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5 Fall Hiking Destinations | Accent by Chubb

Craving a good hike this fall season? Here on 5 fall hiking destinations with breathtaking fall colors such as ocean cliffs, national parks, waterfalls, and forests! Check out our slides or visit http://accent.chubb.com/5-fall-hiking-destinations-0. For more beautiful destinations to hike, visit http://accent.chubb.com/travel.

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5 Fall Hiking Destinations | Accent by Chubb

  1. 1. 5 Fall Hiking Destinations
  2. 2. Maine Hike Hikers and their dog enjoy a trail on Bald Mountain in the Rangeley, Maine area. The state's Acadia National Park is another popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. 3. Acadia National Park This Maine park offers views of lakes and ocean cliffs. Here, a hiker overlooks a foggy Jordan Lake in Acadia.
  4. 4. Salt Point State Park Take in views of the Pacific Ocean at Sonoma, California's Salt Point State Park. Here, you can see Redwood forests and sandstone formations.
  5. 5. Silver Falls State Park This waterfall in Oregon's Silver Falls State Park is one of the main attractions, especially set against the changing fall colors.
  6. 6. Devil's Lake State Park This Wisconsin destination bursts with colors in the fall. The expansive park includes part of the Ice Age Trail, which winds throughout the state.