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Campus 2 corporate (1)

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Campus 2 corporate (1)

  1. 1. Campus to Corporate
  2. 2. Why Campus 2 Corporate• To guide an individual to prove his mettle.• make them ready for the industry by understanding the industry needs.• Transformation of the students into individuals ready for the corporate world.• An insight to the present scenario of any industry on a whole.• “Necessity is the mother of invention”• “First Impression is the Best Impression”
  3. 3. Transition. • Sense of Achievement • Making it up to company • Regular income and new found freedom • New environment • New Learning • Change of locations – adapting • Anxiety • Managing new expectations • Meeting the goals • Elaboration of the 6 H Model (Honesty, Human Values, Hunger, Hard Work, Humility, Health)
  4. 4. Tips for Your First Day at a New Job 1. Dress For Success 2. Get Linked In 3. Set Up Your Space 4. Lay Low And Listen 5. Nail Down Names 6. Take A Breather 7. Thank The Office Assistant . 8. Give Yourself A Break
  5. 5. Tips for Your First Month at a New Job• 1. Dont Panic... 2. ...But Do Ask Questions 3. Be a Know It All 4. Learn To Listen 5. Prepare Your Message 6. Be Generous 7. Watch The Clock 8. Know Your Company 9. Dress Like You Belong 10. Read Every Email
  6. 6. Great Tips for Your First Month at aNew Job• 11. Be Friendly 12. Bribe People 13. Give Your Boss What She Wants... 14. ...And Avoid Doing What She Hates 15. Scout Out After-Work Events• 16. Stay Focused on Today 17. Say Thanks 18. Dont Take Time Off 19. Do Great Work
  7. 7. How to Make Friends At Work•• 1. Play Softball Or shuffleboard or poker or charades. 2. Be a Good Sport 3. Dont Lay Low During Lunch 4. Get on the Social Committee 5. Institute an Off-Site
  8. 8. Managing U R boss• The Vague One• The Micromanager• The Bully• The Narcissist• The BFF
  9. 9. The mantra for success:• Examine your life.• Exchange all your little options for one big dream.• Expose yourself to successful people.• Express your belief in your dreams, write it down and talk about it frequently.• Expect opposition to your dream.• Exercise all of your effort and all of your energy, toward the dream.
  10. 10. The mantra for success (contd)..• Extract every positive principle that you can from life.• Exclude negative thinkers and spirit dampeners.• Exceed normal expectations.• Exhibit an attitude that is confident.• Explore every possible avenue.• Extend a helping hand.
  12. 12. SUCCESS• S - Select you Goal• U- Unlock your Imprisoned Potential• C- Commit yourself to the Plan• C- Chart your Course• E- Expect Problems• S – Stand firm on your Commitment• S- Surrender Everything to GOD
  15. 15. Thanks