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The Continuing Explosion of Tablet and Mobile in B2B

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As the digital world evolves at a breath-taking pace, we find ourselves taking our entire world with us wherever we go. In the same way that digital is now the default communication channel, so mobile connectivity is the default delivery mechanism. The lines between business and personal communications have blurred – even language has adapted. We talk in 140 characters, and our multiple personalities are present across multiple channels as we merge text, email, Twitter and Facebook.
Utilising a few of his own multiple personalities, Dean Johnson will illustrate the 140 character journey that could take your business’s conversation from business to personal, to desktop, to mobile, and beyond. (originally supported by 'co-hosts' on smartphone, tablet and laptop. This presentation contains the preview video ( also available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s5MOXRgPYw ) - link to full video presentation video http://youtu.be/BSxpPd4vHME )

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