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'A Journey to the Centre of Customer-centricity' - Jeff Evans

Organisations that thrive are putting their customers in the driving seat, delivering greater value and ensuring an easy, delightful customer experience, leading to an expanding and loyal customer base and improved, continuous profits.

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'A Journey to the Centre of Customer-centricity' - Jeff Evans

  1. 1. The journey to centre of customer centricity Jeffrey Evans @Tarquin61 #changeagent #customercentric NASA Goddard Photo & Video via Flikr
  2. 2. In case you missed it there has been a Digital Transformation taking place www.shutterstock.com/Ververidis Vasilis
  3. 3. In case you missed it there has been a Digital Transformation taking place There has been a seismic shift in marketing driven by customers and technology The rising of the customer experience tectonic plate against the technology tectonic plate. This seismic shift is driving the digital transformation of companies. • Digital transformation is a result of businesses seeking to adapt to the onslaught of disruptive technology impacting customers and employees. • The Altimeter Group define digital transformation as: The re-alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle. What has digital transformation got to do with creating a customer-centric organisation? • It is a catalyst for why it now imperative that you become a customer centric organisation. • Why? There are two compelling factors – customer experience and technology. Let’s look at Customer Experience first.
  4. 4. This is where your customers now live
  5. 5. This is where your customers now live our customers now live • The web changed that by giving unprecedented power to customers. • Before most companies had an information advantage over their customers. If a prospect was looking for information they contacted the sales department • But the web, well it changed that dynamic completely. • Two factors were behind the change. • Search engines made finding information quick and easy. • Open information exploded. • Think about how you seek information now? Where do you turn to first? Hands those who go to Google. • Social media. • We became connected to each other through social networks, able to instantly share information with peers across a multitude of virtual communities. • Open communication exploded. • If your customers are using the web to seek information and to connect, how are you connecting with them and how are you harvesting this information ?
  6. 6. The way customers engage with you has changed.
  7. 7. % Recommendation from people I know! Nielson Consumer Trusts in Online, Social & Mobile Advertising Grows Consumers trust recommendations from peers over all other forms of advertising
  8. 8. Consumers trust recommendations from peers over all other forms of advertising • The way customers engage with you and their expectations has changed. • For a marketer this has massive implications. • In the Nielson study if consumer trust recommendations from peers • where do you think marketing kicks in? • The next trusted source at 70% was consumer opinion posted online, • Followed by editorial content – like newspapers at 58% - • It is not until we get to branded websites that we get to where marketing can make an impact at 58%. • How can you align your marketing and gain trust? • Given all customers are not the same • What is different about your customers journey to you? • What are their expectations? • What are the touchpoints they frequent? • How do they use them and with what devices? • And leads me to the next critical factor to consider;
  9. 9. The technology landscape is changing rapidly
  10. 10. 76% CAGR
  11. 11. Marketing Technology Landscape is changing • These charts comes from Scott Brinker – the man behind the Chiefmartec blog. • I’d like to give a quick plug to ADMA who are an excellent industry body. • They are hosting the Global Forum in July and it is a must attend event for marketers. • Scott Brinker will be speaker and I urge to book a place, or at the very least sign up for Scott’s blog it is a great investment of your time. • Anyway Scott started mapping the marketing technology landscape back in 2011. Then there were around 100 vendors in the Marketing Technology Space. Today there are approx 950 vendors.
  12. 12. So what does all this mean?
  13. 13. So what does all of this mean? • Customer behaviour is changing • How they engage with you has changed • Multiple touch points across multiple technology platforms • Expectations that you will know me as I move through each touch point • Customer Experience Strategies operate in Silos • Data is abundant but no one owns the relationship between customer behaviours. • How do you create a seamless experience across your business silos? • Driven by a digital transformation • How can being customer centric create an advantage for your company?
  14. 14. Connecting data with your customers journeys
  15. 15. The Customer Journey Digital Marketing Layer Technology Layer Prospect Search Blogs & Communities Social Media WCM Key word meta data Corporate Web page Product Solutions Program Benefits Marketing Automation Landing Page Enquiry Form Lead Scoring CRM Campaign Lead Opportunity Case SEO/SEM Keyword Search: Organic Paid Branded Non branded Long tail Content Videos Whitepapers Testimonials Best Practices Insights Infographics Website Hypersite Microsite Landing pages Forms Lead Nurture Programmed emails based on actions and activity of prospect Buyers Journey Social Listening Positive Negative Competitors Customers Customer Portal Resource Centre How to guide Service Centre Customer D.A.M HTML Templates Microsite Templates Campaign Stats Approvals Content Management Sales Information Seeking Influencing & Educating 70% of the buying process is now completed by the time the prospect engages with sales* *Sirius Decisions, Buying in to longer sales cycles
  16. 16. The Customer Journey • 70% of the buying process is completed by the time your prospect engages with sales and this is a visualisation of the Marketing Layer and the Technology layer and the lines connecting them is data. • At each point along the buyers journey is an opportunity for you to collect data and then to use the data to enhance the experience or provide content – curated or shared as you influence and educate.
  17. 17. The Customer Journey Phone Digital Web/Email Partner/ 3rd Party Offline Fax/Mail Sales Company Data Marketing Data 360oViewofCustomer Transaction Account Engagement&ResponseChannel CRM Web Analytics Content Context Lead Nurturing Personalized Marketing Multichannel Marketing Marketing As a Service Lead Generation On boarding Early Engagement Growth Prospect Retention Attrition Win Back Data DataInsights&Modelling Channel Social Media The close loop. Data is a conduit and delivery system for creating customer experiences across your touch points. A Data Management Platform will help you manage the journey.
  18. 18. The Customer Journey • If digital channels are the engagement mechanism, then data becomes the conduit and the delivery system for customer experiences across the touch points. • Why just stop at Digital Channels? In an Omni channel world, how are you tying all of the data together? • Do you have a 360 degree view of your customers? Have you integrated your marketing data with company data like transactions? • Do you use data modelling then to drive your marketing content? • What context do you deliver the message via personalised one to one marketing, or perhaps marketing as a services – think customer portal • Today a new wrapper is available to manage this. A data management platform.
  19. 19. Your customers are not the same, don’t treat them that way
  20. 20. Look out behind you – change is coming
  21. 21. Look out behind you - change is coming • The journey to customer centricity is not easy – like Jules Vern’s story there were many twists and turns along the way. You will come across many roadblocks along the way. • Don’t be discourage – don’t give up. Become a change agent. Find people like you in the company. Look for a senior leader who shares your vision and has the courage to enable change. • Read, join forums and blogs, attend events like this one. The landscape is changing rapidly and new technology and skills are required to keep on top. • The payback is enormous – companies that do this well out perform competitors by 23% on average. It is hard to demonstrate the ROI. • Let me leave you with a quote form Scott Monty. He was Fords head of Digital Communications. When asked about the ROI of digital transformation he quipped "what's the ROI of putting your pants on every day? It's hard to measure but there's negative consequences for not doing it"
  22. 22. Where are you on this journey?
  23. 23. Thank you Let’s start a conversation! @Tarquin61 Join the discussion on LinkedIn: