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3rd Thesaurus



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3rd Thesaurus

  1. 2. Some times when we are writing we use the same words over and over again. That can make our writing boring or less interesting to our reader. It is fun to use new words to “jazz” up we have written.
  2. 3. There is a reference source that we can use to help us find new words to make our writing more interesting and exciting! It is called a … Thesaurus
  3. 4. What is a thesaurus? A thesaurus is book about words. Like a dictionary, the entry words are listed in alphabetical order. However, instead of giving the meanings of those words, the thesaurus lists synonyms for each entry word.
  4. 5. What is a synonym? Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. Example: a synonym for happy would be glad
  5. 6. Let’s read a book that will give us lots of examples of synonyms …
  6. 31. Can you think of a synonym for the word …. mad Now let’s look in the thesaurus for synonyms for the word mad …
  7. 33. It made me mad because Susan would not play with me at recess. It made me boiling because Susan would not play with me at recess.
  8. 34. You have to make sure that the synonym makes sense in your sentence.
  9. 35. run
  10. 36. eat
  11. 37. throw
  12. 38. laugh
  13. 39. Can you use the thesaurus to make your writing more interesting