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Water Damage Prevention and What to do if water damage occurs.

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If you have a water damage emergency please check out my site for North Florida at htt://www.waterdamagejacksonville.com

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Water Damage Prevention and What to do if water damage occurs.

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great information and help for immediate water damage situations visit this link.www.waterdamagejacksonville.com==== ====Water damage is caused by a number of things including flooding, burst or leaky pipes, fire hoses,and regular humidity. Water damage is typically very severe because it impacts every aspect ofyour home. It can rots the wood in your floors, furniture and walls. It can rust the steel and othermetal items. It can de-laminate plywood. It can completely ruin important documents, familyphotos and memorabilia.To protect your home from water damage you must first understand the various types of water andthe damage it can cause. The three classifications of water that causes damages are Clean, Greyand Black.Clean WaterThis type of water damage does not pose a health risk to humans and is really just incrediblyannoying. An overflowing sink or tub or leaky appliance are examples of Clean Water damages.Grey WaterThis type refers to water that contains degrees of chemical, biological or physical contaminants.This can lead to sickness in humans and animals if consumed or exposed. Toilet bowls,dishwashers and washing machine leaks are the most common kinds of Grey Water.Black WaterThis classification contains highly unsanitary agents such as bacteria and fungus which can leadto severe illness. This classification is most rare and comes mainly from sewage, seawater, andcontaminated river or stream water.Water Damage RestorationWater damage restoration techniques vary greatly depending on the water classification. It isimportant to know what classification of water you are dealing with before you attempt anyrestoration projects. If you suspect the water to be of either Grey or Black classification, contactyour state environmental protection agency or the water bureau to have your home evaluated.There are primarily two good techniques used to restore water damaged materials (documents,photos, books, etc).Desiccant DehumidificationThis restoration process removes moisture from the air quickly and safely, effectively salvagingimportant documents and helping prevent mold growth. The process involves dehumidifying the airsurrounding the damaged documents or personal effect, allowing the water molecules trapped inthe damaged items to escape into the air. Desiccant dehumidification is a great restoration optionavailable through some document reprocessing services. It is especially beneficial for businesses
  2. 2. and government agencies because the process allows for documents to be accessible for usethroughout the process should the need arise.Freeze-DryingThis process is best for books, binders, and any bound printed matter. Freeze-drying restorationworks on a similar premise as dehumidification but in a contained chamber and at much lowertemperature. If you can, find a service that offers vacuum freeze-drying as this process will notwarp the way regular freeze-drying can.Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Starting the process of restoring yourassets as soon as possible will increase the likelihood that your items can be restored to a usablestate again. Additionally, mold can quickly become a secondary effect of water damage if time isallowed to pass. To help move quickly after a flood or other water damage, have an emergencyplan in place ahead of time.Water damage has the potential to ruin an entire business or home. Pre-planning and educationcoupled with a fast-acting, properly equipped damage recovery team can make all the differencein your life returning back to normal.~Ben Anton, 2008Soon after a natural disaster, fast water damage restoration of your documents is essential.Contact the pros at Rapid Refile today, and experience their professional approach to recoveringyour documents.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ben_Anton==== ====For Great information and help for immediate water damage situations visit this link.www.waterdamagejacksonville.com==== ====