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carlos ghosn in japan

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carlos ghosn in japan

  1. 1. Ghosn InJapanCarlos GhosnLeadership By exampleGroup:Ahmed AbuiliazeedYoumna AtefMahmoud Hossam
  2. 2. MultiCulturallebanese Parents.Education in Paris.Michelin in Brazil.CEO Renault & Nissan.
  3. 3. "I think that the best training a top managercan be engaged in, is management byexample."Carlos Ghosn
  4. 4. Nissan BeforeNissan Struggle:● Focus on Production.● Weak Product Portfolio.● Lack of vision.● Communication andcoordination problem.● $20 billion Debt.● Only 3 out of 48 modelsgenerating profits.
  5. 5. ● COO 1999● CEO 2001● He cut 21,000 Nissanjobs.● shut one plant.● auctioned offNissans aerospaceunit.● net profit climbed to$2.7 billion from aloss of $6.Nissan After Ghosn
  6. 6. Japan, Nissan and the CultureCarlos Ghosn:"if you have to work and do somethingsignificant in a country it is much easier ifyou connected with the country and theculture."
  7. 7. Ghosn Traits:● 1- Intelligence● 2- Self – Confidence● 3- Determination● 4- Integrity● 5- Sociability
  8. 8. "Every problem has a solution""It’s easier to improve a company in trouble than acompany with an average performance""you learn management by doing and nothing is asinstructive as highly stressful situations. "Carlos Ghosn
  9. 9. Leadership:The ability toinfluence the thinking,attitudes, andbehavior of peopletoward achievementof goal
  10. 10. "Control is not leadership; management isnot leadership; leadership is leadership. Ifyou seek to lead, invest at least 50% of yourtime in leading yourself—your own purpose,ethics, principles, motivation, conduct.Invest at least 20% leading those withauthority over you and 15% leading yourpeers"Carlos Ghosn
  11. 11. TeamManagementhe believed a leader mustmake sure that the workforce knows how muchthey have contributed tothe goals.
  12. 12. Transformationalhe believed that leadersare not born they aredeveloped by otherleaders. That’s why hesupport his followers andput them in challengingsituations to shape theirskills.
  13. 13. DemocraticMakes sure towalk around andlisten to all theteams then formthe overallopinion.
  14. 14. "You have to listen to the people who have anegative opinion as well as those who havepositive opinion. Just to make sure that youare blending all these opinions in your mindbefore a decision is made."Carlos Ghosn
  15. 15. Ghosn as aManager- Transparency- Focusing onexecution- Communication
  16. 16. "Commitment This is my favorite wordbecause in some way, people who arecommitted are always much more interestingand much more reliable, and much more,I would say, deep than people who are not."Carlos Ghosn
  17. 17. Why Ghosn Succeed● Respecting JapansCulture.● Offering JobOpportunities.● Encourage innovativeideas.● Share the power● accept participation inManagement process
  18. 18. After GhosnsSuccess In NissanHe was named:"le cost killer"and "Mr. Fix It."
  19. 19. "Any job very well done that has beencarried out by a person who is fullydedicated is always a source ofinspiration"Carlos Ghosn
  20. 20. Thanks