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ZimbraTM Collaboration Suite 
& Microsoft Exchange: How to Choose
& Microsoft Exchange: How to Choose

Zimbra Snapshot
Next‐Generation Messaging and Collaboration 
     Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Mobility, Web Documents/Wi...
Example Zimbra Business Customers 

                      Sinclair Broadcasting

Broad Client Support  
Advanced Web Client (Ajax)                                                                         ...
Platform Architecture, Robustness & Scale
                 ZCS 5.0                    ...
Basic Messaging Feature Set
                    ZCS 5.0                            ...
Next Gen Collaboration Feature Set
                      ZCS 5.0                 ...
Multi‐Modal Access
                     ZCS 5.0                                 Co...
Software License, New Releases & Support
                                Windows Server
Servers & Storage

Exchange Sizing: No FE (OWA) server, no blackberry server, no separate domain controller or
active di...
Acquisition, Support & Administration Costs
Zimbra Delivers 46% Savings or $4.6M over a Five Year Period

Comparison of Upfront Costs (Year 1 Commit)
 Subscription-based licensing & support model, & lower hardware
requirements s...
ZCS Builds on a Strong Open Source Foundation

       Zimbra Packaging includes

     Server Operating Systems Availab...
Zimbra Outlook Support
                            Native MAPI Service Provider
Web Services Mash‐ups: Zimlets

             Mash-ups to Salesforce, Webex
             and other small biz apps …
Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
Built‐in Archiving & Cross‐Mailbox Discovery
Zimbra Collaboration Suite &
Microsoft Exchange Interoperability
ZCS Exchange Interoperability Overview
• Zimbra and Exchange users can view free‐busy 
  information and schedule group me...
Shared GAL & Free‐Busy Interop

Composing a Message in Zimbra
Composing in Outlook & Exchange
Free Busy Interop for Scheduling Meetings
• Zimbra User checks Exchange User’s free‐busy 
  from the ZCS Web Client
  f   ...
Exchange User 1’s schedule in Outlook


Check Exchange User’s free‐busy in ZCS

Exchange User changes her schedule

                           to ‘busy’
Zimbra User checks again, free‐busy has 

                                  No g...
Exchange Migration Wizard Exchange 
• Use it to Migrate Email, Calendar and Address book 
  information from the Exchange ...
Zimbra vs Exchange: How to Choose
      Zimbra Collaboration Suite – Value Drivers
    Innovation          Collaboration  ...
Free 60‐day Free Network Edition Trial

Request detailed com...
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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange 2008

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange 2008

  1. 1. ZimbraTM Collaboration Suite  & Microsoft Exchange: How to Choose & Microsoft Exchange: How to Choose May 2008 May 2008
  2. 2. Zimbra Snapshot Next‐Generation Messaging and Collaboration  Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Mobility, Web Documents/Wiki,  VoIP, RSS, Mash‐ups, Search, Sharing, Web services, … p g What Makes Us Different Innovation – low TCO multi‐tenant administration + rich productivity Open Source – transparency, community, extensibility bl Compatibility – investment protection, flexibility, application  integration Market Presence 20,000+ customers in 70+ countries by 12+ industry verticals 400,000+ OSS downloads; 15,000+ community members Partners: Awards:
  3. 3. Example Zimbra Business Customers  Sinclair Broadcasting YAHOO! CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Broad Client Support   Advanced Web Client (Ajax) iPhone zSync zSync or xHTML BlackBerry Zimbra Server BES or BIS zSync Zimbra Sync Standards Standard Web Client (HTML) J2ME xHTML zSync & iSync & IMAP, POP, iCal, RSS/Atom, CalDAV BB Connect MAPI CalDAV Palm Symbian Windows 5 Apple Desktop Outlook 2003, 2007 Standards Clients
  5. 5. Platform Architecture, Robustness & Scale Exchange ZCS 5.0 Comments 2007 Platform • Zimbra Solution has been around for 4+ yrs Longevity • Exchange been around for 10+ years • ZCS architecture designed ground-up based on Platform new-age/web 2.0 p g paradigm & trends g Architecture • Exchange core kernel, designed in early 1990s is not modular, and cannot easily adapt ZCS leverages more robust underlying Platform operating environment & proven components Robustness Reliability and uptime issues plague Exchange users (avg downtime of 4 hours/month) ZCS scales to millions of users and gigabyte mailboxes in production environments Platform Exchange architecture limiting; difficult to Scalability scale to GB mailboxes w/o significant hardware, training Company Financial Market Cap in billions of dollars Situation Key = Low = Medium = High
  6. 6. Basic Messaging Feature Set Exchange ZCS 5.0 Comments 2007 Integrated • Support for email, calendaring & contacts email Calendaring, • ZCS also offers web mash-ups (Zimlets) based integration for improved productivity Mail, Contacts • ZCS integrated with proven Spam Assassin & Integrated ClamAV solutions anti-abuse • Exchange offers EHF and in-house anti- spam/virus solutions that are yet to be proven Ajax (rich) web client access • End-User Rich Tagging (categories), flagging , basic search (categories) • Web Access ZCS: Keyboard Navigation, advanced search • ZCS: Zimlets, “Rich” HTML client access • • Command-line tools, SOAP API access Admin Tools • ZCS: Web-based any place/any time access • Windows Mobile devices, Palm Treo, Symbian, Mobile Devices Blackberry handsets Support pp • ZCS: iPhone (Mobile Client via XHTML), iSync • ZCS: Java-based downloadable client Key = Low = Medium = High
  7. 7. Next Gen Collaboration Feature Set Exchange ZCS 5.0 Comments 2007 Unified • Single inbox Voicemail, VoIP access inbox, Voicemail Messaging • Exchange: TUI access to mailbox using TTS • Basic SOAP API for server access Web Services • ZCS: Web services framework (zSync) for client Framework & access Mash-ups • ZCS: Web Mash-ups framework (Zimlets) to integrate 3rd party enterprise apps Index & facilitate search of message subject, body and MS Office attachments Indexing & ZCS: Index, search and render in browser over Search 200 different attachment types ZCS: Syntactic & visual search options Integrated ZCS: Built-in Instant Messaging, cross- IM/Presence application presence (XMPP) and Web documents & Documents Share mail, calendar and address book folders Sharing & with internal users Collaboration C ll b ti ZCS: Share f ld ZCS Sh folders with external users or make ith t l k them public Key = Low = Medium = High
  8. 8. Multi‐Modal Access Exchange ZCS 5.0 Comments 2007 Outlook support • Exchange Native MAPI Service Provider (PC) • Zimbra Native MAPI Service Provider Apple Mail, iCal, Mail iCal • ZCS S ZCS: Supports A l M il iC l iPh t Apple Mail, iCal, iPhone via IMAP i iPhone (Mac) and iSync as well as Sync Services Web clients IE support ZCS: Firefox, IE, Safari Standards-based IMAP4, POP3, ICS, CSV, vCARD protocols (All) ZCS: RSS/Atom REST, CalDAV RSS/Atom, REST Web Offline Zimbra Desktop (Offline Web Access) access (All) () Key = Low = Medium = High
  9. 9. Software License, New Releases & Support Windows Server approx 35% of total Microsoft software Mi ft ft cost Total Microsoft software costs 72% ft t more than Zimbra
  10. 10. Servers & Storage Exchange Sizing: No FE (OWA) server, no blackberry server, no separate domain controller or active directory box, no recovery storage group storage buffer, no p y , y gg p g , public folder database Microsoft solution costs 42% more than Zimbra Microsoft solution storage costs are 106% g solution. Also Zimbra’s modular architecture allows more than Zimbra’s. Better IO performance & deployments to scale horizontally and vertically built-in HSM in Zimbra allow customers to utilize & organize storage cost-effectively * 3 years of support (and not 5) included in above numbers
  11. 11. Acquisition, Support & Administration Costs Zimbra Delivers 46% Savings or $4.6M over a Five Year Period $80 Zimbra TCO Savings $39.9 Software, New S ft N 42% Releases & Support Avg Total Cost per User/Year Servers & Storage 49% including Support $43 Administration 50% Costs $20.0 $3.7 $36.1 TOTAL 46% $1.9 $21 Source: Administration costs based on report from Radicati Group and Zimbra customers.
  12. 12. Comparison of Upfront Costs (Year 1 Commit) Subscription-based licensing & support model, & lower hardware requirements significantly reduces upfront costs & investment risk Zimbra: $191 Upfront Investment: $1.3M or 24% of total $39.9 Microsoft: Upfront Investment: $4.8M or 48% of total $18.6 $133 Software, New S ft N $50 Releases & Support $20 Servers & Storage $9.4 including Support $21 Administration Costs
  13. 13. ZCS Builds on a Strong Open Source Foundation Zimbra Packaging includes Server Operating Systems Available:
  14. 14. Zimbra Outlook Support Zimbra Microsoft Native MAPI Service Provider 90% Outlook/Exchange  experience 110% Outlook/Zimbra  110% Outlook/Zimbra experience Cached Mode (offline, including  GAL) Delegation+ Exchange MAPI Provider Zimbra MAPI Provider Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks , , , Outlook 2003  Exchange Server Zimbra Server Outlook 2007
  15. 15. Web Services Mash‐ups: Zimlets Mash-ups to Salesforce, Webex and other small biz apps …
  16. 16. Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
  17. 17. Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
  18. 18. Unifying Users’ Communication Needs
  19. 19. Built‐in Archiving & Cross‐Mailbox Discovery
  20. 20. Zimbra Collaboration Suite & Microsoft Exchange Interoperability
  21. 21. ZCS Exchange Interoperability Overview • Zimbra and Exchange users can view free‐busy  information and schedule group meetings information and schedule group meetings – Works within the native UI of each product – Interoperability is bi directional Interoperability is bi‐directional – Unified GAL (auto complete on compose, etc) • Benefits of ‘mixed‐mode’ deployment – Doesn’t force mass migration Doesn t force mass migration – Freedom of choice among workgroups – Protect investments Protect investments
  22. 22. Shared GAL & Free‐Busy Interop Active Zimbra Exchange Directory Server S Server S Exchange Interop Zimbra Web or Desktop Client Outlook 2003, 2007 Outlook Web Access Outlook 2003, 2007
  23. 23. Composing a Message in Zimbra
  24. 24. Composing in Outlook & Exchange
  25. 25. Free Busy Interop for Scheduling Meetings • Zimbra User checks Exchange User’s free‐busy  from the ZCS Web Client f h ZCS W b Cli • When Exchange User changes her schedule in  Outlook • Zimbra User can see the change in the ZCS Zimbra User can see the change in the ZCS  Web Client
  26. 26. Exchange User 1’s schedule in Outlook ‘busy’ ‘tentative’ ‘free’
  27. 27. Check Exchange User’s free‐busy in ZCS Meeting Creates new Availability scheduled meeting looks OK
  28. 28. Exchange User changes her schedule ‘tentative’ to ‘busy’
  29. 29. Zimbra User checks again, free‐busy has  changed No gym today!
  30. 30. Exchange Migration Wizard Exchange  • Use it to Migrate Email, Calendar and Address book  information from the Exchange server to Zimbra.  information from the Exchange server to Zimbra • The Wizard supports migration from Exchange 5.5,  Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003. • The Exchange migration wizard performs the  following actions: – Creates the user account on the Zimbra server, if it does  not already exist – Imports email messages, attachments, calendars, and  p g, , , address books – Creates a log file for troubleshooting any import errors or  warnings
  31. 31. Zimbra vs Exchange: How to Choose Zimbra Collaboration Suite – Value Drivers Innovation Collaboration Low Cost Integration Cost effective Innovative Web 2.0- Collaborative Zimlets-based solution that based features and experience integration with leverages proven multi-modal access accessible to users partner systems open source options provide a anyplace, anytime improves employee technologies and unified that store user data productivity and commodity communication in the cloud reduces end-user experience hardware reduces experience to end- support costs overall TCO users
  32. 32. Summary Free 60‐day Free Network Edition Trial http://www.zimbra.com/products/download_network.html Request detailed comparison of ZCS & Exchange – Download Network Trial today – C t t U htt // Contact Us: http://www.zimbra.com/about/contact_us_form.html ib / b t/ t t f ht l Browse through ZCS Documentation http://www.zimbra.com/products/documentation.html Join the Zimbra Forums http://www.zimbra.com/forums Questions or Comments sales@zimbra.com vkadakia@zimbra.com
  33. 33. Thank you!