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  1. The Council's Education Team Vice President of Education Kristin Hutchinson Director of Student Programs Eric Bumbaca Associate Director of Student Programs Kasey Trapp
  2. Students serve as delegates/diplomats from their assigned country Student delegates debate and discuss global issues and work together to create solutions to these global issues...all while practicing cultural diplomacy! Model United Nations is a simulation of a meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly The Jr. Model United Nations - Student Diplomat Program
  3. The Jr. Model United Nations - Student Diplomat Program Now that you are all student diplomats in the Jr. Model UN program, it means that you will help to carry out the World Affairs Council's mission, especially by practicing Cultural Diplomacy!
  4. What is Cultural Diplomacy? Why is learning about Cultural Diplomacy important for your experience as Student Diplomats in the Jr. Model UN program? "The promotion of shared understanding through cultural exchange."
  5. So...What is Diplomacy? Diplomacy is: The art and practice of maintaining good relationships between countries The ability to find common ground and work toward a common cause with others
  6. Diplomacy can be practiced: So...What is Diplomacy? Between individuals Through large international summits, conferences, and organizations Between countries
  7. A diplomat is someone who: What is a Diplomat? Is skilled in managing delicate situations Is skilled in handling people and communicating with others Can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way
  8. A diplomat is someone who: What is a Diplomat? Is appointed by their government to conduct official negotiations with other countries and diplomats Works to help their own country by encouraging cooperation between nations and maintaining peace
  9. A successful diplomat: What Makes a Successful Diplomat? Knows their goals and strategies Understands both their country's and other countries perspectives on the topic or issue Appreciates others' opinions, interests, and cultures Knows how to persuasively present creative solutions to the shared issue
  10. Language skills The Diplomat Checklist! *COMMUNICATION* Trustworthiness Patience Successfully mediate differences between people Solve problems Strong understanding of other cultures Manage conflicts
  11. In 1945, the United Nations was founded to: Diplomacy & The United Nations Promote world peace Encourage respect for human rights Develop good relationships between countries Promote cooperation in solving the world's problems
  12. Example: Diplomacy & The United Nations UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Seeks to build peace through international cooperation in education, sciences and culture Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (International treaty adopted in 1972) UNESCO & World Heritage Sites:
  13. DOES culture tie into diplomacy? Let's think...
  14. What is happening in these photos? Who are these people? Where are they? How might this represent Cultural Diplomacy? Let's think...
  15. Diplomats must have an understanding of cultural norms and basic cultural practices in the countries with whom they are dealing! Diplomats & Cultural Awareness What do you think some of these things could be? Greetings How to address one another Manners & Customs Proper attire
  16. Cultural Diplomacy & "Sustaining Our Global Future"
  17. Building the Sustainable Cities of the Future Cultural Diplomacy & "Sustaining Our Global Future" Creating Sustainable Food Systems How people navigate spaces; who shares spaces Types of food people eat & food accessibility Housing & transportation Gender roles in food cultivation, preparation, and distribution Effect of globalization on cultural food practices & habits Considerations towards indigenous populations Acceptance & usage of technologies
  18. Why is Cultural Diplomacy important for your experience as Student Diplomats in the Jr. Model UN program? What will YOU do as Student Diplomats to promote Cultural Diplomacy? Let's think...