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The Transformational Play for Utilities

  1. Digital: The Transformational Play for Utilities
  2. 2 Each driver is fueled and accelerated by the migration to digital Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Demand disruption Disruption in demand from new energy technologies Asymmetric competition Competition from new players in the value chain Customer choice Change in customer behaviors and expectations Capital contention Increased scrutiny on the growth of capital spend Policy activism Motivation and goals of regulators and policy makers An array of powerful forces are driving change in utilities’ business models
  3. 3Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. 52% of consumers are likely to install energy technologies similar to new solar products and services in less than 5 years Solar panels Electric vehicles Storage Microgrids +50% of consumers are considering an electric vehicle for their next car purchase 58% of consumers are interested in back-up energy storage +66% of utilities executives expect the deployment of microgrids to grow and proliferate, nearly doubling from 2013 and 2015 Sources: Accenture New Energy Consumer research program and Accenture Digitally Enabled Grid research program. Consumers are interested in using a widening range of energy technologies to support their lifestyles
  4. 4Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Generation Market Operations Transmission Distribution Residential and SMB Commercial & Industrial Digital asset management Digital field worker Digital commercial optimization Intelligent grid operations Digital enterprise services/corporate functions Interactive demand optimization Digital customer interaction Digital energy products & services Utilities are responding by using digital to deliver more from their existing business models
  5. 5Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Infrastructure security Customer desires Shareholder expectations Policy objectives RiskTrust GrowthChoice Efficiency Conservation Low carbon ROIC Growth Certainty Stimulate innovative services Decarbonize energy supply Transform the energy network However, broader stakeholders are putting utilities under pressure to transform their business models …to meet needs like more innovative services, lower carbon, and more agile and responsive energy networks
  6. 6 The ‘power plays’ are reflecting the parallel drives to reduce carbon, optimize distribution and innovate for customers Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Generation Market Operations Transmission Distribution Residential and SMB Commercial & Industrial Low-carbon producers Growth in low-carbon energy assets Distribution platform optimizers System optimization, efficiency and utilization Solution integrators Innovative customer solutions and services As utilities transform their business models, three alternative ‘power plays’ are emerging
  7. 7Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. MARKET MODEL – Energy system optimization REGULATORY FRAMEWORK – Outcome-based incentives BUSINESS MODEL OPERATING MODEL WORK CUSTOMER MODEL New roles, scope, and differentiating STRATEGIES Reform structures and operating CAPABILITIES Adopt fundamentally new operating PRACTICES Transform the interaction model & RELATIONSHIP Whichever plays a utility chooses, it will need to transform its business model to become truly digital
  8. 8Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Source: Accenture Digital Performance research, 2016. Disruptors Europe Utilities Utilities (average) North America Utilities Digital activity - internal Digitalactivity-external Shape customer expectations Redefine capacity Create shared value Enable optimal pricing Drive low cost service models Utilities are using digital capabilities to drive performance within their current business models Yet only a few disruptors are making the leap to become fully digital
  9. 9Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Generation Market Operations Transmission Distribution Residential and SMB Commercial & Industrial Asset life-cycle management • Asset performance management • Digital field worker • Smart asset planning Customer & demand integration • Energy management • Digital customer interactions • Solution integration Lifestyle & uses • Living services • Industrial services • Municipal services Grid optimization & aggregation Energy aggregation • Supply & demand management • Energy storage integration • Real-time network control Interoperable devices *Source: Digital Transformation of Industries: Electricity Sector, World Economic Forum and Accenture, 2016. The reward from a digital transformation of the utilities’ business model is enormous The potential value from rapid digital transformation for the industry is US$1.3 trillion by 2025*
  10. 10Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Shift capital to strategic grid assets Build an innovation ecosystem Innovate in the regulatory model Scale digital plays with the customer Use corporate venturing Utilities need to innovate around their business models as a matter of urgency Investing in no-regrets capabilities today will drive success tomorrow
  11. 11Copyright © 2016 Accenture All rights reserved. Visit For more information on the Accenture utilities, visit About Accenture Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions—underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network—Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With more than 373,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at @Accenture_Util Accenture Utilities Follow Us