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12 Digital Tools for Bloggers

  1. 12 Digital Tools for Bloggers
  2. Create Landing Pages Many free or low-cost options. Some, like ConvertKit have a "freemium" option.
  3. Create Landing Pages m-landing-page/
  4. Create Landing Pages Drive traffic to pages containing your best posts and offers.
  5. Social Tools .Smart management of your social media accounts.
  6. Social Tools Juiced Social: Current top hashtags by topic.
  7. Social Tools Tailwind: schedule to Pinterest and Instagram. Join Tribes for sharing.
  8. Social Tools Grow by Mediavine: a social sharing plugin optimized for pagespeed. Also will incorporate a popup for newsletter signups.
  9. Design tools Create beautiful images for your site and social media accounts.
  10. Design tools Pixaloop
  11. Design tools PicPlayPost
  12. Design tools Canva: Create ebook covers, logos, infographics.
  13. Design tools Photogrid
  14. Organize Your Affiliate Efforts. Use plug-ins like Pretty Links for better branding, efficient managing of links.
  15. BONUS ROUND •Pagespeed reduction: NitroPack •SEO: Ubersuggest •Internal Linking: Link Whisper •Design: Hydra, VideoShop •Design for Instagram: InShot, StoryArt This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-SA.
  16. Connect with us. Debbie Bookstaber @buzzmommy Jana Seitzer Jen Goode @jgoode Anne Parris @annejparris