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Duality: Welcome to The Futures

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My FutureFest 2016 keynote, delivering a 20 year overview of VR, AR, AI, Automotive, Digital Tattoos, LEGO and the political landscape (featuring Donald Trump, Biff Tannen and Elon Musk)

By 2036, boundaries have blurred between social, personal, occupational and political channels. Communication occurs on a device and platform-agnostic ecosystem and we are no longer obsessed with the possession of constantly updating hardware – content is more than king, it is everything. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities mean nothing without engaging experiences so ‘Duality’ has become a phenomenon with location and situation-based parallel time-streams available in-eye, on demand.

Always-on AR provides a seamless stream of information, identifying individuals' team affiliation and tribal allegiance. Information has escaped the constraints of the traditional screen and subdermal digital tattoos, shape-shifting clothing and haptic surfaces offer the ultimate in creative personal expression. Gamification is a way of life, not a smokescreen to mask mediocre content. From our daily commute, be that public networks or autonomous personal transport, to our mobile work environments and social activity, each 24 hour timeframe is punctuated by bite-sized digital leisure opportunities. We are all playing the game, the game is life.


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