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4th Crct

  1. 1. Who’s Got the Answer
  2. 2. What is a reference tool? A. a gardening tool B. a source of information C. a writing tool D. none of the above
  3. 3. Mr. Crocker and his family are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. What would help him find the best route to take? A. thesaurus B. encyclopedia C. dictionary D. atlas
  4. 4. Shannon wants to find out what books our library has about endangered species. How should she search using the library on line catalog (database) ? A. Author B. Title C. Subject D. Call number
  5. 5. Steven wants to know what pages in his science book would tell him about our solar system. Where in his book should he look? A. title page B. copyright page C. glossary D. index
  6. 6. The guide words on a dictionary page are ghost and hospital. Which word would be found on this page? A. house B. girl C. howl D. gallows
  7. 7. If you wish to know the capital of Florida, what would be the best reference book to use? A. atlas B. biographical dictionary C. almanac D. encyclopedia
  8. 8. On what page would Megan find the author of her book? A. the copyright page B. the table of contents C. the title page D. the index
  9. 9. What reference book would you use if you wanted to locate pictures of the presidents of the United States? A. encyclopedia B. almanac C. biographical dictionary D. magazine
  10. 10. When looking in an encyclopedia for information about skateboarding which volume would you probably look in FIRST?
  11. 11. Watch (woch) v. 1. to observe, regard, look at. v. 2. look after, care for, protect. Supervise. n. 3. clock, timepiece, pocket watch. N. 4. sentry, security guard, lookout caretaker. Use the dictionary entry below to answer the question. Which meaning of the word is used in the sentence below? Anita looked at the watch she wore on a chain around her neck. <ul><li>meaning 1 </li></ul><ul><li>meaning 2 </li></ul><ul><li>meaning 3 </li></ul><ul><li>meaning 4 </li></ul>
  12. 12. James wants to write a report on the history of the automobile. Where should he look? A. dictionary B. atlas C. almanac D. encyclopedia
  13. 13. What do we call the part of a book that lists the chapters and their page numbers? A. glossary B. copyright page C. title page D. table of contents
  14. 14. What book would give us the address of the Atlanta Falcons? A. Encyclopedia B. Biographical dictionary C. Thesaurus D. Almanac
  15. 15. What information can be found on the back (verso) side of a title page in a book? A. illustrator’s name B. copyright date C. chapters in the book D. glossary
  16. 16. Fido is using the Internet on his computer. He wants to return to the opening page. Where should he click? A. favorites button B. forward button C. home button D. search button
  17. 17. Cindy needs to illustrate a map of the continent of Africa. She needs to show the countries in Africa and their capitals. What reference book would she use? A. almanac B. atlas C. geographical dictionary D. encyclopedia
  18. 18. This part of your of your science book lists subjects in alphabetical order and gives the pages where they can be found. A. table of contents B. glossary C. index D. title page
  19. 19. To find a synonym for the word sly Shane would look in a ... A. glossary B. dictionary C. thesaurus D. index
  20. 20. What is a book with made-up stories called? A. nonfiction B. biography C. reference D. fiction
  21. 21. One of the books Traci’s teacher recommended was a novel called The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. If Jamie wanted to find out more about it, what would be the BEST way for him to do so? <ul><li>look in the library catalog under horses </li></ul><ul><li>type in the key word pony in an Internet search </li></ul><ul><li>look under famous American plays in the Subject index and then look for The Red Pony </li></ul><ul><li>type in John Steinbeck in an Internet search and then look for a subcategory of novels </li></ul>
  22. 22. What are the three ways to search for a book using our on-line catalog?
  23. 23. What do we call the part of a book that gives the title, author, illustrator, and publisher? A. table of contents B. title page C. verso page D. glossary
  24. 24. Use the dictionary entry below to answer the following question: tree (tre)n. 1. A large woody plant with a long trunk having many branches in the upper part. 2. A wooden beam, bar, post, etc. (a clothes tree). 3. Anything like a tree, as in having many branches (A family tree is a diagram of a family line). What part of speech is the word tree? A. a pronoun B. an adjective C. a noun D. an adverb
  25. 25. Where could I find out what the weather will be today? A. magazine B. almanac C. encyclopedia D. newspaper
  26. 26. Mrs. Frost is new in town and needs to find a dentist to clean her teeth. Where can she look to find a list of dentists in town? A. newspaper B. telephone book C. magazine D. almanac
  27. 27. What do we call a group of books that gives information on a variety of topics? A. encyclopedia B. atlas C. geographical dictionary d. biographical dictionary
  28. 28. Index Crocodiles - See Reptiles Natural environment, 10-12 Feeding habits, 18-24 Reproduction, 30-50 Other related species, 52-60 Heath found a book on crocodiles. Using the book’s index above, where would he most likely look to find information about alligators? A. Natural environment B. Feeding habits C. Other related species C. Reproduction
  29. 29. What is plagiarism?
  30. 30. Alex has chosen hurricanes as his topic for a research report. What is the next thing he should do? A. write a first draft B. take notes C. write an outline D. gather information
  31. 31. The company that prints and binds books is called a ... A. author B. illustrator C. copyright D. publisher
  32. 32. Which of the following does the copyright date NOT tell you about a book? A. number of pages in the book B. the year the book was written C. how old the book is D. the birthdate of the book
  33. 33. The guide words on a dictionary page are swap and tame. Which word would be found on this page? A. supply B. swallow C. talent D. tamper
  34. 34. Which of the following steps will not help you find a word in the dictionary? A. decide what letter of the alphabet the word begins with B. decide if the word will be in the front, middle or back of the dictionary C. look at the guide words D. start at the beginning of the dictionary and look at every entry word until you find the word you are looking for
  35. 35. Megan found a book titled Our Solar System . Where should she look to find out if the book has information on black holes? A. title page B. index C. table of contents D. glossary
  36. 36. Sylvester is reading an article about birds in a periodical. A periodical is a ... A. a book B. a magazine C. an encyclopedia D. an almanac
  37. 37. Where is the appendix of a book located? Name three examples of material found in the appendix
  38. 38. Encyclopedia entries are arranged in what order? A. number order B. subject order C. alphabetical order
  39. 39. Shannon did a search on the Internet to find a restaurant in Atlanta. She found the information below. What is it called? Http://www.feedme.com/ A. a Web address B. an e-mail C. a browser D. an explorer
  40. 40. Name 4 reference tools you could use to find information for a report.
  41. 41. Todd has to write a report about a president of the United States. He has chosen George Washington. Which volume of the encyclopedia would he use to read about George Washington?
  42. 42. Mike is writing an essay on animal habitats. He is using a book to help him. Which of the chapters in his book is NOT going to help him write his report? A. Chapter 1:Living in the Trees B. Chapter 2:Living in the Water C. Chapter 3:Life in Hot Places D. Chapter 4:Life in Cold Places E. Chapter 5:Animals in Danger
  43. 43. What is a bibliography?
  44. 44. What reference book do we use to find a synonym for a word? A. thesaurus B. dictionary C. atlas D. glossary
  45. 45. Who’s got the answer? You Do!!