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Content Marketing Strategies That Work (and Some That Don’t)

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A content marketing presentation produced by Stephen Bush. Five examples of ineffective content writing strategies and four illustrations of workable techniques.

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Content Marketing Strategies That Work (and Some That Don’t)

  1. 1. Stephen Bush Content Marketing Strategies That Work (and Some That Don’t)
  2. 2. Effective Content Marketing Strategies “Content is the atomic particle of all marketing.” (Rebecca Lieb)
  3. 3. Customer Centric Avoid the “old-fashioned” way of selling goods and services. Reduce traditional advertising and cold calling. Use customer-centric textual images and content. Suggested Strategy — Effective Content Marketing Strategies Customer Centric: Consumers are in charge and at the center of the sales process.
  4. 4. Human to Human (H2H) Suggested Strategy — Avoid obsolete strategies — Always Have a Plan B. Effective Content Marketing Strategies “H2H sales processes are frequently more successful than B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) strategies.” (Stephen Bush)
  5. 5. Think Outside of the Blog Avoid blog networks and content spinning. Avoid recurring mistakes. Suggested Strategy — Effective Content Marketing Strategies “Successful inbound marketing requires more than a blog.” (Stephen Bush)
  6. 6. Educational Content Case Studies Extended Articles White Papers Suggested Strategy — Effective Content Marketing Strategies “Customers seeking educational content have high expectations — is it reasonable to expect that a low- bidder mentality will meet and exceed these expectations?” (Stephen Bush)
  7. 7. “Think about changing the mantra from Always Be Closing to Always Be Helping.” (Jonathan Lister) Effective Content Marketing Strategies
  8. 8. Traditional Blogs Marketer Centric Press Releases Promotional Content Lowest Bidder or Lowest Cost STRATEGIES TO AVOID OR REDUCE 5 Content Marketing Strategies That Don’t Work
  9. 9. Customer Centric H2H — Human to Human Think Outside of the Blog Educational Content A REVIEW OF 4 CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIES THAT WORK Effective Content Marketing Strategies
  10. 10. “High-quality web content that’s useful, usable and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.” (Kristina Halvorson) Effective Content Marketing Strategies
  11. 11. Stephen Bush Effective Content Marketing Strategies: H2H and More