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Action communications credentials

  2.   What actions do you look for in a communications partner? A team with aptitude and insight? People who are proactive and creative? Who actually come up with the big ideas that can make all the difference to your business? Someone who can get inside your head, tease out your thoughts and express them in the most eloquent and influential way possible? An advisor who is brave enough, cares enough, knows enough to tell you what you don’t know? Partners who simply make business more enjoyable because of their attitude and their actions? Have you met Action Communications? Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it. 2 Johann Goethe  
  3.   Actions deliver results Action Communications is a dynamic consultancy offering services in: !   branding ! marketing and communications ! public relations ! digital media ! sales promotions ! specialist writing ! event and project management ! organisational and personal development Founded in 1998, and launching in Australia in 2012, we are accomplished professionals who have worked with some of the world’s most admired brands. We are known for taking the right action and achieving the right results. What do we look for in a partner? Industry leaders and emerging stars chasing ambitious goals, high standards and powerful brands – while at the same time truly appreciating their people, the environment and their communities. People who value great communication and bold actions. Never confuse motion with action. 3 Benjamin Franklin  
  4.   Creative Actions In any communication or campaign your goals have to be exact, your USP unequivocal. You need the Big Idea. If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative, claims David Ogilvy. He knows. Creativity beats frequency hands down every time. Creativity is the hallmark of what we do at Action Communications. Creativity comes from being right on brief. For all involved, it’s exciting, memorable and above all creates the desired effect. People pause, eagerly take everything in, file it in the ‘remember this’ folder in their minds, instantly share with others, then revisit and make a decision. In those few moments you have it: attention, exposure, recognition, engagement and results. Be it a simple letter or a transformative personal development program – it is the element that can make all the difference in the world. At Action Communications our diverse experience means we can offer organisations dynamic and inspired solutions that bridge marketing and human resources, having a significant impact on the business. Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals. 4 David Ogilvy  
  5.   Productive Actions We offer the full suite of marketing communication services and transformative personal development solutions. Branding Sales Campaigns • Branding – foundations, values, positioning, names, design and • Marketing offers and special sales promotions identity • Packaging Writing & Communication • Annual reports, IPOs and corporate profiles Marketing • B2B and B2C communications • Marketing strategy and advice • Internal communications • Research and analysis • Business letters and proposals • Marketing planning, budgeting and implementation – annual, • Speeches project, new business launch / go-to-market • Newsletters, brochures and award entries • Direct marketing • Advertising copy • Outsourced marketing management – we can be your • Other marketing collateral marketing department and manage other agencies e.g. advertising, digital, PR, research, media planners etc. Event & Project Management • Event and special project management Public Relations • Sponsorship management • Public Relations strategy and counsel • Coordination of advertising, design, print and photography • Media launches, media liaison, media kits/releases/pitches, • Special film and multimedia projects including script feature articles, case studies, opinion pieces, profiles and development, direction and production backgrounders • Crisis management and media training Organisational & Personal Development • Social media • Strategy and communication of major organisational change initiatives such as gender diversity, mergers, strategic Digital redirection, engagement, and morale building and cultural • Digital strategy enhancement • Web and social media strategy for Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, • Leadership and team development YouTube • Cultural empowerment • Digital and web copy and concepts, inclusive of SEO • Facilitation 1   • E-marketing • Personal development workshops  The path to success is to take massive, determined action. 5 Anthony Robbins  
  6.   Active People Sherryl Caulfield has over twenty-five year’s experience working Anita Beasley has had a career spanning twenty years in Australia for leading brands on the agency and client side. Her career has and the UK working for start-ups to global corporations and major spanned three major sectors: Technology, Outdoors, and government enterprises. She is a specialist in building brands, Organisational and Personal Development. marketing businesses, driving sales and developing relationships. Her first major consultancy At twenty-one, Anita helped launch Colorado, one of position saw her working with Dr Australia’s leading fashion labels. Two years later she was Jim Macnmara author of The appointed National Marketing Manager. She has worked Australian Marketing Handbook. for Japan’s largest wedding company, one of the leading global entertainment companies, headquartered in Los Later, she joined Lotus Angeles, and the world’s largest athletic retailer. Development – then the second largest software company in the Along the way she has hit sales and brand awareness world – as Marketing targets through above- and below-the-line advertising, Communications Manager for marketing, merchandising and instore-promotions. Australia and New Zealand. During her tenure Sherryl was From 2006 to 2008 she headed up the Red Agency in recognised as providing the best Brisbane responsible for a team of PR consultants and a PR service to the Australian IT industry. She also introduced their range of international, national and state-based clients. These first roadblock advertising campaign that reached 10% of the included Parrot, Big W Vision, The Haines Group, IPAA (Qld), Fairfax Australian population and saw brand awareness scale record highs. Digital, David Reid Homes and Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT), helping the latter win the National Australian Marketing After being retained by IBM as a key member of its e-business Institute Award in 2008 for their Small Business Solutions project. team, Sherryl launched Action Communications working with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US. The impressive results Thereafter she joined emberin, Australia’s most successful gender she achieved for clients include magazine covers, extensive diversity company. In her role, Anita consulted to many of Australia’s television exposure, memorable motivational events, and sizeable Top 100 companies and built a significant web portal for working new business leads and conversion due to her exceptional B2B women – writing skills. Anita has a BA with a double major in journalism and a 1   Sherryl has a Bachelor of Business, Communication from QUT. Graduate Diploma in Communications, majoring in Advertising.  Enthusiasm – the sustaining power of all action. 6 Samuel Smiles  
  7.   Mark Squires is one of Australia’s most seasoned event managers He is valued for his calm leadership, creativity and execution skills. having worked in the corporate presentation, theatre and He has a certificate in Life Coaching and is a qualified Practitioner entertainment industries in Europe and Asia Pacific for over twenty of Neuro Linguistic Programming. As well as his role at Action years. Communications, Mark is a project manager with Outdoors Queensland and runs a coaching business called Choiceworks – He was a partner in Connections Event Management for over a because of his firm belief that in every situation we have choices decade, responsible for launching Compaq Computers and Adobe and life is about making those choices work for you. in Australia, incentive conferences in Maui and Bali and calling a fireworks display over Sydney Harbour, amongst many other high- Action Partners profile assignments. Action Communications works with trusted partners, who are His passion for adventure experts in their field, to deliver strategic, quality, integrated and and its role in personal seamless communication services. We take action on your behalf transformation led him to to source, liaise and manage the work from concept to final study at the Sir Edmund delivery. We can work with your existing agencies or we can Hillary Outdoor Pursuit handle the entire project using people whose track record is Centre and work for over a paramount. decade with Outward Bound, the world’s leading Our partners include: experiential learning organisation. • Market Research - Footprints • Branding/Design – DesignbyLook, Baseline Shift, FC Creative In New Zealand he led Outward Bound’s business • Photography – Lucid Photography, Robert Shakespeare and custom-design • Advertising/Creative – Basis, BCM, The Engine Group, programs. His management skills were recognised when Decoder Outward Bound was selected • Web/SEO & Apps – Geekware, Clarimont Consulting as the best place for people to work in New Zealand by Unlimited magazine – the equivalent to • Media Planning – OMD 1   Australia’s BRW magazine. He is still a member of Outward Bound • Digital Planning – Traffika, Bluewire Australia’s external safety committee. • Social Media Strategy – Socially Sorted  An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. 7 Edward de Bono  
  8.   Active Fans Our solid experience comes from working with the following leading brands:    
  9.   Branding Action Iconic Australian outdoor retailer, Mountain Designs, had a solid Japan's biggest wedding company, Watabe, provides destination heritage in the mountains yet wanted to appeal to a much broader and themed weddings for Japanese couples in exotic locations such range of adventurer. as Honolulu, Paris, Florence, the Scottish Highlands, Queenstown, the Gold Coast and Bali. In a global role, Anita created the concept Anita created a new sub-brand and spearheaded the development of called Pro-Elite for the extreme a new business venture for the alpinist, as well as new logos and organisation – Blush Weddings – to an integrated appeal to a Western market, and to corporate/brand/retail image that substantially grow the company’s was promoted via several business and ROI from their property company-first initiatives: new investments. Blush Weddings was the website front end, new direct marketing newsletter, new in-store company's foray into the US market point of sale program, visual merchandising and the first Australia- with operations based out of Los Angeles and Hawaii. and New Zealand-wide retail catalogue letterbox drop. As project leader, Anita wrote the business plan and created all She backed the sponsorship of an adventure racing team to budgets. Working with a leading branding agency she researched highlight their broader market offerings and promoted the and developed a name and branding, following market research sponsorship through public relations, managed by Sherryl. (quantitative and qualitative) in Australia and the US. The branding Team Mountain Designs included Guy Andrews, then 31, three- creation involved rationale and positioning, logo, corporate identity, times Australian surf ironman champion, and an experienced website concepts, advertising, retail store concepts and packaging. interviewee. The publicity campaign for this sponsorship and race involvement (The Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in China) resulted in The Blush Weddings project was one of the most exciting and the news item being picked up by newswires, national newspapers, comprehensive branding campaigns radio and TV, resulting in brand awareness reaching record highs. any designer could hope to work on. Anita's entrepreneurial spirit, and her “We are getting calls left right and centre. I never got this much marketing nous and rigour enabled publicity when I was the National Ironman Champion.” us to create a dynamic concept to launch this new international Guy Andrews, Professional Athlete business. She is a joy to work with and someone I admire immensely. 1   Bob Rodger, Managing Director, RHA Everybody wants a piece of the action. Everybody needs a main attraction.   9 Sweet  
  10.   Marketing Action Foot Locker is the world’s largest athletic retailer. Anita was "Many of the Division's key stakeholders have noted the excellence responsible for launching Foot Locker Australia’s first internet site, of our recent activities, particularly the 1998 Road Safety Summit their first direct marketing program and their first all women’s and the Queensland Transport display at the 1998 Motor Show. As catalogue. By conceiving a unique sales the main organiser of these events, you should be congratulated on promotion that gave GST back to the customers your expertise and efforts. I am very appreciative of your work and I through a return discount offer, she turned the look forward to witnessing more of your triumphs in future." introduction of GST into a $400 K sales success for the company. A Coca-Cola on pack promotion Paul Blake, Executive Director, Queensland Transport resulted in $650k in sales. Through end of year catalogues she drove record sales budget Sherryl was the Australian and New Zealand Marketing weeks, achieving record sales for two Communications Manager for Lotus Development – one of the top consecutive years and winning four Cream Ad two global software companies – responsible for a $4million budget Awards. and a $4 million upgrade target. Her responsibilities included public relations, advertising, Anita has been a senior marketer for several high profile research, events, organisations. Highly strategic, she understood the importance of sponsorship, marcoms, research, brand, integration, creativity, reach and achieving ROI. She and channel, web and staff managed her budgets well, gave insightful briefs which allowed for communication. Working creativity and impact but essentially let us get on with our job – to as part of a highly- create meaningful campaigns that not only won awards but delivered motivated, high-performing results – be they attitudinal shift or money in the till. team, the company grew four-fold in six years. Alan Kewley, Group Account Director, BCM Sherryl is a major part of the ANZ Marketing team. Anita was integral to the marketing success of Queensland's road Without her commitment, dedication, drive and determination, many safety communications and the youngest person to be appointed to of the projects we completed would have been dropped or delayed. the Queensland Transport Board, She handled several road safety She understands the need for creativity to differentiate ourselves in all summits, road safety stands at the Queensland Motor Show (winning forms of communication and is a high contributor of creative ideas. stand of the show), anti-drink driving campaigns, pedestrian and bike Sherryl is a high achiever and a real pleasure to work with. 1   helmet safety campaigns as well as air care campaigns. These involved large budgets, market research, media launches with Mike Clarke, APAC Marketing Director, Lotus Development government ministers and integrated advertising. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.   10 Albert Einstein  
  11.   PR Action Securing the front cover position for Toshiba in New Zealand’s A Rediscover Outward Bound competition promoted via cereal largest business magazine (70,000 circulation) while US President packaging and a media invitational and launch week-end saw Bill Clinton and world leaders were visiting for the APEC summit gave Outward Bound gain extensive media exposure including two rounds this technology leader rare, centre-stage, business prominence. of television coverage to grow its database, celebrate its 40th anniversary and launch a $10 million endowment foundation with “Sherryl has been a delight to work with…an engaging and fanfare. knowledgeable PR professional who understood news angles, media requirements and how to brief a photographer to produce great “Sherryl’s event management, public relations, marketing and images. The media events she orchestrated were done with verve organisational skills gave life to the project and achieved all its and flair even down to her ingenious invitations.” objectives. She conceived the idea of the Rediscover competition and through that students have rekindled their ties with the Trust and are Ena Hutchinson now fulfilling an important ambassadorial role. She proved herself to Editor of NZ Business be very hardworking and creative, had good attention to detail but still kept her eye on the big picture and was mindful of budget management. The event was professional and special, a fitting tribute to our patron and we were thrilled with all the coverage. Sherryl is a person I can trust and rely on. I would happily recommend her to others.” Trevor Taylor CEO, Outward Bound New Zealand 1    Your actions, and your actions alone, determine your worth. 11 Evelyn Waugh  
  12.   Digital Action In 2010, when women’s empowerment advocate, Maureen Frank, Leading UK family owned brewery, Theakston, worked with Anita wanted to create a whole-of-life offering for the working women of and her WPA Pinfold design team on branding and marketing Australia, Anita created – an entertaining, covering digital, packaging, advertising and point of sale promotions informative and personal development web portal that attracted over for their Visitor Centre in Yorkshire. 2,000 subscribers within its first month. In her General Manager role, Anita not only managed the strategic overarching vision for the site, For their website Anita project managed the build inclusive of she orchestrated a team of expert contributors, a range of offerings to budget, timelines and coordinating all content. She worked with the help simplify the lives of busy women, wrote two e-books and designer on site map articulation, design concepts, photography managed the complex editorial selection and eventual site creation. Anita also wrote the website and technological copy. As Account Director Anita ensured the client was informed requirements with a team of throughout the process, worked with them on their changes and agencies, collecting industry needs, and ensured they were happy with the end result. As part of accolades along the way. the project Anita thoroughly I’ve always enjoyed Anita's researched the creativity, enthusiasm, and brewery and did an positive energy when working Introduction to Ales on projects with her. course to help her understand the There are a lot of good client’s USP and thinkers out there, but you need interesting and relevant ideas to truly differentiation to other rise above the crowd. Anita's management, agency and client UK family-owned background serve to give her this advantage. I would recommend breweries. Anita to any organisation.” Anita worked for us in the UK and was instrumental in pulling together the brand strategies for some of our key clients in the Phillip Kozis, Senior Group Director, Digital Pop brewing and service sectors. She has drive and energy and is very focussed on delivering results – just what every successful business needs. Her passion is balanced with a good strategic brain and excellent people skills. 1   Myles Pinfold, Managing Director, WPA Pinfold  Action is character. 12 F. Scott Fitzgerald  
  13.   Sales Action Whilst working for Hanna-Barbera Anita conceived a sales Avica Weddings and Resort on the Gold Coast is a division of juggernaut by re-launching 70s cult classic, The Banana Splits, as Watabe Wedding Corporation Japan’s leading wedding company a video promotion. To make the video a success Anita created with operations in over 20 countries worldwide. By applying her unique value-adds with each of Australia's key retailers including sales and marketing expertise Anita increased sales by over 100% iron-on transfer, bumper sticker, cd single of the theme tune and in her first year and by 900% in her second year. Key to her success wall poster. The video achieved gold sales. was the establishment of promotional wedding packages, the introduction of wedding planning services, an integrated marketing I loved working with Anita even though I was based in Los Angeles campaign for the resort and the creation of a full-service spa facility and she was in Sydney. She was proactive, detail-oriented and based on best-of-breed Spa resorts in Bali and Hawaii. fantastic at managing relationships with clients, suppliers, colleagues and her peers. Most of all, Anita was incredibly creative Anita is one of the most savvy business people I ever had the and came up with numerous marketing concepts which literally pleasure to work with on marketing and branding campaigns. She is wowed me every time. Her ideas and ability to translate them into a highly creative, strategic thinker and will quickly immerse herself winning sales promotions were a true asset to us. into the project to understand the objectives and how to achieve them. She is results-driven and always exceeded expectations in a Midge Barnett very efficient manner. Not only that, Anita approaches every project Vice President, Distribution, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, which meant I really Turner Pictures Worldwide enjoyed working with her! Kimberly Healy International Marketing Manager, Watabe U.S.A. Inc 1    Talk doesn’t cook rice. 13 Chinese proverb.  
  14.   Transformative Action The three-week Aoraki Bound cultural revitalisation program that The my mentor multimedia gender diversity mentoring and leadership Mark developed for Ngai Tahu, the largest Maori iwi (tribe) in New programs, which Sherryl and Anita developed in concert with Zealand’s South Island, has been running for six years, playing a emberin CEO, Maureen Frank, have been undertaken by over significant role in building leadership, cultural awareness and 10,000 women and 2,000 men across Australia with profound personal development for Ngai Tahu as individuals and the personal and organisational impacts. sustainability of the Ngāi Tahu iwi as a collective. The program combines Outward Bound philosophy with a journey (hīkoi) along Deployed by Telstra, the programs were instrumental in the telco in Maori pathways and immersion in activities important to Ngāi Tahu 2010 being the only Australian company to ever win a Catalyst award traditional way of life. by the peak global body promoting advancement of women in business, cementing Maureen Frank’s reputation as the leading “Indigenous populations often lack self-esteem, confidence and gender diversity expert in Australia. motivation, and feel they are inferior. Ngāi Tahu were also concerned about their heritage surviving in a world that is becoming more global, “I have reviewed all the modules and I have to say – I know it’s not homogenised and populated. finished product – but you have really done a brilliant job!!! Well done!!’ Enduring outcomes for the participants have included increased levels of confidence and Maureen Frank responsibility, greater contribution at work, CEO, Emberin more participation in their lives, role modelling for their children and a sense of camaraderie and community. Mark’s commitment to understanding and honouring Maori heritage, his ability to conceptualise a program to meet multiple over-arching objectives and his ability to draw on proven leaning concepts to develop a unique and empowering experience, were integral to the program’s success.” Patsy Bass 1   Project Manager, Te Runanga O Ngāi Tahu  If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, 14 rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. Antoine De Saint Exupery  
  15.   Communications Action Being a not-for-profit organisation Outward Bound needed a dual Improving gender equality is fast becoming a top-five business purpose Annual Report that was true to its heritage, conveying the priority for most Australian organisations. It is a complex benefits of the organisation, while supporting fundraising efforts for transformation that has profound moral, social, business and their Foundation’s $10 million target. The resulting report used personal impacts on men and women. Communication is integral to iconic images and personal stories to appeal to the emotional legacy every organisation’s cultural change journey. It has to cut through of Outward Bound. At the same time it promoted the organisation as and connect with the hearts and minds of the people involved. This forward looking by using the report to announce a two-year requires expert analysis and interpretation, audience profiling and academia-led research initiative to measure how effectively Outward trigger identification before a single word is written. Strategy, Bound courses contribute to changing each participant’s life. medium and finesse all play their part. Anita and Sherryl are two of Australia’s leading communication experts in this area. “I normally just delete newsletters but yours was really, really, high quality. Great stuff, thank you.” Emily Ross Fairfax journalist “This is the best coverage of modern feminism that I have seen. It’s just brilliant.” “Sherryl managed the production of our 2004 and 2005 annual Dale Spender reports. They were right on brief, details both internally and Academic externally were managed extremely effectively and the publications received great feedback. We were very happy with her results.” Trevor Taylor CEO, The Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand 1   There are two things worth living for: to do what is worthy of being written and to write what is worthy of being read.   15 Ross Perot  
  16.   Event and Project Action Mark was instrumental in designing and stage-managing a Lotus had a reputation within the I.T. sector for delivering the best recognition and incentive event in Hawaii for 2,000 MLC high events in the industry. After acquiring Lotus, IBM leveraged this achievers and their partners from across Australia and New Zealand. strength to show organisations how to maximise their business This high level event involved sourcing elements from around the through e-business. Leading a team of agencies and stakeholders, world to deliver a conference that wowed the audience and reflected Sherryl crafted the invitations, presentations, hand-outs and the theme “Into the future.” exhibition that saw this message delivered to over 5,000 people across nine cities in Australia and New Zealand in one month. Mark Local children’s choirs managed the set design, staging, lighting and touring production. As welcomed delegates, a a result IBM became known as the e-business company. Canadian model flying saucer filled with helium hovered Event management is one of Sherryl’s strengths. At Lotus she above attendees in the main organised several large exhibition stands for various tradeshows, a hall, and motivational speaker, number of multi-city, multi-day roadshow seminars, as well as many Amanda Gore, entertained large 2-3 day, multi-stream conferences, involving over 50 speakers delegates on stress and several international VIPs, attended by hundreds, sometimes management and making thousands of people. Sherryl is capable of managing the full event work fun. The event spectrum. She is always highly organised, creative and culminated in a lavish awards professional, and can always be relied upon to deliver a first-class ceremony. event.’ “Core to us winning this assignment was our reputation for delivering Kim Medway highly creative, original, and professional productions and Mark’s Marketing Director, experience in having worked internationally in Europe, the West Lotus Development Indies and Asia. Mark has undertaken the production of massive events and always does so with the same level of attention to detail, making each show the best it can possibly be.” Amanda Hampson, Co-Director, Connections Event Management 1   He was a man of action whose adventurous spirit led him to experience more, see more, do more.   16 Tadahiro Lee  
  17.   Are you ready for action? Our process is straightforward. We know how to get into the mindset of clients, customers, prospects, shareholders, staff, the channel and the media. Upon appointment, before doing any work, we ask questions. The extent of this research depends on the value of the job, the duration We understand how to deliver targeted of our appointment and the prioritisation of your needs. communications to different channels that get results: The most impressive results, however, have always been delivered • Impact and awareness when strategy and communication are based on sound situational • Sales and ROI analysis and interpretation. Often the findings are revealing to all. • Culture change • Staff engagement Our research can cover: • Brand equity • You • Your business / organisation Our USP • Your organisation’s history • Your staff structure and engagement We are senior practitioners who have • Your products and services worked predominantly at national level and run our own marketing, • Your competition PR and event businesses. • Your suppliers • Your channel As our client, you get seasoned professionals working on your • Your customers business – for way less than what you would pay at other agencies • Your opportunities or consultancies. • Your challenges • Your media relations We have very strong in-demand skills in strategic concepts, big idea • And the market/industry in which you operate. creation, writing, and leadership and personal development. We listen to your needs but we also question you. This translates to a value for money service that delivers strategy, We map out a plan. experienced know-how and efficiency. We set an agreement on how we work together. We get on with the job. What makes us UNIQUE is we are family – we work well We show initiative. together and are experienced at working together. 1   We ask for feedback. We have strong family values and a strong bond. When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.   17 Woody Allen