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Attero Recycling's Social Change - For Profit

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This study outlines a social awareness campaign by Attero Recycling, the fastest growing waste stream in the world that first comes to mind when you think E-waste.

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Attero Recycling's Social Change - For Profit

  2. 2. Attero Recycling Social Change – For Profit Project A social awareness campaign against electronic waste, the fastest growing waste stream in the world* Building ‘Attero Recycling’ into a brand, that first comes to mind when you think ‘E-waste’. Deliverables Building the brand from scratch. The Logo, the Positioning, the Baseline, the Print Ads, the Corporate Website, the Corporate Brochure, the Corporate Film, the Launch Event Client Brief A relatively unknown entity in the space of e-waste recycling, and definitely not the first in the country with the technology, Attero recycling needed to be known as an industry level player. Besides awareness for the brand, the clear business objective was to increase the tonnage of e-waste collection for the plant to run at capacity. TG Corporates : CEOs, CTOs, Procurement Dept. Management. Multinational Corporations, Mid-Sized businesses, PSUs, Government Departments. Individuals : SEC ABC, aged 25-45, Tier I, II, III cities, Predominantly Male. Policy Makers : Ministry of Environment & Forests, IAS cadre. Agencys Strategy E-waste, the largest growing waste-stream in the world is also one of the most deadly. A landfill with e-waste dumped becomes arid for the next 1000 years. Yet, if you were to utilize it smartly, e-waste can give you 40 times more gold than gold ore itself. Giving e-waste to Attero meant, saving the world from the deadly toxins of e-waste when it’s burned or acid washed for it’s metal. Also this one small step of yours helps curb child labour in it’s tracks. As an agency we began to believe in the potential of the Attero Process, and the potential of E-waste. For giving e-waste to attero also meant saving the world from being defaced for mining gold & platinum. Hence, we came up with the baseline, Attero Recycling. It’s not waste, until it’s wasted.*Time Magazine, January 2009
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