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Growing a Mature Affiliate Program

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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: Mature affiliate programs require different strategies to achieve ever increasing goals. Learn some new ideas from some old pros to take a well-established program from great to even greater.

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Growing a Mature Affiliate Program

  1. 1. Affiliate Summit East 2013
  2. 2.  John LoBrutto ◦ 1&1 Internet  Rick Gardiner ◦ iAffiliate Management  Mike Allen ◦ Shopping-Bargains.com  Jeannine Crooks ◦ Affiliate Window
  3. 3. Station Manager Sales Manager Technology Director US Sales Director Head of Global Distribution Director Business Development Director Affiliate Partnerships President
  4. 4. The dining with dead people question ? SMART CREATIV E OUT OF BOX
  5. 5.  Act like you are new to the program  Think how you can change your perspective  Develop a Business Plan or Sales Plan  Get out of the grind and look at things fresh
  6. 6. Start with a full review of metrics Overall program performance Commission review (is it working & competitive) Competitor Analysis (who is gaining Market) Are you competitive? (incentives/ creative/ tools) Program reviews (have networks pull GAP reports) Demographic changes Review creative strategy Talk to your product managers!!!!!!!!!! Add Widgets and other new tools to sell Ask your pubs!!!! Golden nuggets (small opportunity in big numbers)
  7. 7. Identify channels  Find product specific publishers  Add coupons & promo codes  Use the Loyalty/Rewards channel whenever possible  Add your products to Employee Rewards sites  Is your Product feed working?  Sort through potential Lead Generation partners  New Markets – Latin America/ India (English speakers)
  8. 8. Identify new trends  Have you joined the Daily Deals trend?  Look at Retargeting campaigns  How about Internet Radio (new markets)  New ideas to find the next big things  New technologies to maximize optimization  Don’t get bogged down in the old ways!
  9. 9. Manage your program like Art! Program management requires a talent in identifying all the leverage points SEM has much quicker results, but a similar art Analyze your ROI on Brand Identification too, not just the time period of a placement. Every publisher can be optimized, you need to find what works Really get to know your partners and their business Clean up inactive publishers in you program, but try to get them back first
  10. 10. Business Plan/ Sales Plans  How many develop and follow a plan?  How many develop strategies to support the plan?  Review everything! Outline everyone’s duties, responsibilities, milestones, review KPIs!  Keep what works, but do not be afraid to take risks  Make a list of “Can’t do’s” and identify the cause or barrier (corporate policy, network limitations, etc.)  Trust your plan, follow it, update
  11. 11. Churn & Optimize (No Secret)  25% of your active pubs will disappear each year  About 10% of your Top 20 pubs will drop off  Keep adding publishers (15 a month/ 3-4 a week)  Churn is part of our business, don’t think your performers will be there, keep finding new ones  Pick up the “Golden Nuggets” all around you and optimize
  12. 12. How can we have fun! Plan customer events Plan team building events Get to your Networks and meet face to face! Be a great Account Manager and spoil your accounts! Face time is important for sales, yet almost non-existent in our business, find a way! Shake things up on purpose It might be time to add a new network or leave a network Change duties and responsibilities of the team Review your process and make sure it still works!
  13. 13. Develop Out of Box ideas  Talk to your competitors: ◦ Get to know your counterpart ◦ Share ideas, industry trends, get ideas ◦ Good for networking, good to get out of your box  Get an outside firm to propose improvements to your program (Hint: take the good ideas)  Get your partners to think out of box too! ◦ 1&1’s new Mexico programs (rev-share model) ◦ Hats off to the OfficeMax - GoDaddy partnership!
  14. 14. Designated logos, trademarks and brands belong to their respective owners.
  15. 15.  Data. Perhaps even BIG Data  Different Growth Tactics  #SUCCESSes & #EPICFAILures
  16. 16.  Polling your affiliates  Understanding your affiliate mix  Identifying affiliate traffic sources  Identify new affiliate segments
  17. 17.  By Status ◦ Inactive, Active, Sales, Performer  By Category & Sub-Category ◦ Blogger, Coupon, Deal Curation, Loyalty, Review, etc.  By Traffic Source ◦ Display, Email, Organic, SEM, Social, Video, etc.
  18. 18.  Efficiencies vs. Inefficiencies  Alignment with business objectives  Terms & Conditions
  19. 19.  Program Structure  Top Affiliates  Terms & Conditions  Network Ranking
  20. 20.  Complimentary Products  Brand Synergies  Target Audience Overlap
  21. 21.  Global Expansion  Test Different Models  Find New Opportunities
  22. 22.  Improve ROI  Brand Synergies  Target Audience
  23. 23. Rick Gardiner, iAffiliate Management +1.612.216.1833 rgardiner@iAffiliateManagement.com linkedin.com/in/rickgardiner
  24. 24. Affiliate Summit East 2013
  25. 25. GOOD BETTER BEST Adopt “old faithful” methods Banish “loser” irritations Customize “carrots” of motivation
  26. 26.  Create open-door policy  Establish personal relationships  Maintain trust - always  Give tailored content ◦ Vanity codes or exclusives ◦ Seasonal data and trends ◦ Unique information ◦ Industry news  Offer commission enhancements
  27. 27.  Missing program information ◦ No terms specified ◦ No search guidelines ◦ No contact info  Inadequate communication  Lack of updates ◦ Stale offers and promotions ◦ Outdated imagery ◦ No deep links
  28. 28.  Errors ◦ Broken affiliate links ◦ Invalid coupon codes ◦ Expired ads  One-size-fits-all incentives  Assuming it’s all about money  Ignorant requests (SEO/PPC, etc.) ◦ “No-index” page; change title tags ◦ Negative match unrelated campaigns
  29. 29.  Dropping all coupon sites  Overselling their program ◦ Always expecting premium placement ◦ Pushing low performers ◦ Not enhancing poor landing pages  Bemoaning “lack of performance”  Insisting we add them  Comparing to industry “whales”
  30. 30.  Personal relationships that span years  Trust that is reciprocated  Understanding our value proposition  Bending rules when able  Tailored content that is truly exclusive  Creative incentives (not just money)  Trackable coupon codes  Providing special affiliate tools
  31. 31. GOOD BETTER BEST Adopt “old faithful” methods Banish “loser” irritations Customize “carrots” of motivation
  32. 32.  mike@shoppingbargains.com  Twitter: @mta1
  33. 33.  Be a partner  Assist both merchants & affiliates  Remove road blocks
  34. 34.  Regular GAP analysis  Constant survey of new affiliates  Data analysis & trends
  35. 35.  New functionalities  Adapting to new technologies  Develop what both the merchant and affiliate need
  36. 36.  Share information about both merchant and affiliate opportunities  Synergies with other merchants
  37. 37.  Get to know your merchants and affiliates  Keep things fair
  38. 38.  John LoBrutto ◦ John.LoBrutto@1and1.com  Rick Gardiner ◦ rgardiner@iAffiliateManagement.com  Mike Allen ◦ mike@shoppingbargains.com  Jeannine Crooks ◦ Jeannine.Crooks@AffiliateWindow.com