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Constitution herd

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Constitution herd

  1. 1. HealthResearch and socialDevelopment Forum (herd) Constitution2061
  2. 2. Health Researchand SocialDevelopmentForum (herd) Constitution 20Gl Preamble with the aim of identi$ing the problems existing in the health research and social development sector in Nepal and iontributing to th"eir solution, this Constitution of the Health Research and Social DevelopmentForim (herd)2061 has beenframed irrtu3.rtys by abiding by the policies, rules and prevalent laws of Hir Government of Nepal (HMGN). SectionI Commencement 1 Name of organization:This organizationshall be named "swasthaya Anusanthan tatha Samajik Vikas Manch" in Nepali. It shall be called ,.Health Researchand SocialDevelopmentForum" in English.It shall be calledherd in short. (a) organizations address:The office of the organizationis located at House no 229716,Maiti Devi, ward no. 34, Kathmandu Metroporitan city, Kathmandu District. (b) This constitutionshall be called the "Constitution of the Health Research and Social DevelopmentForum 2A6I-. (c) The working area of this organization: The working atea of this organizationshall be Kathmandu Metropolitan city, Kattuiandu District. (d) The working area of the organization may be expanded within the Kingdom of Nepal with the prior approval of the Local officer of the district concerned, necessary. as (e) The constitution shall come into force on the date it is registered with the District Administration office in accordancewith the p"revalent law of Nepal.) Definitions unless the subjector contextrrasother connotations, this in constitution: (a) "organization" shall mean the Health Researchand social Development Forum (herd) (206t). (b) "Constitution" shall meanthe constitutionof herd. (c, "Executive chair" shall meanthe executivehead of herd. (d) "office-bearer" shali mean a person bearing any special responsibility, including that of the Executive committee ofitre orginization. l l i : i i i l ; i "l lS iiUe en;i i j-!il::il r-:l:pi "i-,iiii:: , L I;. ,
  3. 3. (e) "Member" means a person acquiring membershipin accordance with the Constitutionof the Organization. (D "Local Officer" meansthe Chief District Officer. (e) "GeneralAssembly" meansthe generalassemblyconductedin accordance with the constitution of this organization. (h) "office" meansthe central and branch offices of this organization.J. Stamp and Logo of the Organization (a) The stamp as depicted in Schedule 1 shall be the seal of the Organization. The stamp of the Organizationshall alsobe its logo. Section2 Objectives4. Objectives of the Organization Abiding by the Preamble of the Organization, prevalent Acts, laws and governmentalpolicies and rules, the objectives and functions of the Organization shall be as follows: (a) To be a not-for-profit public welfare organization. (b) To co_nduct researchprogrammes. oider to identify the existing social, in includilg health, problems in the community and explore concrete measures their solution. for (c) To conductvarioushealth serviceand social development programmes for health and social developmentand enhancement the .o--unity. of (d) To conduct programmes for capacity enhancementin order to fulfill the objective of health and social development and enhancement of the community, in coordinationwith different individuals and organizations. Suchprogrammes shall be conducted underHMGNs policies Jnd rules. (e) To support the public health sector by disseminating the findings of resealch at community, national and international level through, among others,massmedia.. (D To collect facts and information through research and keep them in a systematic manner and make them available to different researchersand policymakers. (g) To conductother research and development activitiesfor health and social developmentand enhancement, coordinationwith HMGN and various in national and internationalorganizations. (h) To conduct researchand developmentprogrammeson various topics in order to supportthe poverty alleviationprogrammes designedby HMGN. (i) To conduct researchand developmentprogrammesin order to eliminate genderinequality and,p,o;i,gl,$isc-rimination. l i iL)ir-{-j:c": 1 61is; lll.i; l, 20i{ r -
  4. 4. 5 Activities to be conducted to achievethe objectives of the Organ ization The Organjzationshall cary out the f a) The Organization shall pursu receiving approval and perm accordancewith the prevalent b) The organization shill construct or rent or lease a building and purchase or hire office goods such as computers,telephone, typewriter, fax machine and vehiclesfor use. c) The organization shall recruit necessarystaff and lay down their service terms and conditions. d) The organization shall operate a bank account by depositing the money receivedby it in the bank. e) organizations entity: The organizationshall be a non-political,organized and autonomous organization, with an inalienable successor.It shall not earn income-by cartying out activities other than its objectives and offer consultancy charginga fee. by Section3 Membership6. Types of Membership The organization shall have the foilowing types of members: A) Generalmembers B) Life meinbers C) Foundermembers D) Honorary members E) Advisory members1 Necessary Qualificationsfor Membership (1) Be a citizen of Nepal (2) Has attained18 yearsof age (3) Is mentally sound (4) Has never been found guilty of misappropriatingpublic property (5) Has not been convicted for a criminal ot .ori.rition charge that proves moral depravity. A) A person dedicated to the objectives of this Constitution who has attained the age of 18 years and has sense of service, dedication and honesty, may become a general member of the organization by filling up the application form in the format prescribedby it -: i;rr$lriit)(r cjpyis trueandvcrili:r-l :::; 3 Dateof ExPirY Certificat of Seal Public: of the NotarY l-rr-rii, i - , . 1 , / t ) l i l n n (nfn "-,i
  5. 5. B) Life Members: Any interestedperson, having been a general member of the organization fo_t ut least a year, may apply for Life Membership by paying the stipulatedfees. The applicant may get membership onry after the central Executive committee of the organizatron discussesand approvesthe application. In addition, the members who have played a special role in ?ounding the Organization shall automatically becomeLife Members. c) FounderMembers: members playing a special role in the founding of the organi zation Jh9 shall be deemedas FounderMembers.The first Executive committee of the Organizationshall publish a list of FounderMembers. D) HonoraryMembers: The General Members shall accord, on the recommendation of the Executive committee, Honorary Membershipto the personsworking for intrinsic interest of the organization and extending continuous support to it in the future. E) Advisory Members: Persons not exceedingfive in numberwho can proviclespecialadvice and suggestions on the various programmes to be conducted by the Organization and on the developmentof the Olganization may be gianted Advisory Membership by the Executive Commiitee of the Organizition.8. conditions barring Appointment and Annulment of Membership of Organization (1) A person as describedbelow may not be appointed as member of the Organization. a) Is mentally unsound, b) Has embezzledthe funds of a social orgarizatron, c) Has facedliquidation d) Has served punishment, having been convicted by a court of law for theft, cheating, forgery or fraud or unauthorized misappropriationor misuse of property under her/his charge or corruption, within a year, e) Has personal stakein the businessof the Organization, D Has not paid membershipfee or hasnot renewedmembership, s) Has died. h) Has not attained18 yearsof age .. : jl: ,1 . ! l
  6. 6. 9 No person shall continue as member under the following conditions: a) If barred from being appointed as member in accordance with Subsection (1) of Sectiong, b) If the General Assembly ratifies a motion for removing her/him from membershipof the organizationwith a75 percent majority, c) If the resignationtendered the memberis accepted, by d) If a court of law convicts her/him for having acted with dishonesty or ill- will in the Organizations work. e) If s/he engages in an act prohibited by this Constitution for the Organizationto do.Prior to establishingany person as unqualified for being appointed or continuing asmember 9f lhe otganization, s/he shall Le issued a notice to that effect and given anopportunity for clarifi cation.10. Membership Fee a) General Member Admission fee: Rs 200.00 Annualfee: Rs 100.00 b) Life Member Lifelong: Rs 2,000.00 c) Founder Member Founding fee: Rs 500.00 d) other feesshallbe asstipulated the centralExecutive by committee. e) The fegs mentioned above may be amendedfrom time to time in accordance thedecision theExecutive with of committee.11. Conduct of Members a) Shall not take part in activities contrary to the interest and objectivesof the Organization. b) Shall not breachconfidentiality of the Organization. c) Shall comply with the decisionsof the Oiganization. d) slall be actively involved in the protection, strengthening and achievementof the objectives of the Orsanrzation. copy is true end rlefi;i:i -r *i!;iiiitii:i-r i,e S c a l o f t t r eN o t a r Y u b l i c : P i;r,*^* E-n^rail: raiubgl@Yahoocom : ttt -+Zt-SeZO, 9849008726
  7. 7. Section4 ProvisionsReratingto GenerarAssembryand Meetings 12. Matters relating to the Method for convening Assembly of the organ ization and Notice to be fssued for Assembly 1 The General Assembly of the organization shall be as foilows: a) Annual GeneralAssemblyand b) SpecialGeneralAssemblv The First Annual General Assembly of the organization shall be held within two months of the end of tle fiscal yeir of establishment and, subsequently, Annual GeneralAssembliesshali be held within two months of the end of the fiscal year. To hold the Annual General Assembly of the organization, all General Assembly members shall be given noii"" disclosiig the venue, date and agendaof meetingat leastsevendaysin advance. If the General Assembly, convened in accordance with Subsection3, section 11, cannotbe held due to lack of quorum as per Section 14,the GeneralAssemblymay be re-convened withan advance notice of 7 days. .. The General Assembly of the rll members of the Organizationother Members acquiring membership in Honorarv andAdvisorv JilT::lliffii ff: 3:::1trT,"$Jl; ,v{embe^ shall be the apex body of the Organization.Functions,Duties and Rights of the GeneralAssemblyThe functions,dutiesand rights of the GeneralAssembly shall be as follows:a) Ratify the plan, programme and annuar budget presented _ by the General Assembly.b) Discussand endorsethe annual audit report presented by the auditor and discuss the arrearsreflected in the audit report utra, itr respect of ine airears that cannot be regulated direct the Executive Committee to settle the arrears by recovering them.c) Appoint an auditor for the forthcomin year. gd) Carry out evaluation of the annual work progress report of the Organizationand the activities of the organization and issuenecessary directionqto 1he,Executive Committee. ih,]-ii,1ii:::.:rirnrl is true and ieic"i: lopy ):-!la 6i.,iir t a n yP u b l i c : t r i i l?te .|ulY 4 2{ii4 2 Publie li.l;;lici th,* iJctarY : i.:-,: ; i"e; rail li:rl!@yahso.Com llrrrne : {-l ;j1 9849c$8726 3921,
  8. 8. e) o^n completion of the tenure of the office-bearers lhe of the Executive Committee the organizatron, conduct election as per the 9f procedure raid down in the Constitution.D Approve the amendment of the Constitution, rules and regulations submitted by the Executive Committee.s) Grant Honorary Membership.h) Endorse the activities of the organization conducted in the interest of the Or ganization,considering their j ustfr cation.i) Grant approval to the staff positions, remuneration, allowancesand other facilities for staff to be borne through the oiganizations intemal resources, submitted as by the ExecutiveCommittee13. ExecutiveCommittee a) The appointment of the Executive Committee shall take place through the Annual General Assembry. However, there shail be a Executive Committee with the chairpersonand members mentioned below until the time the first Annual GeneralAssemblyis held. Chairperson Sushil ChandraBaral Vice-chairperson Kishore Dhungana General, Secretary Dipak Kumar Karki Treasurer SaroniPande Member Bhuwal Rai Member RajeshGhimire Member ChetanaThapa Member PraveenRaj Pokhrel Member ShovakantPande The GeneralAssembly composedof all member office-bearerof the Executive committee, all GeneralMembers,Life Members and FounderMembers,shall be the apex body of the Organization. b) The organizationshall consistof a Executivecommittee of 9 members. c) The tenureof the Executivecommittee shail be years. 5 d) In the event of any post of a member of the Executive Committeefalling vacant before the Annual General Assembly, the Executive committee may appoint a member to the Executive committee. The tenure of the member who is appointedto the post shall be equivalent to the remainins - , ; i ( , l i i : i ( - j i f r - : r jC o C Y i S t f U e a ; i d V G : i i l $ i l ! I - rt0 7 1,.-atr.rrr$) Khadka flaire: F{aj-r :-,eil.. .rilif t a r YP u b l i c :i i - i : JulY24 ?fj4! ;"" i-:ale ii*al of ihe tlotarY ublic: P T.-rr |: rajubgl@Yahoocorn ;ii rii+irr: : {li -"r?i 99::0,9849008720
  9. 9. period of the member in lieu of whom the appointment has taken place, as a result of it having fallen vacant. e) The meetings of the Executive committee may be convened by the Chairperson,as necessary.The chairperson shall convene a meeting of the Executive committee if at least 5l per cent of the total members demand it. D The members themselves shall attend the meetings of the Executive Committee.s) The meetings of the Executive Committee shall not take place unless at least51 per cent of the total membersare present.h) The meetings of the Executive committee shall be chaired by the chairperson of the Executive committee. In the absence of the Chairperson,the meeting shall be chaired by the vice-chairperson. In the absence of the vice-chairperson, the meeting shall be chaired by a memberelectedby the membersfrom amongthemselves.D The decisions of the majority shall prevail in the meetings of the Executive committee. In the event of a tie, the chairperson may cast her/his decisivevote.i) The minutes of the agenda of the meetings of the Executive committee and the decisions in respect of those shall be recorded in a separate register and the register shall be signed by at least 51 per cent br uu membersattending the meeting.k) Notwitfrstanding what is stated in the sub-rules mentioned above, if all members agree in writing in respect of any task that may be done by the Executive Committee, such an agreementshall be annexedto the minute book and such tasks may be executedwithout conducting a meeting. An agreementas above shall be deemed a decision of the meetins of the ExecutiveCommittee.l) All tasks stipulated to be done by the organization shall be done on the decisionsof the ExecutiveCommittee.m) The conditions for the termination of the responsibilities of the office- bearers and members of the Executive Committee: the office-bearersand members shall not remain on the Executive Committee in the followins conditions: If the central committee approves the resignation tendered to the Executive Committee, If s/he has acted in a manner contrary to the interest of the organization, If s/he ceasesbeing a member of the Organization, If a no-confidencemotion with show causenotice approvedby the Central committee presented ot"ttit*,1?,i,tl]l,lt"l3il:?i- and tothe v+rii;*ii anci Si g n a t u r e : Namc Ra dKa 8 E - m a i:l r a j u b g l @ Y a h o o c o m : ai-qllbgzo9849008729 g,r-"--
  10. 10. tl) Other committees: The Committee may constitute other committees or subcommittees,as necessary,for performing its functions by remaining within the scope of this Constitution. The functions oi th. other committeesor subcommitteesthus constitutedshall be as stipulatedby the Executive Committee.However,the constitutionof such other committees or subcommittees shall be endorsed by a meeting of the General Assembly. Section 5t4. Functions,Duties and Rights a) Chairperson 1. Act as the chief executiveof the Organization. 2. Do or get done tasks in pursuance of the objectives of the Organization. 3. chair the General Assembry, Executive committee or special GeneralAssemblymeetings. 4 Cast the decisive vote in case of a tie over the decision of the meeting. 5. Enforcethe decisionsof the meetings. 6- Enforce the decisions ratified by the different committees of the Organization. 7. Enforce the regulations of the Organizatron. b) Vice-chairperson 1. Carry out all tasks to be done by the chairpersonin the latters absence. 2. Assist the chairperson her/hisduties. in c) GeneralSecretary l. convene assemblies and meetings on the request of the chaiqperson at leasttwo-thirdsof the total members. or 2- Catty out all official transactions of the Organization and administrative tasks. 3. Keep the recordsof the Organization up-to-date. 4. Enforcethe decisionsof the meetings. 5. Submit reportson behalf of the ExecutiveCommiftee. 6. carry out appropriate oversight, control and provision of the employees the office. of 7. Enter into coruespondence behalf of the Organization, represent on it and control all tasks executecl an orsanization. as d) Treasurer 1. Bear the entire obligation of the fund and accounts of the Organization. is tru; e nci varii:llri ,-ii;r;;crJp! i lrr: :-l,it;:.1
  11. 11. 2. oversee and protect all moveable and immoveable assetsof the Organization. 3. 4. 5. e) Members 1. Take part in all activitiesbasedon the objectivesand policy of the Organization. 2. Take part in the meetings of the Executive committee and discuss and take decisions. 3. Endorse the policy, rules and financial transactions of the Organization.15. Quorum Unless 60 per cent of the total members are present, the General Assembly shall not proceed. However, in respect of the General Assembly convened in accordance with Sub-section of Section I I of the Constitution,if 51 per 4 cent of the total members are present, the proceeding of the Assembly shall not be impeded. true antl verifi:i ii:ri ii;iilliltiijt] copy is Sr g r i a t u " e : h l a r n eR a : Ka .?lii YrurrrSiii i l Y2 4 2 A 1 4 Date S e a lo f t h e N o t a r Y u b l i c : P 3,fS F i,3li:,?13$?[l ;H u o"* 10
  12. 12. Section6 Financial Matters 16. Organtzation,s Fund: t. The organizationshall maintain a separate fund of its own. The Fund shall constitute the following types of amount: a) Membership fee b) Gifts and endowments c) Grants received by the Organizations d) cash and kinds received from domestic and foreign organizations with HMGNs approval e) Cash and kinds contributedby individuals D Feesreceivedin lieu of the servicesprovided by the organization s) Cashand kinds receivedfrom any other sources. 2. If grant amount is to be contributedby a foreign orgarization, the approval of the Ministry of Financeshall be obtained. a J. Alethod of expending the Fund: The money deposited in the organizations Fund may be expended by adopting the following methods: a) The money in the Fund may not be spent without getting the annual budget plan and programme of the organization approved. b) The money in the Funcl may be spent by complying with the budget and programmeratified by the GeneralAssembly-. c) The financial report of the money spent from the Fund shall compulsorilybe presented the GeneralAssembly. to d) The money in the Fund may only be spent in accordancewith the stipulations.17. Operation of Bank Account The bank account of the Organization shall be operated through the joint signaturesof the Chairperson and Treasurer of the Organization.Provision shall be made for expending the money and maintaining accountsin accordance with the prevalentAct and rules.18. OrganizationsAccounts and Auditing 1) The account of income and expenditures of the Organization shall be maintained in accordancewith prevalent laws. !r!if ii ctF! i$ tlLltl :i1;l litr; lr.,ril5,ir;r11]il ll A -.Ll:^ . r : I y i-uuilL " iY 24,?-et " ttiic: loc0m S8+a$C872S
  13. 13. 2) The auditing of the Organizationshall be done through registeredauditors in accordance with prevalentlaws. 3) HMGN and Local Officer may order examination of the Organizationany time. 4) The appointment of the auditor shall be done through the Annual General Assembly. 5) A copy each of the auditors report and annual progress report of the Organization shall be presentedto the Local Offrcer, Diitrict Development Committee,Social Welfare Council and other bodies. However, the appointment of the auditor shall be done by the Committee until the First Annual GeneralAssemblyis held. Section7 Election19. Provisions regarding Election a) An election committee shall be constituted and election shall be held through secretvoting every two years. b) The members of the Election Committee shall not contest any post. Election to the Central Executive Committee shall be held witirin six months of the registration of the Orgarization and information about it submitted to the Local Officer. t20. Qualifications for Contesting Election a) A person who meets the criteria for Life Membership in accordancewith Sub-section and (b) of Section7 may contestelection. (a) b) A member who cannot be appointed or continue as member of the organization in accordance with Subsection I of Section g shall be considered ineligible for contestingelection. c) Personsstipulatedin section 9 shall not be deemedeligible for contesting election.21. Amendment of the Constitution Any section of the Constitution shall be presentedto the Local Officer for recommendationfor amendmentor annulment only after its endorsementby two- thirds of the total members. only after approval by the Local officer *ill *y sectionof the Organizationshall be deemed have beenamendedor repealed. to -i ,i;: ; . r , : ; , i ; L i ; ifr ti j , p 7 t l u * e n r l1 , , , t : . " , : , . . , is i ; .n t . l . : ; , , . : ! ($ . ll::;ri:ir Fia;uKhildl<a i-j ?,re.: ga(Fw^b k ll,2ett {11,t, ;ifii:!i. i.lr:rrl:er thr: lJr:tary of itrul.:iirr: 1r:l- 12 It"t* [:npirycf Certif icate:Juiy .?."-{, l.i ,] ?i "t i:e ;:l ni tfr+ Ilcitari/ Puhlie : ::: a:i : ra;ubi-,ij;t6 i1C0 "i-l i i eem F] ; : f; ; . r.: "i$!j21j,gt,itJ00l;?{i 1i,-lri
  14. 14. )", Framing of Rules The Organizationmay frame necessaryrules in order to perform its functions and the Local Officer shall be duly informed in this regard.23. Ad hoc Committee The Ad hoc Committee shall constitute a committee to carry out election duties in order to establish and register the Organization in accordance with this Constitution within six months. The activities carried out by the Executive Committee during that period shall be deemedto have been carried out under this Constitution.24. Liquidation of Organ nation l. If it deems it necessary,the General Assembly may liquidate the Organizationby ratifying a specialmotion. 2 While ratifying the motion in accordance with Subsectionl, the General Assemblymay appointone or more auditorsfor examiningthe accounts of the Organization. The remunerationof the liquidators and auditors shall be as hxed by the GeneralAssembly. 3 The liquidator and auditor appointed accordance in with Subsection shall 1 carry out tasks related to the liquidation of the organization. 4. In the event of dissolution aird liquidation of the Organization, all the assets6f the Organizatronremaining after settling the obligations of the organization shall automatically transferred HMGN. be to25. Compliancewith the Act Any mattersnot coveredby this Constitutionshall be as per the prevalentlaws, and any mattersinconsistentwith the AssociationRegistiationAct, Rules and prevalentlaws, shall automaticallystandnull and void.26. Miscellaneous a) Provision of stffi The staffing, remuneration, allowances and other facilities for the day-to-day operation and planning of the organization and operation, the terms and conditionsand the procedure be adoptedshall be as stipulated. to b) If conditionsrequire the Organizationto recruit foreign advisorsor volunteers in the operation of a foreign donor-funded programme,tetails about their duration of work, servicesto be provided by them, rationale,facilities and qualifications shall be submittedto the Local Officer, District DevelopmentCommitteeand the Social Welfare Council. , ; i : i ; ; - r j:: i : , r , j r r : i r .r .r ; , ; , , : , , , , ; ($11 ;taii,,r,: " : : r e R a i . ri ( h i c i l i a :.r,lri | 1!r!:.r!i 13 r f:,rrt iilic ll [:r,i:iirici Ceriificate: Juli 2r1;i] j" r : r - ! c i i r r . )F . l J r y i . u l - r l i c : r i::-t"r:;ir-ar:bEi(yyai loo "coni I: ; i . r h i 1 i i e : C " 1 . . 1 2 i$ t r f i J . Q F : i t : a n a T r n -
  15. 15. c) Interpretation: The right to interpret this Constitution and the rules and regulations framed under it shall vests in the Executive Committee. d) Compliance: No office-bearer or General Assembly Members of this Organization shall act against the interest of the Organization. The office-bearersof the Executive Committeeor membersof the GeneralAssembly shall not use uncivil or obscene language meetingsor GeneralAssembly. in E Compliancewith directions; It shall be the prime duty of the Organizationto comply with the directions issued by HMGN or Local Officer.J7 Inoperability Notwithstanding what is mentioned in this Constitution, in caseit is inconsistent with a prevalent law, it will automatically be null and void to the extent it is inconsistent.28. No-confidenceMotion A no-confidence motion may be tabled against any office-bearer of the Organization. In the event of such motion being approved by two-thirds majority of the General Assembly, s/he shall be removedfrom post. Before passingthe no- confidence motion, slhe shall be given an opportunity to pr.r..rf herlhis clarification.29. We, the below-mentioned founders of herd, having agreedto work in accordance with this Constitution, affix our signaturesto this Constitution, in the presenceof the below-mentioned witnesses:Names,Last Names and Addresses the Founders ofS.N. Name and Last Designation in the Organization Residence Name1I Sushil Chandra Chairperson Maitidevi, 34 Baral Kathmandu2. Kishore Vice-chairperson Baluwatar 4, Dhungana Kathmandu3. Dipak Kumar General Secretary Pauyegaude Syanja 6, Karki4. SaroniPande Treasurer Maitidevi, 34 Kathmandu5. Bhuwal Rai Mernber Hattigauda, lt,,; :i i,-, (Fi r; l-r,r. irlliiJ flidiia! i.,j:;)i-rlr. t4 ijitfl {)i il.q;1r:,, Cei"tificaie:";ill:i 24, ilLr"+ of pr-,,:lic: l::rl cf .ir::iit.:ri; lt!QVah0s.cui-n :.- :rr;r!: raj"r ! i: :"i.:r:!3ti :1!,932CI, 984S008726 .
  16. 16. Kathmandu6. ChetanaThapa Member Samakhushi, 29 Kathmandu7. RajeshGhimire Member Lainchwor, 29 Kathmandu8. Praveen Raj Member Battisputali 9, Pokhrel Kathmandu9. Shova Kant Member Sworek V.D.C. 5, Pande SyaniaNames,Last Names and Addresses Witnesses ofNames.Last NamesAddresses DistrictMunicipality/VDC Wardno.....Blockno..... andveri{ie: copyis true ihe Translaiion l5
  17. 17. ScheduleI,i t$y tgry - ?t, lSxur 9z-(wvuV>eg t6
  18. 18. HealthResearch and socialDevelopment Forum (herd)POBox 24133, Kathmandu, NepalTel: 4 23 B045 Fax:4 l0 20 16 Three-column Amended Constitution FormS.N. Current Provision Amended/Additional Provision Reason1 In the current point no. 16 of Subsection (1): For the purpose To streamline Sec.6 of the Constitution,the of day-to-dayspending,the bank the financial bank account shall be account may be operated by the transactionsin operated jointly by the signature of a member of the dayto-day signatures of the Chairperson Executive Committee or a operations. and Treasurer of the member of staff and the Orsanization mandatory signature of the Treasurer.2 Stampin the Schedule Detailsaboutthe new stamp Expedientin a) Outline of the earth in view of the Specimen the old stamp of the background changein b) Nepals map in the front stamp and herd printed below c) Health Research and Social Development Forum 2004 printed around it i Specimenof the new stamp i i i . ? ; r j , , : , ; , - ; ii i i l . - r t . : J i i { i , t i . i l i ; r i " i : ; i ; i : r i , : : i l , rl.Q n ;:,lni-tll:r. )1./5 i t 1 i , , r R a i t ri i h a d k a ..t Diit. e<{kw-bt 3, Zart Ce!irficatti"iur,ri:er the hletaryPtthilc:: of ii:i r ; a i e c f i : x p i r yc f C e r t i f i c a t e .u i y 2 4 , 2 Ci r r , J i";ealof ihe iiciary Pul-.lic: F-nrail. rajr.: i@vah0c.cfi li.q in Fiiori.. : S1 t?1ij92ii, GE4fiiliiS?Zc 11