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space exploration

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  1. 1. A. Development in the field of astronomy 1. Astronomy is the field of study about naturalobjects in the sky. 2. Ancient astronomers from the Middle East, China and India had made observations about the movements of the Sun, stars and Moon. 3. Ancient astronomers like the Greeks had tried to explain the movements of planets and stars. Galileo Galilei invented Nicholas Copernicus the first asronomical suggested that the telescope in 1609. Sun is the centre of His telescope had 30 times the Solar System. magnifying power.
  2. 2. B. Development in space exploration 1. Space exploration was first done from Earth with the used of a telescope. 2. Rockets, man-made satellites, space stations and space shuttles were later invented to continue the efforts of space exploration.
  3. 3. Events in the development of space exploration