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5 Steps to VR UX Success

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The 5 key steps to producing Great VR Content: Placing the Emphasis on User Experience and Engagement.

1 - VR is not alone: Tell your audience your amazing content exists. Promote it, make it discoverable and offer the ability to view it. Create something amazing, then make sure there's a way to share the experience or sentiment and lock your audience in for future conversation.

2 - Familiarity: Make something visually stunning and play with all the scope and depth available but make sure your audience knows how to navigate and live with the experience.

3 - Passive vs Interactive: Are you along for the ride or in the driving seat? Both are great but know what works best for your audience.

4 - Depth Depth Depth: Mono vs Stereo - 360º video hits the largest audience, from YouTube to Facebook on any smart device. Full stereoscopic content offers true VR with added depth and genuine presence when viewed on an HMD.

5 - Aspiration and Audience: Think big (The Void) but build wide (Cardboard & 360º). Futureproof where possible as a 360º monoscopic Cardboard shoot won't deliver the results on a Vive. Design and build for a quality platform and you'll produce quality results for any audience.

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