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Sp TOI Course Creation - Admin UI

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Sp TOI Course Creation - Admin UI

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Sp TOI Course Creation - Admin UI

  1. 1. FocalCXM Remarkable Experiences Transfer of Information: StoryPulse Course Creation - Admin Survey. Educate. Engage.
  2. 2. Course Creation - Admin UI
  3. 3. Enter Admin Console User ID and Password
  4. 4. On the Dashboard, select the tab Content and Courses from the dropdown menu.
  5. 5. Step 1: Click on the PLUS in the green circle to Create a new courseStep2: Enter: Course Name, Course Description, Course Validity From – to dates. Jpg Image can be uploaded as a Cover to identify the course
  6. 6. Next Step is the option to to add content through Upload Files , Add URL or Browse Library. Select one to continue:
  7. 7. Upload Files Button: allows to select any files from the computer for upload. It supports pdf, ppt, pptx, zip, MP4 and MP3 formats
  8. 8. Add URL Button allows to directly add a url . User can then Add Document Name , Document URL , Description, Validity Period and upload content or image. Save to publish the document.
  9. 9. Browse Library Button: Files previously uploaded to StoryPulse can be viewed / selected here to form a storyboard.
  10. 10. Courses can either be played individually or Two or more courses can be combined to form a Storyboard to reflect on the iPad.