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Business prosperity with spirituality

How can you benefit your business by adopting Spirituality in your day to day life.

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Business prosperity with spirituality

  1. 1. #Business prosperity with #Spirituality Jul 12, 2015  144 views  9 Likes  1 Comment  Share on LinkedIn  Share on Facebook  Share on Twitter Over the years, mankind has made tremendous progress in every sphere of life, be it science, technology, business, Innovation .Every attempt has been made to make life cozy and comfortable with every new innovation and scientific advancement. However, the very progress and sophistication is beginning to threaten the very existence of life today,reason-- Ego,intolerance,lust and a false sense of invincibility and last but not the least "Interpretation" i.e. every one's own interpretation of every thing which is heavily biased by one's own convenience rather than reality and which is often far from the truth. When we look around, many thriving Economies has been turn into dust and ashes during last two decade or so for some handful individuals wrong doing for their own individual benefit but given the color of Religious / Political conflict . Global inequality :
  2. 2. The richest 85 people in the world own more wealth than the bottom half of the entire global population. In other words, "The World's 85 Richest People Are as Wealthy as the Poorest 3 Billion". Even in pure business terms, for any economy to flourish, there is a need for a border less market beyond political and geographic boundaries and no economy can function on it's own unless there is a wider global market to sell or buy. Even the mightiest can not survive on their own unless there is a market to sell.The Wealthiest in their own interest, need to ensure that Countries do not become bankrupt or they do not allow the political /civil/economic system of other countries to fail, rather allow it to prosper and protects it from becoming an UN-civilized nation where people can not lead a normal life .
  3. 3. If we try to trace back the history of thousands of years back and find that "Religion" has evolved and conceptualized by various great personalities of different times/races and region to ensure that they can guide and persuade a very large group of people to lead a disciplined, productive and healthy life, however with the passage of time, each stage of leadership subsequently,has interpreted or rather "mis-interpreted " Religious practices as per their own convenience only to suit their own interest and belief. It will be best , if the world can follow "Spirituality without Religion" .It's like adopting the "Best practices" of every Religion and not having to interpret that one has to follow any specific Religion to attain the "Enlightenment".
  4. 4. "Spirituality is the best of what any religion is seeking to offer". "Spiritual but not religious people, with their open minds, can take seriously what "organized religion" has to offer them." There is no single, agreed-upon definition of spirituality.It denotes a process of transformation, in medical terms "Scientific conditioning of your brain and your overall thought process. A state of mind with absolute control over all emotions. If the wealthiest and mightiest can follow spirituality in true sense of the term, the world becomes stable and peaceful , thus making it a healthy and prosperous market to do business and ensuring prosperity at large in the journey . Masses always tend to follow the "Rich and Famous", hence if they can promote spirituality then probably adoption and implementation become feasible and World can become a more better to place live.
  5. 5. To conclude : For economic prosperity of the world at large, it is important that various countries remain economically, politically remain stable and peaceful and that is the only way long term business sustainability can be achieved and it is possible only when leaders can practice and guide in a true spiritual path, in "true sense of the term".