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Retailmind portfolio

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about me and my work

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Retailmind portfolio

  1. 1. retailmindIf I had asked people whatthey wanted, they wouldhave said faster horses.Henry Ford„Success
  2. 2. retailmind„retail mind offers coach-mindedconsulting from a network of experts“About retail mindAbout the founder:Andreas Feldenkirchen is working as an independent consultant since 2005 andfounded the boutique consulting company retail mind in 2011 .Until 2012 Andreas was co-founder and managing director and buyer of the„feldenkirchen“ stores in Hamburg, Germany (4 stores). During his more than 20years in retail he also worked at IPURI as German retail director and was trained atRalph Lauren in sales and store management. In 2005 Andreas also co-founded awholesale agency which is distributing and representing international designerfashionIn his work he combines tools from business coaching, design thinking and businessmodeling and applies these methods to develop innovative retail concepts for an fastand everchanging market.His education includes economic studies at the University of Hamburg. He is acertified business coach.Andreas works with all kind of companies in retail, which are willing to innovate. Hisvisionary thinking and holistic approach towards retail makes him a valuable dialogpartner for CEOs, retail managers and buyers.Get in contact:retail mind | Andras FeldenkirchenPoststrasse 14-1620354 Hamburg |Germany+49 151 24 13 5444af@retail-mind.de@retail_mindretail-mind.de•New Business Modeling•Omnichannel development•Merchandising / Visual Merchandising•Product Management / CategoryManagement•Store Process Development•Product development / Private LabelStrategy•Leadership / CoachingWe are retail operation specialists who have a deep knowledge of the retail industry and a „hands-on“ approach.retail mind specializes in the development and delivery of customized retail strategies. Areas of work include:
  3. 3. retailmindWhat we doWe create winning strategies for retailersPerformance - Optimizestrategies, concepts, processesand programsCustomer Experience - Alignstrategy and positioningwith executionConcepts - Develop innovativeconcepts, prototypes andprogramsCoaching - Empowering theTeam to reach new goalsenvisioning the futureCustomerFocus
  4. 4. retailmindWhat is? What works?What wows?What if?Work ProcessTake it to themarketplaceEnvision thefutureMake thechoicesWhat we do •Identify and study allrelated business processes•Exploring the reality•Detect individualcompetencies•Discover competitiveposition•Create vision steering team•Develop path to marketstrategy•Define resources for growth•Develop competitivedifferentiation•Form concepts•Define anchors•Identify and prioritizesuccessful concepts andprocesses•Calculating and testingassumptions•Choosing Best Option•Determine critical points•Exploring unknownpossibilites•Conduct teams andresources•Develop Processes andGuides•Training and coachingSales Team and backofficeResults „Retail Brief“:Analysis of current situationin 5 points:Product, Store, Team,Communication andOperations.Rough Proposal for the nextsteps in each area (ActionPlan)„Retail Criteria“:Concise requirementsdocument to outline theprocesses, categorymanagement and productmerchandise, based onidentified consumer groupsand market opportunities„Retail Concept Pitch“:Different Retail Modelsdeveloped and visualized.Internal Pitch of theseConcepts(Prototyping of Processes)(Prototype of Store)„Retail Project Plan“:In detail with milestones,assignments of duties anddeadlines on deliverables.Goal:Opening of first storeTools we use •Questionnaire•Store Check•Interviews•Journey Mapping•Value Chain Analysis•Personas•Scenarios•Brainstorming•Concept Development•Business Modeling•Assumption Testing•Process Maps•Concept Testing (virtual)•Prototyping•Sandbox•Co-Creating(all disciplines)•Launch Guide•Road mappingIdentify thepresent
  5. 5. retailmindCustomers built relationships with your brand as theycontinue to discover new options, explore their needs,make purchases, and engage with the product experienceand their peers. Many encounters happen in a physicalstore.Building a Relationship with your customer
  6. 6. retailmindTool: STORECHECKProductsAssortmentSocialPointsCheckOutEntranceIn StoreSignageOverall impressionServicedeliveredStore FrontExteriorLocationStoreInteriorTeamStoreOperationsMerchandisingAfterSaleCommunicationConceptGoodsReceiptThe Storecheck is our fundamental tool to receive information about the current state of a companies effort tocreate customer experience. The store is the most important touchpoint where a brand receives direct feedbackfrom its customers.Success
  7. 7. retailmindIncreasing competitive pressure, technological advance,constant innovation, changing social values and acontinuously rising power of the consumer are forcingretailers more and more to challenge and change theirbusiness models, to develop new business models oreven to liquidate existing ones.The Need for new Business models
  8. 8. retailmindYourBusinessModelcustomerneedstechnologicalchangesocialenvironmentcompetitionlegalenvironment5 Factors of Influence
  9. 9. retailmindCustomer JourneyConsumers are changing the way they research and buyproducts and retailers have to respond. As the journey ismore a circular process and the consumer seizes control,retailers need to create brandawareness in each phase,before - during and after the purchase.
  10. 10. retailmindPost purchase experienceActive evaluationLoyalty Loopongoing exposureMoment ofpurchaseInformation gathering, shoppingInitalconsiderationsetTriggerPointYour brands relationship with thecustomer begins when the productis purchasedConsumer Decision Journeybased on McKinsey Model of a customer journey: http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/marketing_sales/the_consumer_decision_journey
  11. 11. retailmindPre-StorePlanningEn RouteIn StoreAtCheckoutPostPurchasesharing experiencerebates Location basedPromotionsCouponStore locatorProduct researchwarranty trackingelectronic receiptlinebustingloyalty programscoupon redemptionmobile payments Check-InProduct researchPrice ComparisonBarcode ScanningProduct finderTool: DIGITAL CUSTOMER JOURNEY
  12. 12. retailmindProductProducts have always been important in peoples lives. Mostof the stuff we own and talk about is stuff we havepurchased. There is a deep and profound relationshipbetween people and a lot of their stuff. But Products alsomeans service and fulfilment - on all touchpoints during thecustomer journey.
  13. 13. retailmindProduct Lifecycle ManagementDemand MerchandisePlanningCollection AssortmentPanningProduct DataManagmentSupplierCollaborationPerformanceManagementworkflow and eventmanagmentCapacity sharingorder trackingPLMSalesOmnichannelDesignCollectionDevelopmentSupplier andManufacturersStorese-commerce,mobile(channels)Collection FrameworkMargin, CostTarget SettingCollectionStrategyAssortment andItems PlanSettingSampling and PrototypingProduct SpecsCo-DevelopmentIn-Season Sales and KPI‘s
  14. 14. retailmindThank You!You can follow me on twitter @retail_mind or you can copyand distribute this presentation or you canhire us to become the envy of your competitors.Andreas Feldenkirchen+49 151 24 135444af@retail-mind.deSuccess