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Tech Award Presentation, 2011

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Tech Award Presentation, 2011

  1. 1. The Naukri Search Story Aditya Varun Chadha Search Team Naukri.com, Info Edge
  2. 2. Genesis
  3. 3. Goals Single Search Platform Scale / Performance / Stability Extensibility (quick turnaround)
  4. 4. Inspiration Experience with other solutions (Sphinx/Solr) Application / Product Requirements  Complex Filtering / Ranking / Sorting / Faceting…  Huge Volumes  High Traffic
  5. 5. Lucense From Scratch: Disruptive, Daring – all mistakes are our own Applied Learnings from Working INSIDE other engines
  6. 6. Impact Reduced Hardware Costs to Half Faster Search (lesser latencies) Better Concurrency
  7. 7. Impact 99.99% uptime Stability / Maintainability
  8. 8. Impact Functional Enhancements = Configuration Changes (quick dev turnaround)  Inversion of Control State of the Art lib usage (Lucene 3.4)  latest features exposed
  9. 9. Impact Better understanding of deep specifics in information retrieval. Better arsenal to solve search-like issues Exposure to awe-inspiring design / coding techniques I am a better developer than I was before the initiative
  10. 10. Learnings Benchmark, Benchmark, Benchmark  TDD: T = {unit, perf, load} Diamonds (and demons) are often found deep
  11. 11. Learnings There is no magician inside your machine or that external library  Read code as if you wrote it  Frameworks/Libs are pliable to extension / change  Know not only how/what to code, but also where to code (Big O!)
  12. 12. Learnings My team mates are geniuses  Dont think alone, involve the genius sitting next to you  Articulating the problem in the right context is your responsibility.  ​ Fresh minds (to eat?) are why you work in a team
  13. 13. Learnings Stay true to the Platform / Framework constraint to ensure lasting extensibility The Big O goes only so far. True love for the art of computer programming goes beyond asymptotic analysis
  14. 14. Glimpse of Specifics Expressions  Arbitrary combination of primitive variables/constants  Aggregations over data-sets, a-la MySQL group-by  Fast, light-weight, stateless (thread-safe) Custom Aggregation Plugin framework Featured Company / Featured Job / Add Rotation etc. Customizable Analysis of Text  Pluggable (Semantic) Augmentation/Replacement in query/indexing
  15. 15. Specifics Real Time Search Auxillary Data Store (Actions / Links …) True Distributed Search Search Dashboard  Health  Trends Deeper Infrastructural Support for Semantics
  16. 16. Co-Conspirors