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Video Killed My Long Copy Star

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This presentation is from Performance Marketing Summit 2017 (March 14, 2017 in Austin, TX). Session description: It’s 2017 and video ads shouldn’t work, but they do. We’ll discuss some of my best converting ads and funnels for JDs and affiliates.

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Video Killed My Long Copy Star

  1. 1. Video Killed My Long Copy Star Elliott Pittman
  2. 2. Who Am I Elliott Pittman 15 Years Experience Online Marketing Brands Start Up Mentor Identical Twin Not a Graphic Designer
  3. 3. Video Killed My Long Copy Star How, Why, What
  4. 4. What Am I Talking About? Facebook Ads Adwords YouTube Retargeting Email Copy
  5. 5. Who Does This Work For? Fortune 100Start Ups Everyone Else Brand & Affiliates
  6. 6. Our Problem
  7. 7. Long Copy Performance – Our “Problem” Existing Customer Continue to have solid Conversion especially for older, demographics New Customers 3 Months cycle to initial purchase. Also, younger demos tend to delete/not read/ unsubscribe Affiliates/JVs Performance solid but flat. Best performing long copy duplicated and used with our competitors
  8. 8. What was the Problem? We hit a Wall Revenue Flat Leads Flat Conversion Rate Flat “Down is Down, Flat is Down, Up is Up”
  9. 9. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” Why did we learn this?
  10. 10. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” How did we learn this? DESPERATION is the Mother of Invention
  11. 11. Results
  12. 12. Results for Business Revenue - +35% Clicks - +262% Leads - +507% Time on Site - +476%
  13. 13. Results for Our Customers Better Experience for Existing More Returning Customers New Customer Acquisition Customers Becoming Advocates
  14. 14. What Was the Big Change?
  15. 15. Right People Right Place Right Time Right Medium Right Message The 5 Rs
  16. 16. Tips & Tricks
  17. 17. Video Ad Tips& Tricks □Always have Call-To-Action □Use Captions on Facebook □Test Retargeting via Lookalike and KWs □Track What You Can and Optimize □ Expect to Fail and Fail Often □Test a Survey Style Funnel □Know What Appeals to Your Audience □Segment Segment Segment □Match Ad Messaging/Flow Cross Platforms
  18. 18. Video Ad Do’s □ Focus Less on Video Quality and more on Demo – Phone Vids Work! □ Use Different Video Tonality for Different Video Goals: Feeling For Volume, Informative to Core, Edutainment for All □ Use Video Length Wisely (22 second CTA, 6 Minute Max, Landing Page Experience) □ CTAs, Controversy, & Brand
  19. 19. Examples
  20. 20. Diagram of High Performing Ad - Image that Matches Demo - Message - Call To Action - Engaging
  21. 21. Test Segments Male Better Performance Female Better Performance
  22. 22. Example of High Performer
  23. 23. “ Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with Strategy is called advertising Jef Richards
  24. 24. thanks! Any questions? You can find me at pitman990@gmail.com @ElliottCurtis www.linkedin.com/in/advertisingstrategist ?