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How social media works

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The presentation will help you understand and explore all the possibilities on Social Media Network. How it can help you to achieve what you want? It will help you to understand how Social Media is evolving as a tool to meet business objectives.

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How social media works

  1. 1. ADG Innovates Social Media for its Clients
  2. 2. Audience Institutional Voice Traditional Social Media Blogs Communities A Shift to Publishing A Conversation
  3. 3. Social Media Platforms Explored by ADG Social Media Platforms Explored by ADG Clients on the Roll
  4. 4. <ul><li>Process : How we do : How we strategize </li></ul>
  5. 5. New Rules of Engagement How organizations and businesses can win in this digital era?
  6. 6. How we Drive It: Engaging is the Right Word
  7. 8. Communication and Outreach Strategy Interlink your channels, promote one through the other
  8. 9. Facebook: How ADG Capitalized the growing platform?
  9. 10. Bringing Individuality and Carving Mascots Journey Began this way! Belkin Bahadur Sherpa Trend Micro Web Guard Cloud Security Mascot – Trend Micro
  10. 11. Customization of TABS : Adding Brand Essence E- commerce on Facebook A dynamic app with Lead Gen Program
  11. 12. A Multi-Tab Welcome App Encompassing all about Cisco India
  12. 13. Interactive Product Gallery and Press Collage using Custom apps
  13. 14. Online Reputation Management: Tracking via Net Promotional Score A small survey; results of which were shared with the Client towards bettering the Product and Services
  14. 15. Digital Virals : Integration of Digital AD Campaigns with SMM Close integration of Digital Campaign with Social Media Presence and Performance tracking: Backward compatibility
  15. 16. Brand Recognition by Industry Experts on the Page Achievements, Milestones and Accolades Accolades by End Customers
  16. 17. Achievements, Milestones and Accolades
  17. 18. Engagement Metrics Engagement Metrics for One of the B2B focused client: higher level of interaction
  18. 19. Engagement Metrics: Some more Glimpses Purely Content Driven Engagement Metrics
  19. 20. We speak what users want to hear !
  20. 21. Linked In: How ADG treaded cautiously to target Business Users?
  21. 22. Filtered Communication to Tap the Intellectuals 500+ Connections and still Counting Group Formation to target specific Communities
  22. 23. Interacting Business Users – B2B Discussions Popular Discussions that Interests Business Communities C – Club – for those who really need to be there !
  23. 24. Speaking in 140 Chars: Twitter
  24. 25. What Tools have to Say about our Accounts? 87: Numbers talk enough  Content and Creative: Mixing it the Right Way!
  25. 26. Tracking All Tweet Stats KLOUT Score
  26. 27. Consistent Growth