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The free traffic formula

free traffic formula explained

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The free traffic formula

  1. 1. The Free Traffic Formula Just because the traffic you might be getting free does not mean that it will not work, and you will not earn any money from it. In fact I started my online business using nothing but free traffic, and believe me it worked, and it still does work till this day. So if you are using free traffic and you are not making any money from it then you are doing something wrong. So why does free traffic work? Well it works because even free traffic can be highly targeted traffic if you place your ads in the correct spots that are related to your market or product you sell. The best example is article marketing and free classifieds. These two types of marketing are free, but they both allow you to target certain groups of people. The people you are targeting are going to be very good traffic, and if they are not they you are not targeting your market. Free traffic also works, because no traffic is bad traffic at least in my mind. Even if all your free website traffic does not convert on your main product or service you can always try and offer them something else. Not every service or product is made for everyone. So try to offer different things and see what results you end up getting. Now lets talk about how to use free traffic. In my years of experience the best way I was able to get free traffic to The Free Traffic Formula
  2. 2. convert at its highest was by giving away free gifts for a week or so before I even mentioned anything about my main product. By doing it this way you are able to first build up a relationship and trust with people, and we all know that is huge. Once you have built up their trust its time to show them your main product or service you promote. Some people will bite, and others will not. However you will notice a higher conversion rate if you do it this way rather then just showing people your main product right off the bat. So now lets recap. Free traffic does work, and it can work just as well as targeted traffic. If you use the correct free traffic methods such as article writing and classified ads. These two methods will draw in traffic that is highly targeted. We also know that this traffic will convert, but if you want to increase your conversion rate you must first offer free gifts or other incentives before you show them your main product or service. The best site to learn more about free traffic is http://freshtrafficideas.info. This site talks about how to get free, simple, and laser targeted traffic. You will also get valuable bonus there. Go HERE. The Free Traffic Formula