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Dockercon 2018 Announcement

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Today I presented a session on "Top 5 Exciting Dockercon 2018 Announcements"in Docker Bangalore Meetup which happened in Nutanix India Office, Bellandur Road. It was yet another great opportunity to meet and network with Docker Enthusiasts.

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Dockercon 2018 Announcement

  1. 1. v Nutanix India July 7 2018 Docker & Kubernetes Bangalore Meetup Group Joint Meetup
  2. 2. v Docker Bangalore Meetup Dockercon 2018 Announcements
  3. 3. DOCKER CAPTAIN Ajeet Singh Raina Sr. Systems Development Engineer, DellEMC Author @ www.collabnix.com
  4. 4. Dockercon 2018 SFO Announcement Summary #1 - Federated Application Management in Docker EE #2 - Kubernetes Support for Windows Server Container in Docker Enterprise Edition #3 - Docker Desktop Template-Based Workflows for Enterprise Developers #4 - Making Compose Easier with to use with the Application Packages #5 - Upcoming Support for Serverless Platform under Docker EE
  5. 5. Federated Application Management in Docker EE
  6. 6. Containers are Portable Today; The Management of Containers NOT
  7. 7. Around 85% of today’s Enterprise IT employ a Multi-Cloud Strategy
  8. 8. Introducing Federated Application Management across Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Platform - A Single Control-Plane for Multi-Cloud Deployments - On-Board Cloud Hosted Kubernetes - Deploying , Migrating and Replicating Apps across Clouds
  9. 9. https://beta.docker.com
  10. 10. Kubernetes Support for Windows Server Container in Docker EE
  11. 11. Docker Continues Leadership with Windows Containers
  12. 12. Why Kubernetes on Windows Server? 35 Certified Kubernetes Distributions
  13. 13. Why Kubernetes on Windows Server? 22 Certified Kubernetes Hosted Platform
  14. 14. Why Kubernetes on Windows Server? 51 Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
  15. 15. Docker Desktop Template-based Workflows for Enterprise Developers
  16. 16. Making Compose Easier to use with Application Packages
  17. 17. There are around 3,00,00 Docker Compose files in GitHub today
  18. 18. - Maintaining multiple Compose files for the same application running in different environments. - No good way of sharing the multi-service applications that use them. - Hard to collaborate between developers and operators around a Compose file. Problems
  19. 19. Introducing docker-app Simplified approach to share multi-service application (not just Docker Image) directly on Dockerhub.
  20. 20. Demo.. Coming soon
  21. 21. Upcoming Support for Serverless Platform under Docker EE
  22. 22. Open Source Serverless Platform Support on Docker Enterprise Edition
  23. 23. https://github.com/docker/serverlessbenchmark
  24. 24. It’s Demo Time