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State of Voice Assistants 2019

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Ownership & usage of smart speakers is growing, voice assistant experiences become part of our everyday lives. marketers need to optimize those experiences. Knowing how, where, why and quality of current experiences will help brands improve and incorporate voice into their brand experience.

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State of Voice Assistants 2019

  1. 1. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 State of Voice: Key Findings • Ownership & usage of smart speakers is growing… • Voice Assistant Experiences & Results are getting better • 59% of Consumers say that they’re using Voice Assistants More than Last Year - A 10% YoY increase that is being driven by Smartphones & Smart Speakers • Consumers like having voice functionality in items like TVs & Cars, but don’t need it in appliances like toasters & refrigerators • A Consumer is 51% more likely to be using a Voice Assistant if he/she owns a Smart Speaker • Over a third of Consumers find Voice Ads on Smart Speakers to be more engaging and less intrusive than online, print, TV, and social media ads
  2. 2. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Smart Speaker Ownership & Usage Rising • Ownership of smart speakers has increased by 4% points since Aug 2018 to 36% • Strong Daily Usage shows that momentum in device utilization is very present and the smart speaker does not appear to be experiencing a downturn in relevance
  3. 3. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Who Owns Smart Speakers? 43% of All Male Consumers are Smart Speaker Owners 29% of All Female Consumers are Smart Speaker Owners • Millennial Males are more likely to own a smart speaker, over other age and gender cohorts.
  4. 4. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Better Voice Assistant Performance Driving Usage • Improvements in performance and experiences, on the part of voice assistants, is helping increase usage of voice, over device keyboards and traditional methods of initiating search
  5. 5. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Where Do People Keep Their Voice Assistants? LIVING ROOM 64% BEDROOM 46% KITCHEN 32% BATHROOM 6% OUTSIDE 2% OFFICE 12% • 64% of consumers report keeping a smart speaker in their living room –making it the most popular location, in their home.
  6. 6. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Voice Use Cases Explored • Voice Assistant Usage for tasks like setting alarms, listening to music, and basic research is growing, however, utilization for tasks like managing finances and making travel reservations is significantly down
  7. 7. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Which Voice Assistant is the Fan Favorite? • 47% of consumers say the voice assistant on their smartphone is the favorite, followed by smart speakers (31%), car (8%), tablet (7%), laptop (5%) and wearables (3%) 47% 8%31% 7% 5% 3% • 48% of consumers use their smartphone voice assistant “at least daily” or multiple times per day
  8. 8. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 Which types of devices would consumers like to have voice functionality in? NONE OF THESE 33% THERMOSTAT 29% LIGHTING 28% GAMING 18% WASHER/DRYER 14% OVEN 12% REFRIGERATOR 11% TVs, cars and thermostats come out on top, as chosen by 42%, 29% and 29% of consumers, respectively • 32% of people say when buying a TV, voice control is an important factor in their purchase decision (42% say the same for music speakers; 37% for cars) • 38% of consumers say that their smart speaker experience would be enhanced with a touchscreen (14% do not agree) • 18% of people report owning a car with a voice assistant enabled. Of these, 44% use it “at least daily” or more ADDITIONAL INSIGHTS TV 42% CAR 29%
  9. 9. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 How do consumers feel about hearing ads on smart speakers? • Almost 40% of consumers agree that voice ads on smart speakers are less intrusive and more engaging than TV, Print, and Online Ads
  10. 10. VOICE ASSISTANTS | Feb 2019 METHODOLOGY AND GLOSSARY Visit our website: adobe.ly/AdobeInsights Sign up for email alerts: http://www.cmo.com/adiregister.html Follow us: @adobeinsights • Between January 28th-31st, 2019 1001 U.S. adults 18 or older completed a web survey about their use of voice assistants. All consumers were required to own a smartphone. • Smart Speakers: speakers enabled with voice assistant technologies, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomePod.