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Invoice Cloud - Idea Bank Group

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February 22, 2018 - Warsaw, Product Launch Presentation by Idea Bank Group

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Invoice Cloud - Idea Bank Group

  1. 1. 11:20 Welcome Notes 11:25 Presentation of Invoice Cloud 12:10 Discussion Panel: Digital revolution in accounting 12:45 Q&A Wi-Fi: Network: TheHeart Password: readyforstartups Agenda
  2. 2. Idea Bank Group #fintech * Efma ranking One of the 5 most innovative banking groups in the world* Idea Cloud, Idea HUB, Mobile ATM - projects with global recognition A capital group supporting the development of small businesses, bringing together in one place banking, accounting and tax services, factoring, leasing Global trendsetter in the field of solutions for the SME segment Tax Care - the largest network of accounting offices in Poland, servicing 25,000 customers
  3. 3. 1969 Flight to the Moon 1989 Opening of the free market 1993 VAT Act 2004 EU 2010 e-invoice
  4. 4. Obligation to keep electronic records of invoices - so-called JPK VAT From July 2018, each entrepreneur that pays VAT must send the Tax office all invoices in electronic format!
  5. 5. VAT payers 1 644 000 > 90% micro-companies
  6. 6. Invoices are issued every year in Poland 1 500 000 000invoices
  7. 7. 1800 invoices per year are registered by one company More than
  8. 8. 15 000 000invoices are issued manually
  9. 9. 25%of invoices are sent to counterparties electronically Only
  10. 10. 98%invoices are stored in paper
  11. 11. 128 000trees should be cut down to produce paper invoices
  12. 12. Where the entrepreneur keeps his invoices? eBOK giving possibility to download the invoice (e.g., telecommunications, leasing) WalletFolder Glove box in the carE-mail
  13. 13. 4 hours entrepreneur dedicates monthly to keep invoices organized
  14. 14. 45 000 In the entire economy, it absorbs 8 million staff-hours per month, which is equivalent full-time employees
  15. 15. It all happens in times when... We do not visit bank branches because we have the bank in our phones We do shopping online We listen to the music from streaming sites We watch video streams directly from the furthest corners of the world
  16. 16. • A platform for free issuing, storage and transmission of invoices • Open to all users: entrepreneurs, accounting offices, consumers and public administration bodies • Integrated with public administration systems (REGON, national VAT register) Invoice Cloud is:
  17. 17. Issuing Sending Receiving & Saving Storage Invoice Lifeline
  18. 18. • The first free platform for management of accounting documents • The revolution in issuing, storage and transmission of invoices • The first business network based the exchange of documents • Platform is open to all users: entrepreneurs, accounting offices, consumers and public administration bodies Invoice Cloud is a revolution in business!
  19. 19. • Issuing, sending, receiving and storage of invoices - all in one place • No paper, no restrictions, no fees Invoice Cloud Download materials at: chmurafaktur.pl/infoprasowe