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UBP – Unique Branding Point

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What's your Unique Branding Point? This presentation given to the Front Row I/O participants in the 'Branding 101' module by Dean Johnson, through the power of the moustache – the ultimate expression of brand!

Branding is about so much more than a logo...

- Finding your tone of voice - and creating personality
- Who's brand is succeeding and who's is failing?
- Who is breaking brand barriers?
- Social, social, social. Use it, live it, breathe it!

Includes additional video coverage from the 2013 IDM Conference, where Dean presented 24hrs in the life of his own social media channels... and other personalities @activrightbrain @BrandwidthHQ @ApptainAmerica @LaptopDean @TabletDean @SmartphoneDean

Discover more about Brandwidth's brand creation, application and innovation in their interactive multitouch book for iPad http://itunes.apple.com/book/digital-publishing-next-steps/id509496269?mt=11

Front Row supports fashion and technology entrepreneurs to grow their business. Our mission is to build the capabilities of new enterprises that bridge the gap between the fashion and technology industries. http://frontrowio.com

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