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Integrated healthcare | Integrated Pharmacy Solutions

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Discover how our patient-centered approach to integrated healthcare and integrated pharmacy solutions can help you increase adherence and improve patient outcomes.

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Integrated healthcare | Integrated Pharmacy Solutions

  1. 1. http://pharmrxgroup.com/ Visit Here
  2. 2. Integrated healthcare | Integrated Pharmacy Solutions Discover how our patient-centered approach to integrated heal th care and pharmacy solutions can help you increase adherenc e and improve patient outcomes. Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/
  3. 3. What We Do • PharmRx helps independent practi ces and physicians improve patient outcomes and increase revenue. We specialize in integrated healthcare s olutions, including point-of-care ph armacies, MTM, toxicology testing, billable injection kits, and workers’ c ompensation assistance. • Everything we do has two objective s: improving patient outcomes and helping doctors, clinics, and thriving practices stay independent and profi table. • That’s where we come in. We help you set your practice apart, so you c ontinue to thrive—independently. Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/what-we-do.html
  4. 4. How We Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Pract ice Revenues In-Practice Phar macies (we set up, staff, and ru n the pharmacy) Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com Support Center Services for You r Patients Toxicology Test ing You Can Ad minister In-Hou se Billable Injection Kits That Save Y ou Time
  5. 5. Who We Are Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/who-we-are.html How can physicians provide care that sets them apart, improves patient outcomes , and increases revenue? Why do patients have to go to a pharmacy and wait for half hour or more while a stranger rushes through filling their prescription? These are the two fundamental questions that led us to create PharmRx. With ove r 40 years in the pharmacy industry, we’re positioned to fill a pressing healthcare gap: doctors looking for ancillary services and patients looking for better care. OUR MISSION Our mission is to make the healthcare industry work better for both patients and physicians. We’re bringing much-needed innovation to the pharmacy industry an d ancillary services. Independent practices are a linchpin of America’s healthcare system, and we want to help them thrive. OUR GOALS Our core goals are to improve patient outcomes and to help physicians and clinic s stay independent and profitable. We do this by placing pharmacies and pharmacists directly at the point of care: a physician’s office or clinic. We also offer ancillary services such as high-accuracy toxicology testing and billable injection kits that allow physicians to offer better c are and increase revenues.
  6. 6. Why PharmRx Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/why-pharmrx.html In our 40 years in the pharmacy industry, we have worked closely with physicians around the country. This experience has taught us how difficult it is to run a thriv ing, profitable independent practice. Shifting reimbursement models, increased o perating costs, and the increasing healthcare burden of chronic disease make it h arder than ever for successful practices to maintain their competitive edge. The physicians and practices who succeed are the ones who innovate. They’re looking for ways to stay independent and profitable and improve their pat ients’ experience. Our vision of the future of healthcare is based on the premise that independent p ractices can continue to thrive, improving outcomes for both clinics and patients. When you partner with us, you join an exclusive group of physicians who have de cided to stay independent. Who reject the notion that the only option in today’s cl imate is to sell your practice and join a hospital group. Who aren’t afraid of innovation.
  7. 7. Toxicology Testing Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/toxicology-testing.html Toxicology testing and other point-of-care lab tests can increase adherence, imp rove outcomes, and reduce workers’ compensation healthcare costs. We provide t oxicology testing kits that save your patients trips to third-party testing facilities and eliminate the paperwork of referrals and lab requests. We provide all toxicology testing kits, supplies, forms, laboratory tests, reports, a nd courier services. Physicians enjoy many benefits from point-of-care lab tests, including: • Reducing practice liability by giving physicians the ability to prevent dangerous drug interactions. • Verifying that patients are following their prescribed medication regimen. • Generating greater revenue (due to higher billing for our high-complexity, high -accuracy lab tests) with no out-of-pocket costs. • Adhering to workers’ compensation medical treatment guidelines that specifical ly recommend urine drug testing (UDT) for chronic pain patients. We take care of all lab testing—you get the benefit of an in-house lab, but with n one of the risk, cost, or setup.
  8. 8. Support Center Services Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/call-center-services.html You didn’t become a doctor so you could spend hours a day on paperwork. And y ou want your staff focusing on what they do best—not dealing with administrativ e headaches. That’s why our support center takes care of the following services: • Prescription renewals. • Round-the-clock phone support for your patients (including after hours). • Patient education and counseling. • Syncing all communication and prescription transaction information with your d atabase daily. • Patient education and counseling on prescriptions. For most patients, this level of support from a doctor’s office is unheard of. Now, when they have questions about their medications, they don’t have to schedule a n appointment or worry about taking up their physician’s time. All they have to d o is pick up the phone and call us. Patients with access to support-center services love the improvement in the quality of their healthcare. But the biggest benefit to patients whose doctors aren’t spending hours a day on paperwork? More time with you. Let us take care of admin, so you can focus on providing quality patient care.
  9. 9. Injection Kits Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/injection-kits.html While in-office injections are a crucial component of a physician’s practice, the pr ocess of preparing injection trays is inefficient and time-consuming. That’s why, when we were looking for ways to save physicians time and increase revenue, we decided on billable injection kits as a core part of our offering. Injection kits are pre-measured, single-use vials of medication that physicians ca n use in-office for procedures such as trigger-point injections, steroid injections, and more than two dozen other specific condition treatment kits. Injection kits make billing easier (and often increase the amount you can bill for i njections), reduce waste, and save time you don’t have to spend on measuring do sages
  10. 10. Opportunity Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/opportunity.html The independent general practice has been the primary point of care for most pat ients for generations—yet a 2015 study of independently operating specialists sh owed that nearly half are planning on closing their practices in the next few years . With chronic disease on the rise, and the services of physicians only increasing in demand, the market for healthcare is certainly not shrinking, so why are indepen dent practices failing? The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has shifted the way physicians are compensated for their time and services. Instead of fee-for-service payment mod els, many physicians’ compensation is tied to patient outcomes. And one of the most important factors in patient outcomes is adherence to drug t herapy: • 65% of hospital readmissions are medication-related. • 30-50% of treatment failures are due to non-compliant medication use. • 50% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed. • 20-30% of prescriptions are never even filled. The vast majority of physicians surveyed—94%—agreed that innovative business models must step in to bridge the gap in the market between revenue and patien t care. And this is where we see opportunity.
  11. 11. Why Point of Care? Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/why-point-of-care.html When you picture a patient’s healthcare team, who do you picture after the physic ian? Probably nurses, specialists, and medical assistants. Does a pharmacist enter into the picture at all? Most likely, the answer is “no.” And if you ask consumers who their pharmacist is, most will answer “CVS,” “Costc o,” or the name of another national chain. The idea that they might have a relatio nship with a person—the actual pharmacist—never enters their mind. Too often, pharmacists are treated as little more than medication dispensers. Yet research has shown that the addition of pharmacists to outpatient settings re duces the occurrence of negative therapeutic outcomes by 53-63%. This is no sur prise, given that medication non-adherence causes 30-50% of treatment failures. A staggering 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed, and 20 -30% of prescriptions are never filled. And if one of your patients is in that half of the population that doesn’t take medi cation as prescribed, what happens next? Their health almost certainly does not i mprove. So you’re likely to see that patient again. This time, they’re frustrated. Why can’t y ou help them get better? Why didn’t the medication work? Why do they still feel b ad?
  12. 12. unique-approach Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com/unique-approach.html Medication Therapy Management: A Proven Way to Improve Therapeut ic Outcomes for Patients Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is the heart of what we do at PharmRx. M TM has five key components: Medication Therapy Review (MTR) It sounds simple as soon as you sa y it, yet it’s one of the most overlo oked aspects of modern medicatio n therapy: patients whose pharma cists review their medication and r elated information with them have better clinical outcomes. An MTR g ives patients the chance to ask qu estions they may not think of duri ng a doctor’s visit .
  13. 13. THANKS Visit Here : http://pharmrxgroup.com