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Agni foundation s project identity #5 at anbu illam

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Agni foundation s project identity #5 at anbu illam

  1. 1. Agni Foundation’s Project Identity #5 at Anbu Illam Project Identity’s event five was conducted in the Anbu Illam- literally means in Tamil as “The Home of Love, care and compassion. It all happened one evening in 1993 when seven child hood friends put their heads together and talked about helping the senior citizens who were deserted by their family. They came to a conclusion that, than criticizing the present generation that treats their elders as liability, the team of seven headed by Mr. Balasubramaniyam and ably supported by Mr. Seikh Abdullah- the founding secretary founded Anbu Illam with their own savings. Since then there was no looking back for the friends on a mission of wiping tears of deserted humans be it young or old, hale or ill. During the inauguration of website, the treasurer recounted those trying days to Agni Foundation team that their work did not stop by just picking the homeless elders from street, they have to provide food, clothing and shelter to them. In addition to taking care of their healthcare because most of the inhabitants of the Anbu Illam are ripe elders who need to depend on medicine to extend their life span.
  2. 2. Mr. Seikh said there was a time when the founders and volunteers have to the hit streets with donation boxes to collect money or in kind help at the doorsteps of the people. There were many instances where the team were lambasted by the public, some even criticized them that Anbu illam team members are collecting money for their own personal gains. Some even added, the money is not going to wipe the tears of inhabitants at Anbu illiam but will go into the pockets of the founders. Enduring all the ridicules, the team Anbu Illam grown into what it is today, started with only a hand full of inmates, now it is providing care and comfort to 70 plus homeless elders, mentally challenged individuals and orphans. The Chief Guest for the Project Identity event Mr. Mohan-The Director of Vijay Vikas School, Erode in his address said, looking at the selfless deeds of the individuals such as Mr. Seikh and Mr. Balasubramanyam who faced all those criticisms in bringing the lost hopes to life for elderly people, we as public are only busy running the rat race not evening caring about the people who have been deserted by their own family. He stressed that it is high time we the people change our attitude towards helps NGOs. He congratulated the team Agni Foundation for the new age service they are rendering to the NGOs by placing them online. He said the digital offering of Agni Foundation will bring a lot more change to the lives of inmates and they will have an enduring smile which even a money donation or sponsoring a day’s expense can’t provide. Soon after the handing over of the website to Anbu Illam and successfully placing them online. We shared some light moments, when the team Agni Foundation interacted with the inhabitants. During our interaction we came to know that unanimously all of them had been thrown out of their homes because they have become old and useless before the eyes of their own family members. All of them thanked Agni Foundation saying Agni Foundation happens to be one another organisation apart from Anbu Illam that extends support without seeking any favours in return. The inhabitants and Secretary of Anbu Illam felt that this website will help them in getting funds from donors across the world and some even said till date they are living in rented houses and facing countless stigma discrimination. Their own Anbu Illam residence was half built and the construction work has been suspended due to lack of funds. But now project identity in place all of them started believing that this website will help them in moving into their own home-Anbu Illam’s
  3. 3. permanent campus. We know that Project Identity has made their day important for having placed them online but also we wanted to make that day memorable. So we conducted Singing competition so as they could express themselves and we awarded medals to all of them who sang because we want those dejected once to have a feel of victory and a fond memory to cherish. We got what we sought with the grin and giggles of inhabitants, the Chief Guest and secretary also joined the fun. With laughter and thank giving we at Agni Foundation completed the event number 5 by placing Anbu Illam successfully online. “As the Chief Guest said, we have lit up the lamp of hope. Empowering that light to shine everlasting is in the hands of people who wish to make a difference to the lives of needy” For more information please follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agnifoundationofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/Agnifoundations Website: http://www.agnifoundation.in/