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8 Years of Right to Information Act in India : An Appraisal

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8 Years of Right to Information Act in India : An Appraisal

  2. 2. Outline of the presentation :1. Introduction 2. Recent scenario of RTI in various states. 3. RTI Applications and Findings 4. Conclusion & Recommendation 5. Video on Online RTI 6. Q & A (C) K L GUPTA
  3. 3. (C) K L GUPTA
  4. 4. (C) K L GUPTA
  5. 5. (C) K L GUPTA
  6. 6. Various options for RTI fees payment Gujarat Right to Information Rules, 2010 1. Cash 2. Bank Draft 3. Indian Postal Order 4. Court Fees 5. Revenue Stamp 6. Judicial Stamp Paper 7. Electronic franking 8. Challan (C) K L GUPTA
  7. 7. (C) K L GUPTA
  8. 8. Video Conferencing Facility (C) K L GUPTA
  9. 9. Rs. 10 to be included in telephone bill. (C) K L GUPTA
  10. 10. (C) K L GUPTA
  11. 11. Maharashtra set to become 1st state to allow online filing of RTI applications DNA, Mumbai, December 26, 2013 To make the process of filing Right To Information (RTI) applications easy, Maharashtra will soon become the first state to enable people to seek information online under the Act. “People will soon be able to file RTI applications online,” Maharashtra information technology (IT) secretary Rajesh Aggarwal told dna, adding that the National Informatics Centre (NIC) was finetuning the system (C) K L GUPTA
  12. 12. (C) K L GUPTA
  13. 13. RTI Application in Central Information Commission Details asked…. -Appeals -Complaints -Pendency of appeals/complaints -Penalty -Disciplinary action taken Findings…. -Till October 2013 24,326 cases pending for disposal -No details available about pendency of cases -Vacancy of 6 posts of Information Commissioner -Pendency of appeals/complaints -Penalty -Disciplinary action taken
  14. 14. RTI Application in Gujarat State Information Commission Details asked…. -Appeals -Complaints -Pendency of appeals/complaints -Penalty -Disciplinary action taken Findings…. -As on October 31, 2013 total 10,318 cases are pending -Commission does not have proper information of penalty levied, compensation awarded, disciplinary action taken -RTI Appeal is missing filed against the High Court of Gujarat
  15. 15. December 24, 2013
  16. 16. (C) K L GUPTA
  17. 17. Conclusion 1.After 8 years of existence RTI has not developed so far. 2.Lacuna in policies at state and central level. 3.Disparity in RTI Rules of various states. 4.Some states are doing good job but some not taking much initiative to flourish RTI Act. (C) K L GUPTA
  18. 18. (C) K L GUPTA
  19. 19. Recommendation 1. Full disclosure under 4(1)(b) of RTI Act. 2. RTI Application/Appeal forms standardization 3. Various payment options for RTI application fees. 4. Benches of Commission to be established in the state as per necessity. 5. Whistle Blower’s Bill to be passed at the earliest. 6. Video Conferencing facility at Commission’s office. 7. Vacancies of Information Commissioners to be filled up at the earliest. 8. Robust Centralized Online RTI Application/Appeal mechanism to be set up. 9. Helpline Centre for RTI Application/Appeal. 10. Intensive campaign for RTI Awareness. (Sec 26 RTI Act, 2005) (C) K L GUPTA
  20. 20. (C) K L GUPTA
  21. 21. - Various options for fees payment - Introduce RTI Stamp Fees (C) K L GUPTA
  22. 22. Click on PA/FC Figure 1 : Online RTI Application Flow (C) K L GUPTA
  23. 23. Click on PA/FC Figure 1 : Online RTI Application Flow (C) K L GUPTA
  24. 24. Figure 1 : Online RTI Application Flow (C) K L GUPTA
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  26. 26. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta advocatekgupta@gmail.com (c) K L Gupta