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The Virtual Hub: Why VR and AR will sit at the centre of IoT

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Everyone is talking about Virtual and Augmented Reality but the content and devices are fragmented. For these amazing platforms to survive intact, designers, developers, filmmakers and marketers need to create connected communication that leads an audience to stunning VR and AR, then keeps them engaged after the experience. Welcome to the IoT of V & AR.

Highlighting VR and AR projects co-existing with other digital platforms, including 'The Martian Experience', Sulon Q's 'Jack and The Beanstalk', 'Generation Beyond Mars' and 'Ghostbusters Dimension' by The Void.

The 'Hyper Reality' video appears to illustrate an impossibly overloaded future but this actually shows the maximum information level prior to subscription. In the future, we'll pay to take overlaid content away!

Featuring essential steps to VR Filmmaking, Marketing, Education, Retail & UX.

First presented at IAB MIXX Serbia.

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