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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Road to Better Content

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We all know how important content is for communicating with your customers, demonstrating thought leadership, and generating leads. But creating great content isn’t easy — particularly when you’ve got to do so at scale. Many companies struggle to create enough content, content that’s consistent, and content that has a compelling tone of voice.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Road to Better Content

  1. 1. The Road to Better Content How Top Businesses Navigate Content Creation Want to learn more? Get the report: Content 2018: How Top Companies Approach Content Creation. DOWNLOAD REPORT Based on survey data collected from over 250 content professionals in December 2017. Top content professionals say the best content has to: Generate leads Educate the market Demonstrate expertise & authority To achieve that, they say it’s important to focus on 4 areas. Producing high-quality, error-free writing 1 2 3 4 Demonstrating thought leadership Writing with an engaging style and tone of voice Offering how-to advice or instruction That may sound easy, but even the best companies struggle with content creation: 51% Say their content’s tone of voice is average or weak. 54% Aren’t effective at creating content. 40% Don’t create enough content to meet business needs. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 ! So what's the problem? The underlying issue is inefficiency. of content profressionals aren’t as efficient at content creation as they should be. Lack of a content strategy and clear processes. Content created in silos. Content outsourced to third parties unfamiliar with the brand. Inability to enforce corporate style guidelines effectively. Reliance on non-native English speakers for content creation. Limited focus due to too many audiences. HERE’S WHAT’S CAUSING IT ! ! ! ! ! ! 66% What can companies do to become better, more efficient content creators? Not only that, they can make sure to follow these best practices: Create high-quality content that’s well-written and provides your target audience with useful information. of companies embrace technology to help make their content creation more efficient. 85% Make content creation a more streamlined and efficient process for everyone involved. Measure your content against some predetermined benchmark before publishing it. As more people get involved in content creation at your company, give them a framework to govern their work. 48%Rely on content creation and optimization software Content destination set! 10% Faster route detected Use artificial intelligence Take advantage of organizational tools Add to recent content destination 43% + Leverage Ideation tools Shortcut: Great idea coming your way 9% :) GPS ALERT GPS ALERT GPS ALERT GPS ALERT ! !