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Maintaining longevity of an SNS game (basing on Sky Garden)

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Maintaining longevity of an SNS game (basing on Sky Garden)

  1. 1. Maintaining longevityof an SNS game(based on Sky Garden)By FireBat StudioNhựtNM, Game Design Specialist
  2. 2. Main contents• History• Statistics• 7 techniques to Maintaining longevity of the Sky Garden game• Achievements
  3. 3. History
  4. 4. • Heading towards farming for its popularity to ZingMe users.• Success of many farming games out there.• Start: 04/2010• Closed beta: 08/2010• Open beta: 12/2010
  5. 5. • Incident on 5/2011: server error, data saved >80%.• 8, 9, 10/2011: Sky Garden greatly affected by the outbreak of new games on Zingme.• 11/2011: Standing up of Sky Garden up to now.
  6. 6. Statistics
  7. 7. • Total users: 9,479,170• TOP on ZingMe (27/6/2012)• 100 updated versions during 20 months running
  8. 8. Revenue chart
  9. 9. Tips and tricks that help Sky Garden “live long”
  10. 10. Build short-termand long-term objectives
  11. 11. • Level up to open new floor; Achieve beautiful plants and pot plants with terrific features.• Reaching each group of levels unlocks a new exciting feature: – Golden Chicken laying Golden Eggs at level 45 – The Golden Castle can be built from level 120 – Achievements – What’s next? The Golden Castle with a brand new gameplay
  12. 12. A lot of features to keep users busy
  13. 13. • Addictive mini games: – Pika-Mây – Paper Scissor Hammer – Zombies Smasher• Users keep coming back for Loyalty Gifts.• Rewards for adding a lot of friends.
  14. 14. Community build up
  15. 15. • Prioritizing to build a huge community group from the very beginning. – Official channel. – Fan clubs.• Hosting offline competitions: pot design, idea contribution...• Sponsoring rewards even for competitions made by fans.
  16. 16. Responsive support
  17. 17. • Slogan “Games by Gamers”, always listen to users and change to adapt to users’ needs. (Ex: The Magic Bean)• TOP 100 brings VIP users to hall of fame and special care.• Diversified supporting channel.
  18. 18. Create new eventsand new emotions
  19. 19. • Luck controls every activity• New and creative events
  20. 20. Change look and feel
  21. 21. • Bring new feelings to users;• Oriented to more casual and friendly features.
  22. 22. Create value in game
  23. 23. • Super pots, ultra pots, extremely challenging to collect.• A market place for PvP trading.• Price fixed by users and agreed by users.• Users can sell those items they do not need.
  24. 24. Sky Garden overseas
  25. 25. •At the end of 2011, Sky Garden was successfully exported to3 social networks :QQ Zone and Weibo(China) and YahooMobage(Japan).•Sky Garden won the Sao Khue Award in 2011.•More than 3million users per month in China.