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AEG - Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services

American Engineering Group (ISO 9001:2000) offers 2D/3D CAD Design, Analysis and Simulation (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solutions, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Solution for Automotive, Aerospace, Rail/Transportation Industry, Defense, Construction, Marine, Medical, Sports & Recreation, Oil & Gas, Energy, General Industrial Applications.

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AEG - Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services

  1. 1. Engineering Services AEG Engineering Service Offered By AEG Through Joint Venture Partner In India Premium Components...Without The Premium Price ISO 9001:2000 Industry Design CAD Automotive, Aerospace, Concept & Detailed Design Rail/Transportation Industry, Assembly Modeling Defense, Construction, 2D/3D Modeling Marine, Medical, Sports & Advanced Surface Modeling Recreation·, Oil & Gas, Tool & die design Design of jigs & fixtures Energy, General Industrial Design Modification Applications Design of test rigs Machine tool modeling Product Type Design support for manufacture / testing Rubber, Metal. Plastic. Composite Structure Design Composites, Ceramics Legacy Data and Drawings Conversion Value engineering & reverse engineering Software Feasibility Study CAD Pro/Engineer Analysis and Simulation Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) CATIA Finite Element Meshing of Structures Unigraphics, I-Deas, Structural Analysis Solidworks Non-Linear Analysis (Crash, Contact-Impact, Material Geometric) Instability Analysis CAE Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Systems & Components ABAQUS, ANSYS, Damage Tolerance Analysis MSC.Nastran, Thermal Analysis MSC.Patran, Viscoelastic Analysis LS-Dyna, Crack Propagation (Fracture) Analysis MSC.ADAMS, Thermo-mechanical Analysis Hypermesh, MSC.Dytran Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solutions MSC.Marc, Ansa, External Aerodynamics MSC.Fatigue, Aero Thermal Analysis SYSNOISE· OptiStruct Helicopter Aerodynamics Turbo Machinery Flow Simulation CFD Mesh Generation (Hybrid, Hexa & Tetra) for variety of CFD simulations STAR-CD, FLUENT, Transient Simulations Involving Moving Meshes Viz Sliding, Rotating, Dynamic CFX, Cell Distortion Techniques ICEM CFD, GAMBIT, HVAC & Climate Control Analysis Pro-am Thermal Analysis and Management of An Engine Brake Cooling Analysis Manufacturing Underhood Flow Analysis Simulation Exhaust Manifold & Exhaust Systems Analysis MSC.Superform, Emissions & NOX Calculations MSC.Superforge, Coupled FSI Analysis Hyperform, Moldflow Free Surface Simulation Techniqes for Sloshing Problems Various CFD Solvers Catering to Application Based Flow Simulations Large Problem-solving Using HPC Techniques Advanced Engineering Solution Noise, Vibration & Harshness Aeroelasticity Crash Composite Structure Design Durability Structural Integrity Vehicle Dynamics Virtual & Digital Manufacturing Multi-body Dynamics Product Data Management American Engineering Group www.engineering-group.com A Global Supplier of Engineering Components *Engineering Services Offered By AEG Through Affilitiates In India