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How to Get the Most Out of Your Product Manager

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This is a light-hearted walkthrough of product managers for designers, intended to help bridge the gap in understanding about the different roles and how to make the product manager / designer relationship stronger and more productive.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Product Manager

  1. 1. Getting the Most fromyour Product Manager A tale from the other side Adam Nash August 26, 2011
  2. 2. Product Managers Complaints• Too short term focused• Too metrics focused• Don’t define the “user” or “use case” well• Don’t care about quality• Want fast not great• Prioritize increments over transformation
  3. 3. How You See Yourselves
  4. 4. How You See Yourselves
  5. 5. How You See Yourselves
  6. 6. How You See Yourselves
  7. 7. How They See You
  8. 8. How They See You
  9. 9. How They See You
  10. 10. How They See You
  11. 11. How You See Them
  12. 12. How You See Them
  13. 13. How You See Them
  14. 14. How You See Them
  15. 15. How They See Themselves
  16. 16. How They See Themselves
  17. 17. How They See Themselves
  18. 18. How They See Themselves
  19. 19. What Makes a Great Product Manager Business UX Technology
  20. 20. What Do We Demandof Product Managers?• Strategy How do we win the game, and how do we keep score?• Prioritization What are the steps from here to there, and what order do we do them in?• Execution For this phase, what’s the list of what has to get done, and are we on track?
  21. 21. Results Matter• In the end, we judge product managers by whether they “win games”• They don’t play the game, but they are judged by the record of their products• They cover any gaps. No excuses.• Responsibility, often without authority
  22. 22. How do you get the most from them?• Explicitly require them to fill expectations: strategy & metrics, prioritization, execution• Recognize you’ll be more risk tolerant of radical change in some cases• Recognize you’ll be more risk averse around inconsistency or quality• Use your insights, user focus, empathy, and inspiration to avoid problems and to create new solutions• Visualization is your superpower. Over producing to frame discussions & decisions is often the right approach
  23. 23. PM &Design