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11 Things That ONLY Ahrefs Can Do

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New people often ask us — “what makes Ahrefs better than the competition?”

It’s a challenging question. We are an “all-in-one” SEO tool and, as such, there are just too many things to compare.

So instead of filling out those classic “us VS them” comparison tables, we decided to do something a little different and showcase some of Ahrefs’ unique features and functionalities.

01. Do keyword research for 10 search engines (across 170 countries)
02. See backlink growth (or decline) over time, with daily granularity
03. Get total search traffic estimations for the top 10 ranking pages
04. Analyze which subfolders bring the most search traffic to your competitors
05. See unique click distribution among the top pages of a SERP
06. Uncover content gaps between you and your competitors
07. Get an email alert with keyword ranking improvements
08. Monitor your website's outbound links
09. Link prospecting with Content Explorer
10. Instantly analyze internal backlinks of any website
11. See the ranking history of any website for every keyword (&compare with competitors)

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11 Things That ONLY Ahrefs Can Do

  1. 1. The secret to ranking #1:
  2. 2. The secret to ranking #1:
  3. 3. The secret to ranking #1:
  4. 4. The secret to ranking #1:
  5. 5. The secret to ranking #1:
  6. 6. The secret to ranking #1:
  7. 7. The secret to ranking #1:
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