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Abusing Exploiting and Pwning with Firefox Addons

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Abusing Exploiting and Pwning with Firefox Addons

  1. 1. Ajin Abraham Vimal Jyothi Engineering College CS101 FORCHSUNG 2014 Abusing Exploiting and Pwning with Firefox Addons.
  2. 2. AGENDA  Introduction  Firefox Add-on Structure  Firefox Add-on Security Model  Exploiting the Weakness  Proof of Concept.  Techniques used by attackers for Spreading the Add-on.  Mitigation  Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  Firefox is an awesome Web Browser.  Second most used browser according to w3schools.  Add-on makes it more awesome.  Firefox supports variety of languages for add-on development.  JavaScript with XPConnect, XUL, js-ctypes etc. 0 20 40 60 Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer 3 Apple Safari Opera Browser Usage Statistics
  4. 4. Add-on Structure Bare Minimum Requirements for a Firefox Add-on.
  5. 5. Add-on Structure  chrome.manifest: Register the location of the contents with the Chrome engine.  overlay.xul: XML User Interface defines the GUI.  install.rdf: Gives general information about the add-on.  overlay.js: This file consists of the scripts that runs in the browser engine.
  6. 6. Firefox Add-on Security Model Absolutely no mechanisms to restrict the privileges of add-on. Add-on code is fully trusted, not much security checks. No restrictions on Inter Add-on Communication. There is no sandboxing or isolation of the running codes. No restrictions on malicious Cross Origin Resource Sharing.
  7. 7. The Mozilla Platform
  8. 8. Exploitable Features  Abuse “document.addEventListener();” = Keylogger  Abuse File I/O of XPConnect = Read from a confidential file, Run an executable  Hook scripts into Firefox Engine = Access to everything in the Webpages.  No restrictions of Add-on Privileges = Make changes to files, Grab session data.  Abuse XHR object = Exchange of commands/data between a victim and hacker.  By abusing CORS and WebSocket = DDoS
  9. 9. Remote Keylogger  Platform independent Keylogger add-on.  It is implemented by abusing JavaScript.  It hooks into the browser interface and capture the keystrokes from all the tabs and send it to a php script for processing.  Bypass anti-keyloggers like KeyScrambler and On Screen Keyboards.  Undetectable against Anti-Virus Solutions.
  10. 10. Bypassing KeyScrambler
  11. 11. Executable Dropper & TCP Reverse Shell  We can embed and execute an EXE file from an add-on.  This add-on is embedded with an executable reverse shell.  Here we abuse the Process and Thread management features of XPConnect to execute a reverse shell.  Later an attacker will listen to this reverse TCP connection and execute system commands.  Most AV’s wont detect since the executable is packed inside the Add-on file.
  12. 12. Code Sample
  13. 13. Session Stealer  Firefox is having a built-in Session Store feature that saves your session data in a file named "sessionstore.js".  Stealing that file will steal the entire session.  Attacker can upload the “sessionstore.js” file to an FTP account.  AV’s won’t detect.
  14. 14. Linux Password Stealer  Abuse XPConnect and read the Linux Password files (passwd and shadow).  With XHR Object the content is send to the remote attacker.  AV’s Won’t detect.
  15. 15. Distributed Denial of Service  Abuse the CORS and WebSocket = DDoS  Firefox does not impart any restrictions on Cross Domain requests.  WebSocket --> numerous Socket connections.  XHR Object -->numerous GET requests with a fake parameter and random values.  'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header bypassed.  Zero Detection.
  16. 16. Code Sample
  17. 17. Techniques Used By Attackers for Spreading  Crafted webpage with add-on installation as the minimum requirement  Social Engineering  Cross Site Scripting  Tabnabbing
  18. 18. Mitigation  Never trsust 3rd party addons.  Update Firefox to latest stable build.  Keep a good and regularly updated Anti-Virus & Firewall solutions.  Keylogger Beater Add-on  Reverse and analyze the code.  Disable Session data storing in Firefox.  about:config => browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash => false  Don’t run Firefox with root privilege.  Use a safe and configured proxy to block reverse TCP and FTP connections  The DDoS attempts can be effectively blocked by analyzing, restricting, and filtering COR's Orgin Header.
  19. 19. Conclusion  Firefox is great platform with wonderful capabilities to start coding, same applies to abusing too.  So i had demonstrated the weakness of Firefox Security Architecture with the POC Add- ons.  AV's are helpless and Filters are Bypassed.  Now it's the part of AV's and Firefox Team to make your browsing environment more secure.
  20. 20. Thank You Ajin Abraham ajin25@gmail.com http://opensecurity.in There’s no such thing as a “safe system” – only safer systems.