model mainly used in VR,so let us know hot it works.!!

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360 Camera

  1. 1. By, A J I T H C H A N D R A N . B
  2. 2. Introduction  Bublcam is a Omnidirectional camera. Able to take 360 view in a single image or video.  Normally created by stitching together a number of photographs taken in a multi-row 360-degree rotation.  Omnidirectional cameras are important in panoramic photography and robotics.
  3. 3. Parts in Omidirectional cam.  1-camera,2-upper mirror, 3- Lower mirror,4-Black spot and 5- Field view.  Here, from field view entire surrounding were being captured.
  4. 4. How it works!.  Pro-cam to capture and wireless remote to control the camera’s.  Each camera have slots which have different takes of snap at the same time.
  5. 5. Cont..  Each video takes 48 frames per second.  The videos will be arranged to specific template pattern.
  6. 6. Cont..  Using this largest Stitched image combined to form new video.
  7. 7. Features-magnet bond  Here magnet connection can be given to bublcam so that. This can be easily attached to any electronic devices.
  8. 8. Features-live stream and date  As for security and analysis this acts a huge part in identifying the location and date on live update
  9. 9. Applications  VR camera  Drone  Virtual reality
  10. 10. Application-Google Maps  Google’s Earth shows every nook and corner with help of this Bublcam.