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My job as a growth company CEO

  1. My job as a growth company CEO Jeff Maggioncalda CEO of Coursera
  2. My job as a growth company CEO culture an engaged, agile organization team a high-performing exec team strategy where to play & how to win performance success that delivers on the mission
  3. Strategy
  4. customer opportunity advantage Strategy = focus Choose a clear problem ... • Who is your customer? • What is their unmet need? • How do you meet it? ... in a big, growing market ... • How big is the market? • How fast is it growing? • What are the economics? ... where you have a long-term, unfair advantage. • Who are your competitors? • How are you different (in a way that matters to customers)? • What is your sustainable advantage?
  5. Find product-market fit “Lean Product Playbook” by Dan Olsen
  6. See your business as a system “Business Model Generation,” Osterwalder
  7. Will your business model scale? Will customers be the bottleneck to 10x growth? competition
  8. Will your business model scale? Will your product be the bottleneck to 10x growth? competition
  9. Will your business model scale? Will acquisition channels be the bottleneck to 10x growth? competition
  10. Will your business model scale? Will the organizational issues bottleneck 10x growth?
  11. Will your business model scale? Will operating leverage improve with 10x growth?
  12. Learning requires feedback 4. competition 5. investors 2. employees 3. partners 1. customers
  13. Team
  14. Recruit a team with potential to grow values… shared beliefs, shared behavior talent… past success, smart, growth mindset performance... tirelessly driven to produce results teamwork… self-aware, open, honest, diverse
  15. ResultsInattention to... AccountabilityAvoidance of... “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” by Lencioni Leadership must model teamwork TrustAbsence of... ConflictFear of... CommitmentLack of... Be vulnerable Focus on team results Confront difficult issues Force clarity & closure Demand debate
  16. Create development feedback loops Performance... set high goals and beat them Teamwork... inspire and support others Growth... learn, change, and grow
  17. Culture
  18. What is culture? The beliefs and behaviors that transmit and reinforce group identity and longevity
  19. The twin pillars of culture Key beliefs ● Purpose - “why?” ● Vision - “what?” ● Values - “how?” ● Language & symbols ● Perceived vs. stated Key behaviors ● How people treat each other ● Who is rewarded and for what ● Deciding priorities & resources ● Learning from “failure” ● Who gets recruited
  20. Love without limits Respect and embrace the diversity and dignity of every single one of us Increase leverage Focus and align people on the things that produce bigger results with less effort Learn, change, and grow We can always be better -- ask for feedback, give feedback, and change what’s needed to improve Own it Take responsibility for fixing mistakes and finding solutions Inspire teams to be their best Inspire, listen, empower and appreciate the people around you Serve the cause In what you say and do, show that we’re all here to serve Coursera’s mission Agree on what leadership looks like
  21. Planning turns strategy into action 90-day quarterly OKRs annual Financial Plan 3-year Strategic Vision
  22. Results Deliverables Activities
  23. Leverage = Results Deliverables Activities +
  24. Learn Test Hypothesize Design Minimum Viable Prototype What result? Where’s the leverage? Learn fast to find leverage “Lean Product Playbook” by Dan Olsen What’s the fastest, cheapest way to test? Not just “what” but “why”?
  25. “Plan” What level of results did we commit to achieve? Measure and report on key metrics over time ResultmetricLearn from your results “Actual” What level of results have we actually achieved? Why? “Forecast” What level of results do we believe we are going to achieve? Why? • Learning is the key to driving long-term results • Learning can be more valuable than near-term results • Learning is the key to predictability
  26. • Purpose: “We’re making a difference in the world” • People: “I trust and enjoy the people I work with” Engaged employees drive growth • Results: “We are succeeding and so am I” • Deliverables: “I am proud of what we create” • Workflow: “I feel productive and supported”